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Fantasy Man Friday

It’s my favorite day of the week! Even better, Christmas is one week away. I both dread and look forward to Christmas. On one hand, I don’t want the holidays to be here so soon because A, I have no more holidays after New Years until Mardi Gras, and B, Where exactly did this year go? On the other hand, I’m excited because I can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to the gifts I bought them. That’s my favorite part of Christmas, to be able to get something for my loved ones that they’ll really enjoy.

It’s been one helluva week! I signed my contracts for all three Veil books (which means, I think, that I’m a real author now?), had to explain to my brother-in-law that no, I won’t be making millions of dollars, met with my accountant to find out what I have to do for tax season, and worked on my cover art questionnaires. All three of them! *woots!*

Okay, calming down now.

Oh, before I forget, we have a winner for Sayde Grace’s book! The winner is…Jillian Chantal!! Send me an e-mail so I can get you connected with Ms. Grace for your book!

And because you’re our lucky winner, I’m dedicating today’s Fantasy Man Friday to you! Yes, you can borrow him for a little while, but just remember, he belongs to me! *cackle*

Gr-owl…those dark eyes…that glistening, sand-dusted skin! He looks worn out, but I assure you, it wasn’t all my fault *blinks innocently* The naughty lad thought he could run from me and yes, I normally don’t run, but when I’m chasing someone as delicious as him, well…watch my dust!

Congrats again to Jillian Chantal!!!

Happy Friday everyone!


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Cajun Phrase: Parrain

Yes, it’s time for another lesson in Cajun French. First, be sure to leave a comment on Sayde Grace’s author interview for a chance to win a copy of one of her smexy cowboy books! You have until tonight to get your comment in and I’ll announce the winner on Fantasy Man Friday!

Now for the Cajun Phrase. In today’s lesson, it isn’t a phrase, but a word. Parrain. You would pronounce this word “pa-ra (n)”. A parrain is a godfather, or spiritual sponsor. When babies are christened, they’re sponsored by a set of godparents, the parrain (godfather), and the nanny (godmother). Let me just point out, this is not, I repeat not, like the mafia godfather!

Like any member of your family, godparents differ in how much attention they give their godchildren. Some parrains are serious-minded, some are neglectful, some are in your business all the time, and some are the strangest people you’ll ever meet. The parents choose the parrain, of course, and sometimes they don’t make the best decisions. Friends, while you hope they’re yours forever, aren’t always the best people to be godparents for your children. Friendships end. Family, on the other hand, no matter how much you wish you could ship them to a deserted island and forget about them, are yours forever.

Anyway, in honor of the upcoming Christmas season and today’s Cajun French word, I found this little gem of a song. It isn’t technically a Christmas song, though it is sung to the tune of Winter Wonderland.

If you listen to the speaker/singer carefully, you can hear the Cajun accent in his voice. This is close to the genuine Cajun accent I hear day in and day out. Apparently, Cajun Man Ron “Black” Guidry lives not far from where I do, so I suppose he’s a neighbor. Huh. How about that?

Please ignore the silly words all over the video. It was the only one I could find with the entire song.

So what do you think? Does this put you in the Christmas spirit, or do you have an earworm now?


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What’s Playing Wednesday

It’s another What’s Playing Wednesday when we take a listen to whatever pops up on Danica’s Magical Music Player! First though, I’d just like to thank Sayde Grace for her wonderful interview and remind you that you have until tomorrow to leave a comment to win one of her books! We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday and heck, I might even dedicate this week’s Fantasy Man to that lucky person!

Now for What’s Playing Wednesday! Ah, my Magical Music Player pulled up a good one today! Remember me talking about how when I was little I was given the choice between watching The Blues Brothers and Halloween II? Well, like any goofy 5-year-old, I chose Halloween II. Yes, nightmares ensued. However, it wasn’t much later that I got to see The Blues Brothers. To this day, it’s one of my favorite movies.

One scene I remember well, was this older man singing blues on the sidewalk in Chicago. Mr. John Lee Hooker. Something about his voice caught my imagination and I became a fan. Years and years later (not saying how many), I went out to play darts with my cousin. We were dressed up and looking cute, if I say so myself. Well, the dart board was next to the bar and there was an older man sitting there nursing a drink. My cousin, who’s six years younger than me, was talking and the man said this:

I like the way you walk. I like the way you talk…like a little baby doll.

It wasn’t until I started looking for songs that I realized he totally ripped those lines off of John Lee Hooker. I laugh about it now, but I thought that was the coolest thing anyone could say. Anyway, today’s song is Boom! Boom! by John Lee Hooker.

What a song! This is one of those songs that instantly transports you to a smokey bar. I can almost see myself (many pounds lighter) wearing a tight blue dress, matching gloves as I sashay across the room while this song plays. It has to be a sashay. It can’t be a stroll or a stalk. Or is that just me?

Ah well, I hope you enjoyed today’s song!


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Author Interview – Sayde Grace

Greetings readers! Today I’m at the hospital with my mom who’s having toe surgery. In lieu of one of my ever-so-fun rambling posts about nothing at all, I decided to track down and interrogate interview a very special lady. Sayde Grace is the author of the Built Cowgirl Tough series. She currently has two books in the series out right now with Wild Rose Press.

Take it away, Sayde!

A native of South Alabama Sayde Grace was raised among the cotton fields and dirt roads of the south. She has a deep love and appreciation for the rural communities and uses her experiences of small town life in her books. A lifelong story teller, Sayde  began writing full time two years ago and has written five full length manuscripts which range from romantic suspense to young adult and even erotica. In each of her five books she uses her experiences in farming, ranching, or rodeoing to make the story setting believable. Growing up in the equine and cattle industry have given her a behind the scenes knowledge of the industry. Sayde is currently enjoying and loving life in beautiful South Alabama with her husband and two young children. She is published with The Wild Rose Press for two novella’s and working on a third.


Raised by parents who don’t believe in affection, Melanie Brantley developed a hard-edged outlook on life…and love. But then along comes a cowboy who makes her blood boil, and not only with anger. A fact that scares the hell out of her. Enough that she seeks solace at Minx, a club that caters to the more carnal pleasures.

After recovering from a bull ride gone wrong, Lance Wright is ready to move forward and he’s set his sights on Melanie. Her temper tells him all he needs to know about the passion he’d find in her bed. The wildcat fights him every step of the way, but she’s in for a surprise. The harder Melanie bucks, the more Lance wants to ride.

Okay Sayde! Here’s what I’ll do: give you lots of questions. If you want to skip some, go for it. I’ll probably post it on Sunday or Monday, pass you the link and have it ready to go for Tuesday morning. *rubs her hands together* Here we go!

Tell us a little about your writing. What inspires you to start a story? Do you read tea leaves, or rune stones? (Just asking!)
No tea leaves, or rune stones. No voodoo either. Most of the time I’ll be listening to the radio and a song will play. It’ll make me think about the love or desire between the characters in the song and spark something with me. That’s when I usually start plotting (yea, I said the P word what of it!). Or if I read a book and it ends wrong to me I will ask myself what it would have taken to make that book work for me. That’s when I start thinking about a setting, a plot, and characters that I could use to turn the romance that didn’t work for me into something that will.

You’re a southern girl after my own heart. Do you have a favorite place to visit in the south and why?
You know, I love visiting River Rd, Louisiana with all the plantations. I think that’s my favorite place. It’s so neat to think back and romanticize the past even though I know it was a harsh life. My grandfather was a huge farmer so I know exactly how hard farming can be but those homes, inspire all kinds of romantic ideas.
And I adore Fort Worth Texas. I had the chance to tour the Fort Worth Historic Stockyards before the renovation was complete and it was beyond neat. The history there is inspiring of all kinds of westerns. In fact one of my books is set in the Stockyards while another is in Oak Alley from Plantation Rd!!

You seem to have a wide range of writing interests! What appeals to you most? The genre, or the story and how do you choose which to write in?
Well,  I love writing and reading paranormal romances. I mean they are what I really do enjoy the most but my ideas seem to wonder into the already done area. I have two paranormal romances that I think stand out really well but we will just have to wait and see. For me I write erotic romances featuring cowboys the best. I rodeoed my entire life so I know a great deal about the equine and cattle industry so it’s easier for me to go into those life styles and give the characters all kind of wicked things to do in the entry fee both, or in a hospital bed after one gets hurt.

What’s the worst part of living in a small town? (Cause I want to make sure I’m not the only one who goes crazy because everyone’s in everyone else’s business!)
You are so not the only one who goes crazy. I think for me the worst part is staying out of the gossip. I love talking, so it’s really easy for me to listen and comment when someone is spreading gossip but then I have to stop myself because, NO I do not want to be that little old lady with blue hair who knows everything and everyone and is always spreading gossip while stroking one of her ten thousand cats. Nope not me!

What is your writing schedule like? Do you sit down to write when the muse beats you over the head, or do you write all the time regardless of creative juices? Doesn’t that just sound naughty?
You know I used to sit down just as soon as my daughter went to school in the morning and write most of the day. Now my son (who is 3) doesn’t allow me to do that. He’s needy. Plus my husband’s work schedule got changed and now it’s hard to write while trying to make sure my son isn’t tearing down the bedroom door while my husband sleeps so he can work that night. Rotating shifts can be a pain, but I’m hoping I’ll get back into my regular schedule soon! It’s killing me.

How many books do you plan for your Built Cowgirls Tough Series? Your Wicked Cowboys Series (are they connected)?
My Built Cowgirl Tough series will end with four. Originally I’d thought to end it at three but then needed a book to introduce my Wicked Cowboys. In my last cowgirl book you’ll meet my wicked cowboys and their ranch. These series are connected through one couple who will run the ranch.  In the Wicked Cowboy series I have no idea how many cowboys I’ll end up with. I mean its Texas, the possibilities are endless!!

Cowboys, cowboys, and more cowboys! The Built Cowgirls Tough Series has some Alpha cowboys in them. Do you know cowboys like this? Just asking cause uh, if you do, are they single? 😉
You are so bad!! But I love it. On the biblical basis, no I don’t know them. On a friendship level I did know a few.  But no, they are now happily married. Sorry!!!

I stalk follow you on Twitter and I’ve seen you tweet about the many manuscripts you have in the works. How many projects do you work on at once, and do you find it hard to concentrate on more than one project at a time?
I currently have about five projects either in rewrites or started. I find it very hard to concentrate on one at a time. But the great thing is that when I get stuck or bored (this happens often) I can open another project up and write on it for awhile and usually my head clears enough that I get unstuck. And if you’re stalking me on twitter I guess it’s a mutual stalking, um following J!!

We’ve had a conversation at Nationals about a special um, party you went to for one of your chapters. Have you used what you learned in your books? (Give me allll the juicy details!)
Ok, I’ll tell everyone about the party that I went to. At RWA nationals the Passionate Ink Chapter had a reception/party. Now the PIC chapter is made up of erotic romance writers. The reception was very well catered and I got to sit with Angela Knight. Now after they announced the winners to the Passionate Ink’s contest they had a presenter talk. Boy of BOY I was not prepared for the speaker. Lol, it turned out to be a young lady who was extremely nice who did a presentation on the living the BDSM lifestyle. She gave us tons of examples of types of submissives, Doms, and things they do to each other. I’m pretty open minded and write about things that shouldn’t make me blush but oh man this DID!! My face was so red, but she gave us great insight to it all. In fact she even did a few examples. One she made a young lady from the audience be blind folded and kneel in front of her by command. SHOCKED!! Yes, I’m way innocent!


But you know what, she told us some things that about BDSM stuff that we find in books that is not real. I mean, I guess it could be but she informed us that most of what you read in books about people living a “true” bdsm life is not real. I have kept that in mind while writing one of my books because the main character (another cowboy) is into that life and is trying to introduce my heroine to it.

What’s up next for Sayde Grace?
Next I will be publishing an urban fatansy that falls into the erotic side with Siren Publishing and their Siren Classic line. I’m super excited to be with a new publisher and seeing the difference between publishing houses. The tentative release date for Untamable is April 2011 which I believe our lovely host will also be releasing a book that month as well as our friend author Jillian Chantall.


What’s your favorite movie of all time? You know, the one you will watch time and time again because it’s so good. Please tell me there are sexy men in it!
Ok, is John Wayne sexy? I know his son is, or was. I have no idea what his son looks like now but my favorite movie of all time is Mcklintock. John Wayne turns kinda way alpha in it as does his son who plays Devlin Warren. Maybe that’s why all my hero’s are alpha and cowboys!!



All right, in the honor of the holiday season I’m giving away a digital copy of your choice between either Riding Double (ménage) or my new release The Harder They Buck. All you have to do is leave a comment about what intrigues you the most when reading a book, whether it’s erotic romance or mainstream. Thanks so much for stopping by to read the fabulous questions that the awesome Danica Avet gave me! And to our lovely host, thank you so much for letting me drop by!

And just for Danica, a cowboy with tattoos!

And for everyone else!

Thanks again and have fun telling us what intrigues you the most!


For more info on Sayde please stop by or for purchasing her books you may do so on Amazon All Romance Ebooks The Wilder Rose Press or Siren Publishing

All righty folks! Be sure to leave a comment for Sayde and she’ll pick a winner! I’m leaving the comments open until Thursday, so be sure to tell your friends. Thank you, Sayde, for stopping by!!


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Cry Baby

It was an interesting weekend. I spent most of the weekend cleaning house, re-reading some of my favorite books, and brainstorming a new book. Fortunately, all three endeavors were successful. I have a wonderful idea for a new story and can’t wait to get started on it, so my current WIP had better hurry up and come to an end!

The only thing I didn’t count on was the Lifetime Channel. Saturday night, I’d just finished a book and it was getting close to bedtime, but I still had time to kill. Instead of starting yet another book, I decided to watch a movie. Of course because I decided it was time to lose myself in the television, nothing good was on. Then I saw I could catch the end of P.S. I Love You.

I’ve never seen this movie before and yes, shame on me because my man is in it. But that’s okay. I actually don’t watch romance movies (which is ironic since I read them like crazy), and after watching the end of this movie, I only justified my reasons for not watching romances. Yes, I cried. I only watched the last twenty minutes of the movie and ended up sobbing. Dammit.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened though. Oh, no. When I was in college, I took a break from studying for finals and caught the part in City of Angels when Meg Ryan’s character dies. Yeah. Sobs and much snot. Then again, a few years later, I was up at the god awful hour of three a.m. and was waiting for some old movie to come on. And while waiting for that movie to come on, I saw the end of Wuthering Heights. Yeah, when Catherine died. I shouldn’t have even paused on this movie because I hated the book, but there you have it.

Yes, before you ask, I have cried for many books. Those I haven’t cried for, sometimes leave me with this sharp pain in my chest. The black moments just about kill me and sometimes I wish I could just cry it out, even though I absolutely hate crying. I feel idiotic to sit there with tears rolling down my face and nothing to show for it but a book or a movie, but there you have it.

I suppose I should blame my dad for this character…flaw? Yeah, he’s a crier. There are some movies he’ll never watch again because he cries so much. Unless I absolutely love the movie, I have my own list of movies I’ll never watch again because of the crying. And I won’t watch dramas with my sister. There isn’t enough tissue in the world to share between us. It’s like when someone vomits and other people feel sympathy nausea. With my sister, if she starts crying, I’m going to start crying and vice versa. It’s just the way it goes.

So I spent Saturday night crying my eyes out for a movie I didn’t even watch all the way through. Have you done this? Have you had the misfortune to catch a movie at its black moment and find yourself reaching for the tissues? Do you cry for books? Have you ever cried for your own books? (Yeah, I did that too with my latest manuscript. I didn’t let the tears fall, but they were there and I felt so proud of myself! LOL)


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Fantasy Man Friday

“It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the weeeeek” Yeah, I’m so singing that this morning because it’s Friday! Can I get an “amen”? Thank you!

So it’s been quite an emotional rollercoaster over the last couple of weeks. Between good news, a rejection (which totally didn’t break my stride), and worrying about the upcoming holidays, I feel like Sybil. But that’ll all change, I hope.

Time marches on, dragging us all to the end of 2010 and the beginning of a new year. Mais, it’s insane. It feels like 2010 had just begun! It reminds me of what my mom always said about time flying as you grow older. I always figured she was just crazy (which she is!), but she’s also correct. The older I get, the faster time seems to pass and I don’t want it to! *sniff*

So here’s the deal. On Tuesday, December 13, I have a special guest author interview with the ever-sassy, ever-Southern girl, Sayde Grace about her latest release, The Harder They Buck. If you can’t tell from the title alone, it’s a book about cowboys and cowgirls. When we set up the interview, I was thinking…you know, if we’re going to have a discussion about cowboys and their ropes and chaps and…oops, sorry. If we’re going to discuss delicious cowboys, then we need to have a cowboy Fantasy Man Friday, right?


Except I found two, count them TWO, gorgeous specimens and I can’t choose which one to go with. So because I’m torn between them (in a very good way), I’ve decided to post both cowboys. You can choose which one you like better, but me? I’d love to take both of these men home and er, serve them coffee. *cough*

Cowboy 1

Look! He’s even bringing his own rope! His jeans are a little dark for me, but who really cares about that? Isn’t there a saying that it isn’t what a man’s jeans look like doesn’t count, but what’s inside them? Nom, nom…

Cowboy 2

He has tattoos!! *swoon* And he looks to be in some um, physical distress. Poor, poor, sexy man. I’m sure some sweet, innocent, young writer…say like, me, wouldn’t mind helping him out. *fans herself* Those lickable tattoos…gr-owl!

So now that you’ve drooled all over your keyboards and fogged up your monitors, I hope you have a Happy Friday and a wonderful, safe weekend. Be sure to stop by on Tuesday to visit with Sayde to find out more about her hot cowboys and the women we’ll all pretend to be when reading her books. 😉


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Cajun Phrase: Get Down

I realized this morning that I haven’t done a Cajun French phrase in a while, so I hope to entertain you all with one of our little “jewels”.

Get down.

When most people in the rest of the country say this, people immediately think they mean “dance”, “get down with your bad self!” that kind of thing. Of course, here in south Louisiana, this means something completely different.

Now, let me stress when I say south Louisiana, I don’t mean New Orleans. When it comes to regional dialect, New Orleans is an island. South Louisiana means the bayou country, Cajun country. The communities west of New Orleans.

From Fourchon (the end of the world!) to Lafayette, the bayous are peppered with different version of Cajun French and bad English. What you say in one parish isn’t the same in another. Pronunciations aren’t the same either. It’s weird, yes, but that’s how we tell who’s from Lafourche Parish, who’s from Terrebonne Parish, who’s from St. Mary Parish, and who’s from Vermillion Parish. It’s tiny things, but we can usually tell if you’re from our parish or not depending on how you say things.

Anyway, I was thinking about the phrase “get down” this morning as I worked out. Yes, Shaun T makes me think of strange Cajun French phrases! In our area (our being Cajun country), “get down” is something you say to a person visiting.

Let me explain. Say you’re visiting someone, just passing through and you’re still in your car. I don’t know if other people spend a lot of time in each others’ drive ways, but here, someone might stop to drop something off without getting out of their car. If you did this at my home, I would ask you, “Do you want to get down?”

Get down means do you want to get out of your car for a visit. I’m not sure where the phrase originated, but I suspect it could be anything from the days when people rode horses, to some obscure French phrase. I have no clue.

I’ll never forget one of my co-workers years ago. She was from Kenner which is sort of part of New Orleans. She moved to my hometown for work purposes. The neighborhood she lived in was very upscale, so it isn’t like she moved down the bayou or anything (and that’s a phrase for another day). She said the first time her neighbor asked if she wanted to “get down”, she was like “You want me to dance?” She was baffled and amused.

I thought she would’ve known what it meant since she was from down here…sort of, but apparently they don’t use this phrase in the Big Easy. Interesting.

So if any of you are planning a visit in the fair south of I-10 Louisiana and someone asks you if you want to “get down”, they’re not asking you if you want to dance. They’re asking if you want to get out of your car and visit with them.


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What’s Playing Wednesday

Before we get into What’s Playing Wednesday, if you didn’t see my Tweet yesterday, I found out that Siren is going to publish the first THREE of my paranormal romance series, The Veil!! Woo-hoo!! The publication dates have moved up as well. Instead of starting in May, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose will be out in March, Succubus-in-Waiting will be out in April, and Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous will be out in May. I’m so excited and terrified! This will cut short my editing time by two months! I hope I’m up for to the challenge! Plus, I’ll have to start working on my promotional items a lot earlier as well. *pants* Okay, I can do it. I know I can!

And now for What’s Playing Wednesday! Danica’s Magical Music Player decided to give you all a rock song that isn’t too hard or too soft. I will warn you, there is some growling/screaming towards the end, so if you’re listening at work, watch out for the bridge.

I can’t remember the first time I heard of this band. It seems like I’ve always liked them, but I know that can’t be true. Can it? Hm. Anyway, the band is called Chevelle. A trio of young musicians, they manage to create songs that are complex and compelling. Today’s song is Send the Pain Below. I’ll give you a minute to watch the video, then talk about it. Hope you enjoy!

Okay, I find it funny my MP3 player chose this song since last night there was an author chat on Twitter with Jill Shalvis. If you read her Wilder Series, doesn’t the main character of this video kind of remind you of Cameron Wilder from Instant Attraction? *shivers* Funky!

Anyway, I think there’s a great lesson to be learned from this video that we can apply to writing. Our hero (in the video) was wary of returning to his sport after a dangerous fall. He’s tormented by it, but in the end, he sends his pain below to get back on his board and snowboard for the fun of it.

The same thing could be said of writing. Writer’s block, bad critiques, bad contest results, rejections, even bad reviews can make us all break down and want to bawl. Which is okay. You’re human, you’re allowed to have feelings. In the end though, you have to push that pain aside (or pull it inside of you to fuel your desire for success) and get back on the keyboard. Get back to writing, but do it for the friggin’ fun of it! You’re building worlds, making relationships, you have control over what happens in your books (to an extent). Enjoy it. Bask in it.

But most of all, get back on the keyboard and have fun.

What do you think? Am I talking out of my rear end again? I don’t try to give advice, but this song inspired me.


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It Runs in the Family

Usually when we use this phrase in my family, it’s followed by a lot of drooling and goofy faces. Except this time, I’m actually thankful some traits run in my family. I know I’m constantly bragging on my family (or making fun of them), but I love them to death, so why shouldn’t I?

Over the weekend, I realized, “Hey, I’m going to need to start gathering ideas for promotional items for my upcoming books!” So was it any surprise that when my aunt, sister-in-law, and mom were gathered together, I picked their brains?

Because really, why wouldn’t I ask them? My mom paints. She’s very, very good at it and the walls of our homes, my sister’s home, and my brother’s home are graced with her works. Swamp scenes, plantation scenes, old New Orleans type scenes, you name it, we have them. I’m so flippin’ proud of her work. She’s self-taught and really, how much cooler is that?

Then, there’s my sister-in-law. No, she’s not blood, but she belongs to us now. She draws, she bakes fantastic cakes, she does craft stuff. I have no doubt if she put her mind to something creative, she could do it. She’s also cool as hell and knows what kind of audience I’m trying to target, so hello! I had to get her input.

And now we go to my aunt. She’s done it all. Photography, writing poems, scrapbooking, sewing, interior decorating,  you name it, she’s probably given it a shot. She also thinks outside the box. With her quirky humor, she was the perfect person to toss ideas out.

I love them all. But, I get sidetracked. My aunt, mom, and sister-in-law helped me think outside of the usual. They gave me ideas so different and unique, I have to go with them. There’s no other choice. Of course, it’ll require me trying to remember how to create something other than a story. I’m not artsy in the same vein they are. No, words are my medium, but I’m going to damn well try my hand at something visual and unique to give to people during my marketing campaigns.

I’m not saying what it is because I have no idea if I can even do it. I’ve taken ceramics classes in college and even recently for fun. Wheels are not my friend. I look like I’ve been digging for clay, not like I’ve been trying to shape it into a bowl. *sniff* So, because I’m more of a…word person, I’ve informed them that since they’re artsy-fartsy, we’re going to have a Promotion Party. In fact, I think that’s a great idea. A bunch of women, some craft to create, and laughter. Maybe throw in some wine or daiquiris…It’ll be a blast.

How about you? Do you have family members who astound you with their talent? Are you “arsty-fartsy”, or into crafts?


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Well, after a wonderful weekend of comments, Jillian has picked a winner in her giveaway. Sue Serigny, you’re the lucky winner of Jillian’s shoe charm! I’ll contact you today to let you know how you can go about receiving your booty (bwahah).

It’s always a pleasure to interview my friends who are coming out with new releases. The one thing I can say about this writing business is that it’s amazing how tightly knit the writing community is. When my friends find success, it feels like my own. There are so many out there who have books coming out for the first, second, third, and many more times, I wish I could interview them all!

In keeping with that, I’ll be interviewing the wonderfully sassy Sayde Grace, author of some wicked cowboys! Can we say hot? *fans herself* Sayde will be talking about her latest release,  The Harder They Buck, and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of naughty questions to ask her! 😉 She’ll be by next Tuesday (December 14) and I suppose I’ll have to find a sexy cowboy for this week’s Fantasy Man Friday. You know, to whet your appetite! 😉 Such a chore. Really!

Next month (yes, I’m already talking about 2011), I’ll have Avril Ashton , another one of my fabulous critique partners. Her first release, A Wicked Ride, will be out February 1, 2011 and I can’t wait for everyone else to read it!

I haven’t scheduled anything for February yet, but I’m sure I’ll find someone I just have to interview!

Again, I’d like to thank Jillian for taking time to stop by Unearthly Musings. I had a wonderful time with her interview and hope you all pick up her latest release. Don’t forget, we’ll have another interview next week with Sayde Grace and another in January with Avril Ashton! Also! I’m so pimping out my other critique partner! Daisy Harris’ first release Mere Temptation is now out on Kindle! Squee!!

I know what you’re thinking: so many books, so little time. So you’d better hop to!


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