What’s Playing Wednesday

It’s time for another peek inside Danica’s Magical Music Player.

Today’s song is from a band I really enjoy and okay, I kind of have a crush on the lead singer. Don’t ask me why, okay? His hair…it’s like extremely tall and we’re not going to talk about the long braided goatee thing…Anyway!

The band is called Static-X and the song is Push It. This is actually a band I was introduced to by my brother when he was going through his “metal” phase. The first song I heard by them was called I’m With Stupid and I thought it was great. Since then, my brother has moved on from this type of music, but I crave it.

Fast paced and driving, this is the kind of music I like to listen to when I’m writing an action scene. It helps me feel the urgency and speed my characters would have in a fight.

Without further ado, Static-X!

So what do you think? Have you listened to this band before? Is it too hard and weird? Or do you think this might be something you could listen to when you’re writing/plotting out a fight scene? I should also mention, when I hear songs like this, I type faster. One of my little secrets for blazing through words.


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10 responses to “What’s Playing Wednesday

  1. Okay, so his hair is wicked! LOL. That’s pretty heavy metal, I can see how it keeps you pumping for sure! Love the clay…. LOL.

  2. Okay, normally I love your picks, but this one was a little loud and obnoxious, lol. Especially since I was trying to sneak it in at work. *grins* Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well, I DID listen to the whole thing, but you won’t find it on my iPod, that’s for sure!

    Like Rachel, I didn’t want to risk listening to it at work, so I waited until I got home. Good thing, too!

  4. Never heard of them. You crack me up. How do you find this music?

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