The Inevitable Let Down

I’m still flying high about my agent and all the other good news that bombarded me in the last week of 2010, but for every high, there’s a low. No, nothing happened. I’m not depressed or anything like that. I’m actually…well, content and happy. Except I can’t maintain that jittery, Chihuahua on crack excitement I felt last week.

Is it possible to have 2 Mondays in one week? That’s what today feels like. At some point, you have to come off your high and doesn’t that just suck? I think I held onto it for a rather long time and through boring and so-not fun things, yet here I am, feeling…eh. I’m happy, but not bouncing off the walls. The high has worn off and now I have to start thinking about what’s going to happen next.

Next will be making promotional items for the three books coming out with Siren. Next will be the arduous editing process for those three books. Next is scheduling a blog tour for each book without saturating the interwebz with my presence. Next is hoping and praying that my agent and I will have marvelous news.

It’s the waiting for the “next” that drives me batty. Yes, I could work on one of the two WIPs I have on the burner and I will, just maybe not today. It’s kind of like when you’ve eaten too much (or exerted yourself too much) to even reach for the remote control two feet away from you, meaning you’re stuck watching an infomercial on…the amazing nail gun, or this really great workout equipment. You know eventually the infomercial will end, or you’ll fall asleep, or you’ll grab that remote, but for the right now? Well…who knew nail guns could do that? You might have to buy one just to see if it’s all that and a bag of chips.

Anyway, the second round of revisions to my agent are in her hands and out of mine for the moment. I’m waiting for things I bought to come in so I can start working on those promotional giveaway items. I’m waiting for edits for Ruby’s story. It’s kind of a limbo, but it’s a limbo I’m kind of relieved to have. I have a feeling the next three months are going to bypass hyper speed and go straight to ludicrous speed.


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10 responses to “The Inevitable Let Down

  1. KAK

    Oh, that’s not “Let Down” that “Calm Before Storm.” Said storm will arrive when multiple revisions are due along with promoting the book launches and penning the next Great Tawdry Novel.

    Don’t worry, we’ll all still be here cheering for you!

  2. You are going to be one busy little bee! But how exciting. Woo-Hoo!

  3. I hear ya on the let down. It’s just part of the ride, though, huh? Hang in there. Those revisions are gonna kick your butt and the time will fly because you’ll be so busy working on them. Enjoy the ride, okay?

  4. up and down- cycle of life! LOL!!!

  5. Girl! Now is when the REAL work as a writer comes in. Welcome to writing as a business and no longer a hobby! You’ll do great!

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