Fantasy Man Friday

It’s the last Fantasy Man Friday of 2010. My, oh my…where has the year gone?

I’ve had a lot of fun reminiscing about 2010. It was a crazy year with plenty of laughs, tears, frustration, and joy. 2011 is shaping up to be even better for me and I hope it’s turning out the same for you.

I know Fantasy Man Friday is why most people stop by my blog. I see the site stats and trust me, there are more search words for “sexy man”, “sexy men”, “sexy man in bed”, and “Daniel Conn” to shake a stick at. It makes me happy to know I’ve found a way to bring readers here and hopefully, some of you have stayed because you think I’m insane and want to know what I’ll talk about next. If not, I hope you enjoy the men I’ll bring you in 2011!

So in honor of the interest in Fantasy Man Friday, I thought about doing a 2010 Fantasy Man Review, but then realized some of you may be working and it wouldn’t be fair to y’all to have you drooling all over your monitors. No, I decided against the review. Instead, I’ll just keep the tradition of a single, gorgeous man for you to ogle.

And then, because it’s New Year’s Eve, I have to go a little further. Do I think I can eclipse some of the men I’ve had by? Hm, it’s hard to do that without full frontal nudity, which I manage to avoid…I might flirt with the edge of truly naughty, but I try not to fall over it.

Here’s the gorgeous man I have for you to ring in the New Year:

You see, while everyone else is out partying and ringing in the New Year, I have plans to wake this sleeping hunk up and finish his feeble attempts to undress himself. It’s with the best intentions, I swear! He can’t be comfortable sleeping like that! Hm…okay, I should’ve known I couldn’t pull off the innocent miss act. You’re right, I plan to debauch this sexy man quite thoroughly to bring in the New Year.

Can you think of a better way to bring 2010 to an end? I sure as hell can’t! 😉

Happy New Year, my friends. I hope you’re safe and that 2011 brings you everything you wish for. To my regular readers, I hope to have wonderful things to share with you in the upcoming year, and for you Fantasy Man Friday fiends, there are still more sexy men to discover!


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10 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. ooh la la – Happy New Year!!! Jillian

  2. Happy New Year, Danica!! Can’t to read all your big news next year!

  3. Happy New Year, Danica! Keep up the good work on finding those beautiful hunky photos. I look forward to seeing your blog every Friday (and I’m here on other days, too).

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