Fantasy Man Friday

Yet another Friday and I couldn’t be happier! I sent in the first round of edits for Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose yesterday afternoon and started back to work on my second Olympus, Inc. book.

Things are going well so far with that one although I did have to change a few things I’d originally wanted to see. Instead of our hero being the son of a Sumerian god, I had to change it to an Egyptian god. But these are things we have to deal with when you’re not a plotter. I don’t really mind.

Mythology was one of my favorite topics to study and Egyptian mythology was one particularly close to my heart when I was in college. It’s been…well, many years since I studied it, so I have to research again to remind myself of what I’d forgotten.

Anyway, I’m flying high this week and this weekend promises to be even better. I’m gathering up a gaggle of crafty ladies in my family to help me work on items to give away for my upcoming blog tours. It’ll be fun and I get to eat pizza! *drool* I’ve been dieting so well this week, but I always allow myself one day to eat what I want and I’ve been dreaming about that pizza all week.

Just like I’ve been dreaming about Fantasy Man Friday. So I had to think about it. With all of the good things happening lately, I might need a certified pilot to help me fly…er, safely. Honestly, this has nothing to do with the mile-high club! But what do you think of this guy?

Do you think he looks handy in the cockpit? *cackle*

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!


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12 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Happy Friday! I love making swag for my blog and book tours. It’s so much fun! Especially if you keep your computer screen on Mr. Hottie up there, pizza and friends=a great weekend!

  2. I like! 🙂 Okay, I want to see pictures of the work you do this weekend!

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  4. Face, gorgeous. Muscles, a plenty, but the vein thing needs to go. I hate it when a guy gets a little too ripped. Doesn’t look normal. But he is dreamy!

  5. Happy Friday. Woot! It’s been a busy yet fun week for sure.
    Wow, done with first round edits already? You go girl! That’s awesome.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I’d fly with him any day of the week!

    I love Egyptian mythology too. It’s fun to daydream about living in those times and the beliefs that were held.

    Have a great Friday!

  7. The vein thing is a dealbreaker for me, too!

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