It Runs in the Family

Usually when we use this phrase in my family, it’s followed by a lot of drooling and goofy faces. Except this time, I’m actually thankful some traits run in my family. I know I’m constantly bragging on my family (or making fun of them), but I love them to death, so why shouldn’t I?

Over the weekend, I realized, “Hey, I’m going to need to start gathering ideas for promotional items for my upcoming books!” So was it any surprise that when my aunt, sister-in-law, and mom were gathered together, I picked their brains?

Because really, why wouldn’t I ask them? My mom paints. She’s very, very good at it and the walls of our homes, my sister’s home, and my brother’s home are graced with her works. Swamp scenes, plantation scenes, old New Orleans type scenes, you name it, we have them. I’m so flippin’ proud of her work. She’s self-taught and really, how much cooler is that?

Then, there’s my sister-in-law. No, she’s not blood, but she belongs to us now. She draws, she bakes fantastic cakes, she does craft stuff. I have no doubt if she put her mind to something creative, she could do it. She’s also cool as hell and knows what kind of audience I’m trying to target, so hello! I had to get her input.

And now we go to my aunt. She’s done it all. Photography, writing poems, scrapbooking, sewing, interior decorating,  you name it, she’s probably given it a shot. She also thinks outside the box. With her quirky humor, she was the perfect person to toss ideas out.

I love them all. But, I get sidetracked. My aunt, mom, and sister-in-law helped me think outside of the usual. They gave me ideas so different and unique, I have to go with them. There’s no other choice. Of course, it’ll require me trying to remember how to create something other than a story. I’m not artsy in the same vein they are. No, words are my medium, but I’m going to damn well try my hand at something visual and unique to give to people during my marketing campaigns.

I’m not saying what it is because I have no idea if I can even do it. I’ve taken ceramics classes in college and even recently for fun. Wheels are not my friend. I look like I’ve been digging for clay, not like I’ve been trying to shape it into a bowl. *sniff* So, because I’m more of a…word person, I’ve informed them that since they’re artsy-fartsy, we’re going to have a Promotion Party. In fact, I think that’s a great idea. A bunch of women, some craft to create, and laughter. Maybe throw in some wine or daiquiris…It’ll be a blast.

How about you? Do you have family members who astound you with their talent? Are you “arsty-fartsy”, or into crafts?


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8 responses to “It Runs in the Family

  1. I scrapbook but that’s about it. My grandmother was an artist, my dad is an artist and my sister is an art teacher – I have to confess, I’m not on their level at all. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. My dad says you don’t have to draw straight lines to be an artist- I say BAH!!

    #1 son is in his last year of architecture school and he can draw like a demon- spouse can too- Me, nope. I stick to the cerebral stuff.

  2. There isn’t one in the family who has art as a talent, really. Now, my hubby and his dad can sing really well. Hubby went to nationals in high school with his quartet…but that’s it. I have a few friends who act. . . if I ever have a book launch party or book signing, I might get one of them dressed up in one of my characters and lurk around…but other than that…..

    Great post. You have an awesome family!

  3. All the women on my mom’s side of the family is AMAZING. My grandmother made porcelin dolls, including dresses, wigs, pouring, firing, painting, etc… They sew, quilt, knit, etc…
    I guess the creative gene skipped my sister and I. Well, I knit and sew a little. But I can’t hand bead and sew a wedding dress like my grandmother.

  4. I use all my family to help me out!! I consider my CP’s my family too! Speaking of promotional and marketing tools~(shameless plug) Misa Ramirez and I have a contracted book The Tricked Out Toolbox~marketing and promotional tools every writer needs, that will be out in April. Brenda Novak did my forward and it’s a GREAT tool for every stage of your career from the time you begin to write until you publish your last novel ever!!!

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