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Sheltered and Other Foolishness

While driving in town the other day, I happened to get stuck behind a public transit bus. I suppose I should start this post at the beginning.

When I was growing up, my hometown wasn’t very big. Oh, sure, it took a long while to get from one end of town to the other, but that’s because the city is spread out. After the oil industry came back in full swing in the 90’s and Hurricane Katrina displaced so many residents in and around New Orleans, my hometown grew by leaps and bounds.

It’s to the point right now that real estate is at a premium. You can’t buy land unless you’re a business and the land that’s out there is mostly marsh. Houses and neighborhoods sprang up where sugarcane fields had stood for at least a hundred years. It’s insane.

So I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when a few years back, the parish government decided to give the area public transportation. It kind of blows my mind, really. I’ve been on one public bus (well twice cause I had to leave) in my life. I was in England with a Brit who knew where the hell we were going. I don’t know if I could recognize my upcoming stop if it hit me over the head.

That’s the sheltered part.

I frequently feel like I missed out on so many experiences because I wasn’t raised in a big city. However, I know I’ve had some unique experiences that people in the big cities have never had. Yeah, how many people can say they had to watch out for cougars as they waited for the bus? Or cracked an alligator across the snout with a cypress ball? *looks around* Yeah, I’m a country girl, but I want to experience the big city.

That’s why I’m so hyped about RWA Nationals being in New York City. Just thinking that gives me heart palpitations. Me? In NYC? ‘Scuse me while I try to calm my breathing. Terrebonne Parish has around 110k people in it. That’s the whole parish, mind you. New York has…people numbering in the millions! *pants* Oh, sure, you could say “Well, you had to have landed in London which is a monstrous city” but hello…I went from the airport to a bus. I didn’t get to see crap.

So excited and hopeful that I can actually make the conference. Me. In NYC. *blinks* I’m terrified and exhilirated all at the same time. What happens if I get lost? What if someone mistakes my Cajun accent for something else and think I’m a local? (I have heard that a true Cajun accent resembles a Brooklyn accent). What if I spend too much money buying crap I don’t need, like a dozen Statue of Liberty magnets? Argh! It’s mind-boggling. Of course, if I do go, I’ll have to put Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind on loop for the flight out there.

What scares you the most about traveling? Have you ever been somewhere completely unlike your hometown and felt distinctly out-of-place? Are you going to Nationals in NY, and if you are, will you let me superglue myself to your side so I don’t get lost?


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Monday? Really?

The weekends never seem to last long enough. I actually didn’t do much this weekend, which is a good thing, I suppose, but that doesn’t mean I was ready for the work week to return. It’s a relief to know Thanksgiving is right around the corner. 4-day weekend! Yay!

So here we are again. It’s Monday and I’m supposed to get back to my NaNo WIP. Okay, so I should be writing nonstop, but I haven’t. I’m not terribly worried about it either. I know the story is there waiting to unfold, I just have to apply my mad typing skillz to get the words down on paper.

No, I spent the weekend re-reading JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. I had to tear my bookshelves apart to find all the books, but once I did, I dove head first into the Ward’s world. I’ve read this series so many times, I know the order of the books by the color of the book covers. I can’t tell if that’s sad, or awesome. I’m going with awesome though, because who wants to be called sad?

I should’ve put this re-read off for a few more months until the next book in the series comes out, but I was desperate for something to read. When I’m between much awaited book release dates, I try to hold off buying. Truly, I need to win the lottery so I can indulge my book fetish, but unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. Which sucks. Those money trees are false advertisement. Leaves come out, not the kind of green you can spend in the store. *sniff*

I really don’t have much to talk about this morning. My brain isn’t online yet and it probably won’t kick into gear until Thursday. That’s when I usually wake up with my game face on. Yeah, it takes me that long to get into the work groove. It doesn’t help that I woke up to the sky pouring buckets of rain. Who the hell wants to leave their bed with the rain pelting on the roof? Not me. Although I did have quite an interesting dream about my house springing leaks and me vowing to buy a new bed. Not sure what the two had to do with each other, but there you have it.

So in honor of the rain…I found a good song for us. No, sorry to disappoint, but it isn’t Milli Vanilli’s Blame It On The Rain. *snorts* This is much, much better!

I saw Shiny Toy Guns in concert at the House of Blues a few years ago and it was so worth it…even though the headlining band was…strange. Did I ever tell y’all about the cowbell player? Well, he played cowbell and sax…and in both cases he did this weird chicken dance with the instrument. He played his cowbell like he was on SNL and Christopher Walken was about to appear and demand more cowbell. I couldn’t take too much of it and bailed in the middle of their second song.

Um, am I rambling? I am. Sorry, y’all! It’s Monday morning! What else do you expect?


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Saturday Singalong

Late post, I know, but I had to post about my experience at the store this morning.

I left home kind of late, because I was finishing up Lover Eternal for the…eighth time? I don’t even know. Anyway, I dressed in a hurry this morning, grabbing whatever came to hand. It just so happened that I grabbed one of my Tool T-shirts.

I go to the store and I’m walking around when I see my nephew (the one I’m currently helping with his English paper) with his girlfriend. And he was wearing his Tool shirt. I shouldn’t have been surprised though. Tool is our favorite band. They were mine first, but through me, my nephew became a fan as well. Together we’ve seen them twice and we’re always ready for them to come back in town.

So today’s singalong is going to be an older Tool song. I love this band and I hope you enjoy the song. The video is pretty cool…in a really artsy, weird way. Happy Saturday!


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for Friday! I know I say it a lot, but this week seemed to last forever.

Good things happened this week though, so I can’t really complain about it. I was able to help my CP with her latest WIP and loved every minute of it. That’s one of the best thing about being a critique partner, I think. Being able to toss around ideas with  someone else. It’s a two-way street. When I have problems, I whine in my CPs’ ears and listen to their advice. It’s wonderful.

The other good news is that I had a request for a full of my Tie Him Up manuscript. *squees* I haven’t said anything because I’m being cautiously optimistic and trying very hard not to pin all my hopes on the submission. This is such a crazy business, but it feels damned good to know someone wanted to read it. I still haven’t heard back from the other ten million (okay, slight exaggeration) agents I queried, but there’s always a chance.

With last week’s Fantasy Man I posted for my critique partner, Daisy Harris’ author interview, someone said every week my Fantasy Men get a little more naked. I have to wonder…is this a bad thing? Oh, never fear, I won’t let them show all the goods. I like to be teased 😉 So this week I’m going to tease all of us…

*cough* Is that enough of a tease, or is it to blatant? Although, if I’m completely honest (and y’all know I like honesty), I really don’t mind if he’s too blatant. I’m figuring he cleans offices for a living. The a/c was broken when he got to my office, so he stripped down to cool off. Then he had to take a break, so… If only the people who clean my office looked like this! I could find more than one way for him to polish my desk *cough*

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


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We Salute You

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S.

I’ll be honest with y’all. When I was in high school, we had to take that ASVAB test…not sure what that all stands for, but when the scores came in, I had phone calls from the Air Force and Navy. Yeah, they wanted me. I probably should have joined the service because I had no idea what to do with my life, except I have a small…problem or two.

First, I’m bossy as all hell. It’s one of my personality quirks. I like to give orders. Joining the service wouldn’t have been a bad thing if I was able to be a commander starting out. You know, ’cause I do like to tell people what to do. But knowing I’d go in as a lowly grunt (or whatever they’re called), wouldn’t have sat well with me.

Secondly…I’m oppositional defiant. I absolutely hate being told what to do. It grates on my nerves like nothing else. Just ask my mother or siblings. If you tell me what and how to do something, chances are I’ll do it my way or do the exact opposite. I’m not alone in this, my whole family has the same quirk. But these kinds of personalities probably don’t belong in the military.

These reasons are why I so strongly admire people who do serve our country. I’m a patriot (the American kind, not the New England kind) and I strongly believe in protecting our values and way of life. They put their civilian lives on hold to train, to fight, to defend. Regardless of their personality types, they’re out there risking their lives. Their service to our country proves their strength of will and determination. Our soldiers, past, present, and future deserve our admiration, our respect.

So be sure to tell a veteran “thank you” for preserving the freedom our country was built upon. Give them a hug for the sacrifices they’ve made for us. Salute them for putting their lives in danger in the name of democracy. They’re true heroes and we should honor them as such.


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What I’ve Learned From Movies

This might sound strange, but every time I wash my hands, my brain flashes back to the hand washing scene in Pulp Fiction.

You remember the part, right? After Vincent accidentally shoots Marvin in the face, he and Jules are in the bathroom at Jimmy’s house washing their hands. Jules cleans his hands completely before drying them on one of Bonnie’s beautiful towels. When it’s Vincent’s turn, he barely washes his hands before drying them on a towel, getting the towel all bloody.

Every time I’m washing my hands, I scrub the hell out of them. No, I don’t have blood on them. I’m not trying to pull a Lady Macbeth or anything, but the minute my soapy hands hit the water, I think of Jules and Vincent.

But it doesn’t stop there. Oh, no, I really wish it did. There was a movie that came out in the 90’s called PCU (which stood for Port Chester University, or politically correct university). It wasn’t the greatest movie I ever saw, but since I was in college at the time, I thought it was hilarious. What did I take away from it? Well, probably the best piece of advice ever, which I’ve then shared with my younger relatives: Never wear the T-shirt of a band you’re going to see. Don’t be that guy.

It’s advice I hold close to my heart. Except now every time I go to a concert with my nephew, he has to point out every single person wearing the band’s T-shirt. I shake my head at them. Poor souls. If only they’d seen PCU.

Also, I’ll never go near a petting zoo (I apologize in advance to any children I may have). Thanks to Snatch, the last place I want to be is near pigs. I don’t know if this little gem of information is true or not, but in my mind, it may as well be: a single pig can consume two pounds of uncooked flesh every minute. Hence the expression, “as greedy as a pig”. Thanks, Brick Top…now I’ll never go near another live pig again.

There are so many more examples, but my brain is still stuck on man-eating pigs. Does this remind you much of the man-eating deer I had a fit about this summer? Yeah, well we’re going to add pigs to the list of nightmares I have.

What have you learned from the movies?


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For My Brother

Today is my baby brother’s birthday. He’s 28 years old and I’m shaking my head. It doesn’t seem possible that we’ve grown up so much. I can remember the day he was born. I was 6 and I stayed home from school so I could go to the hospital. I was too young at the time to realize my family doesn’t do anything in half-measures, but looking back, I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

I’d known mom looked like she was about to give birth to a horse, but that didn’t compute in my mind until I saw him. My sister (8 years older than me) and I went to the nursery to gaze at our new sibling. He was the biggest baby there. I’m not lying. When he was born, he weight 11lbs, 15oz and was 23″ long. He had this thick black hair and looked like ET. I was six, I had to try to make him seem familiar somehow!

Anyway, he was so big, everyone all over the hospital had to come to see him. (Remember Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins? How much bigger Arnold’s infant self was compared to Danny’s?) Well, next to the other babies, he looked massive. He didn’t fit in the infant clothes the nursery had so they had to send up to the pediatric ward to find him a gown. When I held him the first time, his body stretched from my chin to my knees.

My stepdad was in awe of what he’d made. Mom had told him he would have one shot at a son and he’d better make it good. And boy did he

My baby bro never got smaller. It didn’t hurt that he was allergic to milk so had to drink soy milk his entire developing years. When he was older, he didn’t care if he ended up with a rash, he drank milk like it was his salvation. By the way, milk really does a body good cause much later, he was struck in the chest by a steel beam and walked away with only a bruise.

His size always meant he bore the brunt of malicious attention from much older kids. When he was only four years old, he looked like he was seven or eight. When he was in school, he had to learn to defend himself against kids who thought ganging up on the big boy was fun. But it didn’t stop there. No, he had to learn to control his strength. At 3, he broke my middle finger. At 9, he broke our nephew’s leg. At 15, he broke his friend’s leg (who is currently studying to become a priest, so I fear there’s no hope for my brother’s eternal salvation). He never did any of those things on purpose, he was just big and playful. I only remind him of my broken finger once a year…okay, maybe twice.

By the time he finished growing, he was a hulking 6’2″ lad with more hair than the wolf man, a big heart, and a sick sense of humor. (My sister and I taught him well.)

So today is for my Phee-Phee Bug (nickname we torment him with). Happy Birthday, sweetie. You’re the best little big brother, a sister could have.


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Winner & Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it’s Monday. Again. Meh. Why don’t weekends last longer?

Enough complaining. It’s time for the great news! I’ve drawn the two winners of Daisy Harris’ Mere Temptation. After a very scientific means of pulling winners which involved a pair of scissors, a post-it, and paper flying everywhere, the winners are…Fedora and Kelly! If you’ll both e-mail me at I can have Daisy contact you to collect your winnings. Thanks to everyone who commented and a special thank you to Daisy Harris who is one of the best critique partners evah.

Now for the weekend wrap-up. On Friday morning, I had no plans for the weekend other than sleep and painting the bathroom. That all changed around noon. My nephew (fellow concert goer and the one person who has me completely wrapped around their finger) sent me a text message asking me if I wanted to see Nonpoint Friday night at a local club. Now, some of you may not have heard of this band, but I really like them. I was torn. Do I go to the concert in spite of my exhaustion, or do I stay home and get some much needed sleep? I waffled. A lot.

Then I had a phone call from my brother-in-law (nephew’s dad) asking if I wanted to go fishing this weekend. When had I become so popular? I can go weeks, even months, without people asking me if I want to go somewhere, or do something, yet my sister’s family wanted to make plans for me all in one weekend.

Like the sucker I am, I caved. I went to that concert and I’m so glad I did. Nonpoint was off the chain, Atom Smash (opening band) was good and the singer had beautiful hair. The two other opening bands were local groups. One was…meh and the other was really good. I walked away with a free demo cd from one of the local bands and my nephew and his girlfriend left with two tickets to another show later in the month.

Then came the fishing trip. OMG. Okay, Sayde Grace joked that she wanted to hear a good story. Well, I have one for her (and the rest of you if you’re interested). It was cold yesterday. Not as cold as it could have been, but it was cold enough that I didn’t warm up again until I’d had a huge bowl of my sister’s gumbo. Anyway, the trip started out with me nearly falling ass first into the bayou.

Here’s what happened: my brother-in-law was in the boat. I was on the dock. The water was really low and I’m not graceful at all. So I sat on the dock to get into the boat. I had my spot picked out. I was going to just sort of…land in the boat. Except when I put my feet in that spot, I kicked the boat away from me. Picture it…my feet are in the boat, my hands are desperately clinging to the dock. The boat went further out, my arms are shaking from holding me up, my fingers are scrambling for a good hold on the dock and my ass is sinking closer and closer to the water.

It was one of those moments when your brain just shuts off as your survival instincts kick in. I knew if I landed in that water, I was going to miss out on my fishing trip in humiliated disgrace, covered in…canal water *shudders* and I’d probably go home with a cold or pneumonia. I put all the strength I had in holding myself up and pulling the boat to me with my legs. I landed in the boat in a graceless heap.

Once everything calmed down, I looked at my brother-in-law and said, “That’s enough excitement for one day”. I could see the twinkle in his eyes. Then of course, he had to say, “I wish I’d have had a camera.” Meh. So now the family has yet another story about me and my fishing exploits. Sayde, I can hear you laughing and it’s okay because it was funny.

So that was my weekend. I have a sunburn/windburn, we didn’t get any fish, I couldn’t hear properly again until Saturday night, and my shoulders and arms are sore. I think this weekend I’m going to stay home and lick my wounds. And try to find a way to keep my family from reminding me of this every time we have a get together. *Snorts* That is so not going to happen.

I’ll leave you with just a taste of what I got to listen to Friday night. I think the song’s appropriate. Here’s to another work week!


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Fantasy Man Friday & Author Interview: Daisy Harris

Happy Friday everyone! Today is a special Fantasy Man Friday. I actually had inspiration for today’s Fantasy Man because my awesome critique partner, Daisy Harris, is joining us for an author interview and book giveaway!

The Bio:

 I’d like to say that I started writ­ing shortly after learn­ing to hold a pen­cil and haven’t stopped since.  Sadly, that’s not the case.  I came to writ­ing via a long and cir­cuitous route that started with want­ing to be a fic­tion writer at 11, mor­phed into want­ing to be a sci­en­tist by 18, jour­neyed through becom­ing a doc­tor by 28, and plateaued at being a med­ical writer by 32.  And now I’ve arrived full cir­cle writ­ing fic­tion again.
I joined RWA, found some awe­some cri­tique part­ners who helped me tran­si­tion out of tech­ni­cal writ­ing and into fic­tion.  I wrote books one and two of the Ocean Shifters series and found the lovely folks at Siren to pub­lish it.

The Blurb:
After twenty years in Land­world, mer­maid Ismaelda Freya seeks refuge in her home habi­tat, Key Sirena. In all that time, she’s never taken a human lover to become fully human, but nei­ther is she will­ing to give up her free­dom and be marked for­ever as mere.

The sea dragon Sidon can have any­one and any­thing he wants, except the one female who left. Using every trick he’s learned in her absence, he vows to con­vince her to stay.

Not even a shape-shifting mer­maid can keep her options open for­ever. When faced with los­ing every­thing she val­ues, Isa must choose between her free­dom and her one true love.

What gave you the idea for dragon, dolphin, and shark shifters?
My kids were watching Barbie and the Mermaid Tale around the time I started writing, so I credit Mattel.

How many books do you plan for the Mere series and when will they come out?
Mere Passion should be coming out in a month or so. Shark Bait a month or two after that. I’m writing book four, a male-male romance, right now. I’m guessing that’ll be the last in this series. But if the readers like it, who knows? I may keep going. In particular, I might go into the paranormal land species more- vampires, succubi, etc. Maybe even shape shifting pterodactyls!

Who are you inspired by? Which authors gave you the urge to write?
My biggest inspiration came from the writing duo Sydney Croft. They were able to write fun comic-book-esque stories with supernatural characters that included lots of sex, but were not entirely about the sex. I like writing erotic romance, but I like having a story beyond the main characters’ sexual interactions.

Oh, and I love the Dragon’s Kin series by G.A. Aiken (aka Shelly Laurenston). That series showed me that romance can be funny and irreverent. Romance doesn’t have to take itself too seriously.

When you started writing this series, did you think any of this would happen? You know, getting an amazing critique partner  published?
When I started writing *this* story, I had no idea what I was doing. I had PMS, was in-between tech-editing companies and thought- hey, I’d like to write about supernatural folks having raunchy sex!

But I found RWA, and yes, amazing crit partners. I took some coursework and did some research. Luckily I had a huge background in tech writing to fall back on. When I was a kid and thought about novel writing, I imagined it was about inherent skill or the author’s uber-deepness. But when I did tech writing I took a lot of courses and read a lot of books and found I got better. I got so good that people were telling me I should write books.

So I approached fiction the same way- as a skill I could learn. And I’m still learning! Maybe someday I’ll write something over 60,000 words!

Do you have a background in marine biology, or just an interest in marine life? You have an amazing amount of information in your books.
My husband is a landscape and wildlife photographer who does a lot of underwater work. It’s great because I can shout into his office, “Hey- I have a 34 foot aluminum boat with an enclosed cabin. Would twin 240 horsepower engines be too much?” and he can answer without missing a beat. Ditto, “Do whales calve in the shallows or in open ocean?” Then there’s my medical background. I know a lot of biology, and as a tech writer I learned to research anything I didn’t know.

Plus, my husband watches every ocean-related nature show on the planet and belongs to Sea Shepard. Yeah, we’re freaks. 

I know you’re working on a m/m erotic romance right now (and since I’ve read a few scenes…may I just say OMG, hawt!), what made you decide to go in that direction? Is it harder to write from two male POVs? (Pun intended)
I went that direction largely because my agent told me to. That and because male-male romances are very popular right now. My heroines are often very strong, if not dominant, women, and my agent thought that it would translate very well to male-male stories.

The hero of my fourth Ocean Shifters is all about appearances, and trying to make everyone happy all the time. He’s always enjoyed liaisons with men, but never considered being open about it. But when he finds the right guy, and his fiancée from an arranged union shows up all at the same time… well, it kind of forces the issue.

The hardest part for me about writing male-male is the pronouns! It’s especially bad if they don’t know each others’ names at first! “He saw him from across the crowded room. His pulse beat high in his chest as he surveyed the hard outline of his…” Well, you get the idea.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given that you would share with other budding authors?
I’ve heard a lot of great inspirational quotes along the lines of, “if you’re not failing on a regular basis, you’re not trying hard enough” and “the road to success is paved with rejection letters.” That type of wisdom, combined with the stories of myriad authors who got rejected hundred of times before they sold a book, taught me to embrace and learn from negative feedback. After all, readers will be harsher than any editor!

What’s the best part of writing for you? Is it the part where you laze around all day in your silk pajamas and eat bonbons? Cause I keep waiting to reach that part of writing.
I’ve worked from home a lot in the past ten years, so in all honesty writing is not much different from other medical/technical writing and editing I’ve done. The only thing is I’m a lot more motivated about my fiction projects than I have been about technical pieces.

Though I’ve gotten pretty psyched about some spreadsheets. Me and excel have had some good times together.

What do you do in your spare time? You know when you aren’t writing about smexy dragons, dolphins, and sharks, oh my!
I have absolutely no spare time. I’m dead serious. I wake up and make kids breakfast and lunch. Then I clean, market, blog, or maybe talk to a friend or family member on phone after kids leave for school. Then I write. Then I pick kids up from  school. Go to gym where I read on treadmill. Write some more if I get lucky enough to have a babysitter or husband around. Cook dinner, read stories, collapse in front of TV for an hour. Sleep and repeat. On the weekends I buy groceries and cook extra food for the week.

Yes, is sad. Don’t have children. 😉

Who is your favorite actor and what’s your favorite movie? If you didn’t know, Gerard Butler is my man, just saying.
Hmmm… that’s tough because it changes so often. Right now, my favorite movie is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Most days my favorite actor is Jeff Goldblum. Yes, yes… I’d say Jeff Goldblum. Have you seen his body in Earth Girls are Easy? Meow!


Thank you, Daisy, for that marvelous interview! Readers, don’t forget that she’s giving away two ARCs of Mere Temptation. So be sure to leave a comment. I’ll be leaving the commenting open through Sunday and will announce the winners of Daisy’s books on Monday’s blog.

And now I get to show you all the man Daisy’s books have inspired me to find. As her critique partner, I’ve read all about her heroes and when I saw this man, I simply had to save him for the day I interviewed her. 

Um, so what do you think? If you had to choose which Mere being he would be which would you pick? Dragon, Dolphin, or Shark? And second question…does it really matter? Move that rock outta the way cause Mama’s coming through!


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The Waiting Game

As most of you know, I sent queries out last week for my most recent manuscript, Tie Him Up. Now, I can’t say that I’m the patient type. Okay, no, I don’t have a drop of patience. This isn’t a good quality for a writer. There is no instant gratification in writing.

I’m not even going to discuss the agonizing writing process because I’ve done it many times before. No, we all know that’s like Chinese water torture. You write, revise, edit, revise some more, edit, then send it to your critique partners to check your edits. Then they have edits and you’re back to editing. But in the end, you should have a polished manuscript.

You send your pretty new manuscript out into the dangerous world and pray that it survives. You send a prayer up to a Higher Power that someone will want to read more of what you’ve given them, but you still have to wait. And waiting, is truly the hardest part.

I receive e-mails on my cell phone and I’ve found myself checking my phone every five minutes to see if there’s anything new. When I do see that little logo pop up on my phone, I can’t open it there. No, I have to get to a computer to open the e-mail because yes, there’s a chance I might need to sit down when reading it. So I hurry to the nearest keyboard to open my e-mail and…it’s another offer from DSW for shoes, or Victoria’s Secret telling me about a sale, or it’s one of my critique partners (I don’t mind those e-mails).

The disappointment weighs on you because you want so badly for someone to say, ‘Hm, this sounds interesting, I’d like to read more’. That’s all I want right now, but when nothing comes and I’m getting e-mails from retail stores, I want to cry. No, not cry, I want to send out flurries of “Did you get my query?” e-mails, but that won’t do. It’s only been a week! But again, patience is not my forte.

That’s part of the reason why I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year. I wasn’t going to do it, but I know if I didn’t have something else to concentrate on, I’d buy one of those eyelid pry things from A Clockwork Orange to stare at my inbox and hit refresh every thirty seconds. No, NaNo just may save me from insanity, if it doesn’t drive me crazy first.

On an entirely different note, tomorrow we have a special guest and another book giveaway. Yes, you heard me, another book giveaway! Actually, two books. My critique partner extraordinaire, Daisy Harris, has a new book out and she’ll be stopping by for Fantasy Man Friday to tell us a little about herself. She’s also giving away two ARCs of Mere Temptation, the first book in her Mere series. Be sure to stop by to find out more about her, the book, and to see what delicious man I conjure up in honor of shapeshifting dragons, dolphins, and sharks 😉


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