Fantasy Man Friday

It’s Christmas Eve and Friday! Two of the most marvelous days of the year blended into one spectacular day! Le sigh of rapture!

I’m off today. Yay. However, that doesn’t mean I get to laze about wearing my pjs and eating bon bons while devouring yet another romance novel. Of course, I’m not completely ruling out two of those things happening at all today.

No, today I have to hit the grocery store. This does not please me. First of all, I’ll be surrounded by people also intent on getting their Christmas food stuffs and fists may fly. I don’t know. I actually did go to the grocery store last Christmas Eve and though it was daunting, I survived. I hope the same goes for this year.

See, I’m cooking the big meal this year. No, not a turkey. I did that last year and forgot to take the gizzards out. Oops. I don’t feel so bad though because my sister did the exact same thing for Thanksgiving this year. Nothing worse than having  your mother pull a bag of stuff out of the turkey and give you that look. You know the one I’m talking about…the one that clearly says, “Where did I go wrong? I thought I taught you better than this?”

This year, I’m making a lasagna. It’s my signature dish. It’s one of the few items I cook with enough confidence that I’ll feed it to my nephews’ girlfriends. I know already that the instant my oldest nephew shows up at the house, he’ll say, “Where’s the food? What do you mean it isn’t ready yet? I’m starving!” So I’m going to prevent a mauling (me mauling him, mind you although it could go either way) by cooking my sauce today. This pleases me. I really do enjoy babying my lasagna sauce, making sure to put just the right amount of spices to make you crave more.

But my day doesn’t end there. Oh no. I have to clean my house. Meh. My dog will be pleased because she’ll be able to chase the vacuum cleaner all over, but I’ll have to put up with her high-pitched yelps and yips as she tries to herd the vacuum to a place of her choosing. Then, when all of that’s done, I’ll be throwing presents in gift bags. Have I mentioned I’m a terrible wrapper? (I’m a bad rapper too.) Gift bags are a Godsend.

Whew, I’m tired just thinking about everything I have to do! I need something to motivate me. It’s Christmas Eve…that means Santa will be stopping by my house and if he looks anything like this, I’ll be waiting for him wearing nothing but a smile…and maybe some whipped cream.

Mm, yes. Why am I suddenly singing, Santa Baby in my head? *fans herself* I can say so many naughty things about candy canes and sacks of toys and, well you get the idea.

This is my Christmas present to every one of my readers. You’re lovely, wonderful people who deserve only the sexiest of Santas. Have a safe and Merry Christmas!


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10 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Merry Christmas, Danica!!! Have a great time today. OH, and thanks for the cute Christmas present. 🙂

  2. Love him- Now, where is MY lasagna?? Merry Christmas, my friend- and I hope you get that Santa under the tree.

  3. Yum! Hope he shows up with some presents tonight!
    Merriest of Christmases to famille Avet!

  4. Oh my…i bet he could change my mind about Christmas! 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Hmm… If I’d have known Santa’s son was giving out presents this year, I’d have stayed up and waited with treats. For the reindeers *ahem*

    Hope you had a fun Christmas Danica and you enjoyed your lasagna.

    And by the way it’s cheating not to wrap your presents! If people have to put up with my attempts, held together with copious amounts of tape, then man up and do it too, lol 😉

  6. Coming in a little late, but I didn’t find him under my tree:)

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