What’s Playing Wednesday

It’s another What’s Playing Wednesday when we take a listen to whatever pops up on Danica’s Magical Music Player! First though, I’d just like to thank Sayde Grace for her wonderful interview and remind you that you have until tomorrow to leave a comment to win one of her books! We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday and heck, I might even dedicate this week’s Fantasy Man to that lucky person!

Now for What’s Playing Wednesday! Ah, my Magical Music Player pulled up a good one today! Remember me talking about how when I was little I was given the choice between watching The Blues Brothers and Halloween II? Well, like any goofy 5-year-old, I chose Halloween II. Yes, nightmares ensued. However, it wasn’t much later that I got to see The Blues Brothers. To this day, it’s one of my favorite movies.

One scene I remember well, was this older man singing blues on the sidewalk in Chicago. Mr. John Lee Hooker. Something about his voice caught my imagination and I became a fan. Years and years later (not saying how many), I went out to play darts with my cousin. We were dressed up and looking cute, if I say so myself. Well, the dart board was next to the bar and there was an older man sitting there nursing a drink. My cousin, who’s six years younger than me, was talking and the man said this:

I like the way you walk. I like the way you talk…like a little baby doll.

It wasn’t until I started looking for songs that I realized he totally ripped those lines off of John Lee Hooker. I laugh about it now, but I thought that was the coolest thing anyone could say. Anyway, today’s song is Boom! Boom! by John Lee Hooker.

What a song! This is one of those songs that instantly transports you to a smokey bar. I can almost see myself (many pounds lighter) wearing a tight blue dress, matching gloves as I sashay across the room while this song plays. It has to be a sashay. It can’t be a stroll or a stalk. Or is that just me?

Ah well, I hope you enjoyed today’s song!


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8 responses to “What’s Playing Wednesday

  1. SWEET!! I’m gonna be singing Boom. Boom. Boom. All day. 🙂 Awesome.

  2. I also love that movie and that song- thanks for bringing back memories of my own thin days!

  3. You are so right. I’m sitting in an old smoke filled bar right now. 🙂 Great song choice.

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