Time For A Change

I have this thing about having the same hair styles. I hate it. I like change whether it’s cut or color. I’ve had the same cut for about two years now, but what makes it fun is that I change the color…well almost every single time I go in for a trim.

I’ve had to train my stylist. It’s taken nearly three years, but she no longer cringes when I ask her for something “different”. That’s my usual request when I sit in her chair. “I want something different this time.”

Well, this weekend was no different. I’ve had three-toned hair for months now. Black underneath with blonde, brown, and red streaks on the top. That’s how my hair looked for Nationals. It was obviously time for a change.

My stylist has this color she’s been dying to try on my hair (I did say I’ve been training her!) and this time we finally gave it a try. It came out a little brighter than I’d hoped for, but I do like it. Of course, I have to wonder if my boss will like it as much. So this morning, instead of fixing my hair the way I normally would after a trip to the salon, I put it up to cover some of that marvelous reddish pink color.

This is what it looks like:

The colors are wonderful, if a little bright for me. My sister-in-law and sister laughed when they saw it (we all got our hair done together) and wondered whether or not I was trying to fix my hair like Ruby’s.

What do you think?

Her hair is more auburn than pinkish red, although the cut is surprisingly similar. How weird is that? I swear, it wasn’t my intention to attempt to look like my cover model…although I wouldn’t mind having her physique! Maybe Ruby was on my mind a lot while sitting in that chair. Her book is coming out Wednesday and I feel decidedly ill. Oh, and I got the edits back for book 2, Succubus-in-Waiting on Friday. I have a lot to do, so I suppose it’s natural that she was on my mind.

How about you? Are you a hair rebel, or do you like to lay low? How often do you change your hair style?


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12 responses to “Time For A Change

  1. I guess I lay low. Can’t say it’s my age. I’ve always had cuts that required low maintenance. I hate having to mess with my hair. I keep it fairly long, get it cut once or twice a year, and have it colored blondish to hide the grey (I’d rather people saw my dark roots then notice my grey ones!). Besides, everyone else in the family is blondish – I just decided to look like them!

    So my hairdresser has it made every time I visit.
    “The same?” she asks.
    “Of course,” I say.

    • LOL, that’s what I told my stylist “I don’t care where you put the blonde, but make sure you cover my grey!” I’m sure my stylist wished I was an easier client, lol

  2. First thing I saw when I got here was the pic of the back of your head and I said to myself, “self, she’s trying for the Ruby look. I like it” Then I read the post and laughed! Too funny.

    I’m much more conservative w/my hair- I used to do all the perms, etc to make it fuller- but as I aged, I learned to just embrace what it is and let it be. Always wanted thick hair, wasn’t in the cards.

  3. I am sooo bored with my hair, but I can’t change it right now. I’m growing it out to donate to Locks of Love. I hope to be able to cut it before nationals, if not I’ll be the same long, straight, blond haired, pale girl I was last summer. šŸ™‚

  4. Oh, I’m so boring:) I have the long straight hair, and when I get a wild one up my butt~I wear it wavy!!! NO JOKE~lol!

    I love the colors and I say go for it!! My cover model sorta resembles me too:)

  5. Oh my word. The only time I was rebellious with my hair..okay, there were two times.

    1. I cut it all off for a pixie. I loved it, until I got called a guy, then I started growing it out and haven’t stopped. (It’s now almost to my waist)
    2. When I cut 14 inches off for Locks of Love (did that three years ago March. I’ve grown it all back now, plus some. . . )

    I’m so not someone who says, “Let’s try something different.” I’m just an old, married, boring fart now, I guess. LOL.

    Well, maybe not. Got a few tattoos, and I’m possibly going to get another one next week. Can’t wait!

  6. My biggest change was going from a blonde spiral perm to coloring my hair black and wearing it in its naturally straight glory. One day I might go red…

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