Fantasy Man Friday

“It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the weeeeek” Yeah, I’m so singing that this morning because it’s Friday! Can I get an “amen”? Thank you!

So it’s been quite an emotional rollercoaster over the last couple of weeks. Between good news, a rejection (which totally didn’t break my stride), and worrying about the upcoming holidays, I feel like Sybil. But that’ll all change, I hope.

Time marches on, dragging us all to the end of 2010 and the beginning of a new year. Mais, it’s insane. It feels like 2010 had just begun! It reminds me of what my mom always said about time flying as you grow older. I always figured she was just crazy (which she is!), but she’s also correct. The older I get, the faster time seems to pass and I don’t want it to! *sniff*

So here’s the deal. On Tuesday, December 13, I have a special guest author interview with the ever-sassy, ever-Southern girl, Sayde Grace about her latest release, The Harder They Buck. If you can’t tell from the title alone, it’s a book about cowboys and cowgirls. When we set up the interview, I was thinking…you know, if we’re going to have a discussion about cowboys and their ropes and chaps and…oops, sorry. If we’re going to discuss delicious cowboys, then we need to have a cowboy Fantasy Man Friday, right?


Except I found two, count them TWO, gorgeous specimens and I can’t choose which one to go with. So because I’m torn between them (in a very good way), I’ve decided to post both cowboys. You can choose which one you like better, but me? I’d love to take both of these men home and er, serve them coffee. *cough*

Cowboy 1

Look! He’s even bringing his own rope! His jeans are a little dark for me, but who really cares about that? Isn’t there a saying that it isn’t what a man’s jeans look like doesn’t count, but what’s inside them? Nom, nom…

Cowboy 2

He has tattoos!! *swoon* And he looks to be in some um, physical distress. Poor, poor, sexy man. I’m sure some sweet, innocent, young writer…say like, me, wouldn’t mind helping him out. *fans herself* Those lickable tattoos…gr-owl!

So now that you’ve drooled all over your keyboards and fogged up your monitors, I hope you have a Happy Friday and a wonderful, safe weekend. Be sure to stop by on Tuesday to visit with Sayde to find out more about her hot cowboys and the women we’ll all pretend to be when reading her books. 😉


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15 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. I don’t even know what cowboy #2 looks like, but he has my vote!! 🙂

  2. Amen, sister. 🙂 I don’t have to choose. I can just stare at them both. 🙂

  3. Wow. I think I did drool a little bit. . .

    Happy Friday!

  4. Okay, I love cowboy #2. The tattoos and tattered jeans speak naughty wrangler to me. Yum!!!

  5. Whitley Gray

    Love Fridays…
    Thanks for “roping” me in!

  6. Tonya

    #1–> I want to lick my way down that crease between his muscles. Yum yum yum.

    #2–> it’s the tattoos. *drool*

    Yes, this has significantly brightened my day. Thanks!

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  8. Hope you had a great weekend!!!!!

  9. Jackie

    Saw cowboy number 2 on cheyenne mcrays page which brought me here omg is all i can say. Where did you find him would love too see more xx

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