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Fantasy Man Friday

O glorious Friday!!

I could do a happy dance, but it would look more like a seizure, so I’ll spare myself and all of you. This has been an okay week. I got a lot written on my NaNo project, up to 44k now, so just a few more days to go until I reach my 50k! Of course, that won’t be the end of the story. I have so much to add and fix, I almost feel depressed, except I can’t be depressed because it’s FRIDAY!

So many thoughts whirling around in my head, but I can’t settle on one to talk about. I suppose that means I should get right into the purpose for today’s post. Yes, the Fantasy Man. *happy sigh*

Damn those shadows! I wish I had a spotlight. I have no idea what’s on his face, but who cares? He kind of makes me think of V from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I finished reading it last night and okay V is still my all-time favorite brother. The candle wax scene? Hello! *shivers* This guy looks like he’s ready for some dirty play…nom nom. *cough*

Happy Friday everyone!


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I Have A Great Idea

Well, it might only seem great in my mind, but I’ll share it with you since you’re the ones who’ll have to read it.

After Monday’s post, people mentioned they’d never heard of the band I posted on my blog. This started me thinking. And y’all know how much trouble that means for everyone! So, here’s what I came up with: Starting next Wednesday, I’m going to have a themed post. I’ll call it “What’s Playing Wednesdays”. Since I carry my MP3 player around with me everywhere, when I turn it on in the morning, the first song to play is the one I’ll blog about.

See, I know y’all are just dying to know what’s on Danica’s Magical Music Player and being the sweet, kind, narcissistic um, helpful person I am, I’ll post a video of the song and share my thoughts on it. I’ll mention now that I won’t be able to play some songs. Er, some are definitely not safe for work, or young children, or the general public, so we’ll skip those.

In doing this, I hope to share my varied musical interests and maybe turn some of you on to new bands, or remind you of a song you used to love (or hate), or leave you with a little smile on your face.

So, next week, be on the look out for What’s Playing Wednesday! I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m going to enjoy writing it!


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How Things Change

I’ve mentioned before how much music means to me. I have to have it playing at all hours of the day and night. I’m not entirely alone in that either. I remember when my grandfather was alive, I’d sneak into his room to sleep with him. Why do grandfather’s always have the most comfortable beds?

Anyway, he’d let me cuddle next to him and we’d fall asleep listening to his big band music. I can still remember the yellow glow of his stereo as it played Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, The Andrew Sisters, and the other bands I never knew the names of.

On those nights when I slept in my own bedroom (with it’s god-awful flower wallpaper…thanks Mom for making me despise flowers on walls), I’d wake up to my sister’s music. She graduated in 1987, so that should tell you her getting-ready-for-school routine took a long time. I’m not lying. She’d wake up at 5 in the morning and this is an example of what I’d hear:

At 5 in the morning, this is quite the wake-up call. My entire bedroom seemed to throb with the bass. I can still picture my sister flipping her hair over to make it bigger. Yeah, I was traumatized.

It didn’t end there though. By the time I was older, I couldn’t blare my music while I got ready: I had a younger brother I actually didn’t want to wake up because that meant I’d have to share the bathroom. Blegh. So I didn’t play my music while getting ready.

Of course when my brother started high school, I was in college and oh, how I loved late classes! I’d sleep in as long as I could which wasn’t long because that little big beast would blare his music. Is anyone else seeing a trend here? His music though, changed as he went through his high school years. It started off something like this:

Cause everyone needs to wake up with a hangover as German is being screamed through the house. It’s…fun. LOL Actually, I didn’t mind this so much. I’d recline in bed and sing along. It’s only when his music tastes changed that I started to have a fit. See, he went from techno-metal to this:

Don’t get me wrong, this is an amazing song. I like Gordon Lightfoot, honest! I just don’t want to wake up listening to it. And yes, I posted this particular Lightfoot song because it’s been stuck in my head for two days for some reason.

Now that it’s just me and mom at home, I don’t hear much of anything while getting ready. Oh, I’m sorry, I lie. I hear my dog whining and crying because she thinks I spend too much time getting ready when I could be doing something much more constructive…like getting her a treat.

I kind of miss the loud music waking me up in the morning. I don’t know that I miss sharing my bathroom with anyone though, so I suppose it’s a good trade-off.

Did you have siblings who woke you up with their music?


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Sheltered and Other Foolishness

While driving in town the other day, I happened to get stuck behind a public transit bus. I suppose I should start this post at the beginning.

When I was growing up, my hometown wasn’t very big. Oh, sure, it took a long while to get from one end of town to the other, but that’s because the city is spread out. After the oil industry came back in full swing in the 90’s and Hurricane Katrina displaced so many residents in and around New Orleans, my hometown grew by leaps and bounds.

It’s to the point right now that real estate is at a premium. You can’t buy land unless you’re a business and the land that’s out there is mostly marsh. Houses and neighborhoods sprang up where sugarcane fields had stood for at least a hundred years. It’s insane.

So I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when a few years back, the parish government decided to give the area public transportation. It kind of blows my mind, really. I’ve been on one public bus (well twice cause I had to leave) in my life. I was in England with a Brit who knew where the hell we were going. I don’t know if I could recognize my upcoming stop if it hit me over the head.

That’s the sheltered part.

I frequently feel like I missed out on so many experiences because I wasn’t raised in a big city. However, I know I’ve had some unique experiences that people in the big cities have never had. Yeah, how many people can say they had to watch out for cougars as they waited for the bus? Or cracked an alligator across the snout with a cypress ball? *looks around* Yeah, I’m a country girl, but I want to experience the big city.

That’s why I’m so hyped about RWA Nationals being in New York City. Just thinking that gives me heart palpitations. Me? In NYC? ‘Scuse me while I try to calm my breathing. Terrebonne Parish has around 110k people in it. That’s the whole parish, mind you. New York has…people numbering in the millions! *pants* Oh, sure, you could say “Well, you had to have landed in London which is a monstrous city” but hello…I went from the airport to a bus. I didn’t get to see crap.

So excited and hopeful that I can actually make the conference. Me. In NYC. *blinks* I’m terrified and exhilirated all at the same time. What happens if I get lost? What if someone mistakes my Cajun accent for something else and think I’m a local? (I have heard that a true Cajun accent resembles a Brooklyn accent). What if I spend too much money buying crap I don’t need, like a dozen Statue of Liberty magnets? Argh! It’s mind-boggling. Of course, if I do go, I’ll have to put Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State of Mind on loop for the flight out there.

What scares you the most about traveling? Have you ever been somewhere completely unlike your hometown and felt distinctly out-of-place? Are you going to Nationals in NY, and if you are, will you let me superglue myself to your side so I don’t get lost?


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Monday? Really?

The weekends never seem to last long enough. I actually didn’t do much this weekend, which is a good thing, I suppose, but that doesn’t mean I was ready for the work week to return. It’s a relief to know Thanksgiving is right around the corner. 4-day weekend! Yay!

So here we are again. It’s Monday and I’m supposed to get back to my NaNo WIP. Okay, so I should be writing nonstop, but I haven’t. I’m not terribly worried about it either. I know the story is there waiting to unfold, I just have to apply my mad typing skillz to get the words down on paper.

No, I spent the weekend re-reading JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. I had to tear my bookshelves apart to find all the books, but once I did, I dove head first into the Ward’s world. I’ve read this series so many times, I know the order of the books by the color of the book covers. I can’t tell if that’s sad, or awesome. I’m going with awesome though, because who wants to be called sad?

I should’ve put this re-read off for a few more months until the next book in the series comes out, but I was desperate for something to read. When I’m between much awaited book release dates, I try to hold off buying. Truly, I need to win the lottery so I can indulge my book fetish, but unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees. Which sucks. Those money trees are false advertisement. Leaves come out, not the kind of green you can spend in the store. *sniff*

I really don’t have much to talk about this morning. My brain isn’t online yet and it probably won’t kick into gear until Thursday. That’s when I usually wake up with my game face on. Yeah, it takes me that long to get into the work groove. It doesn’t help that I woke up to the sky pouring buckets of rain. Who the hell wants to leave their bed with the rain pelting on the roof? Not me. Although I did have quite an interesting dream about my house springing leaks and me vowing to buy a new bed. Not sure what the two had to do with each other, but there you have it.

So in honor of the rain…I found a good song for us. No, sorry to disappoint, but it isn’t Milli Vanilli’s Blame It On The Rain. *snorts* This is much, much better!

I saw Shiny Toy Guns in concert at the House of Blues a few years ago and it was so worth it…even though the headlining band was…strange. Did I ever tell y’all about the cowbell player? Well, he played cowbell and sax…and in both cases he did this weird chicken dance with the instrument. He played his cowbell like he was on SNL and Christopher Walken was about to appear and demand more cowbell. I couldn’t take too much of it and bailed in the middle of their second song.

Um, am I rambling? I am. Sorry, y’all! It’s Monday morning! What else do you expect?


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Saturday Singalong

Late post, I know, but I had to post about my experience at the store this morning.

I left home kind of late, because I was finishing up Lover Eternal for the…eighth time? I don’t even know. Anyway, I dressed in a hurry this morning, grabbing whatever came to hand. It just so happened that I grabbed one of my Tool T-shirts.

I go to the store and I’m walking around when I see my nephew (the one I’m currently helping with his English paper) with his girlfriend. And he was wearing his Tool shirt. I shouldn’t have been surprised though. Tool is our favorite band. They were mine first, but through me, my nephew became a fan as well. Together we’ve seen them twice and we’re always ready for them to come back in town.

So today’s singalong is going to be an older Tool song. I love this band and I hope you enjoy the song. The video is pretty cool…in a really artsy, weird way. Happy Saturday!


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yay for Friday! I know I say it a lot, but this week seemed to last forever.

Good things happened this week though, so I can’t really complain about it. I was able to help my CP with her latest WIP and loved every minute of it. That’s one of the best thing about being a critique partner, I think. Being able to toss around ideas with  someone else. It’s a two-way street. When I have problems, I whine in my CPs’ ears and listen to their advice. It’s wonderful.

The other good news is that I had a request for a full of my Tie Him Up manuscript. *squees* I haven’t said anything because I’m being cautiously optimistic and trying very hard not to pin all my hopes on the submission. This is such a crazy business, but it feels damned good to know someone wanted to read it. I still haven’t heard back from the other ten million (okay, slight exaggeration) agents I queried, but there’s always a chance.

With last week’s Fantasy Man I posted for my critique partner, Daisy Harris’ author interview, someone said every week my Fantasy Men get a little more naked. I have to wonder…is this a bad thing? Oh, never fear, I won’t let them show all the goods. I like to be teased 😉 So this week I’m going to tease all of us…

*cough* Is that enough of a tease, or is it to blatant? Although, if I’m completely honest (and y’all know I like honesty), I really don’t mind if he’s too blatant. I’m figuring he cleans offices for a living. The a/c was broken when he got to my office, so he stripped down to cool off. Then he had to take a break, so… If only the people who clean my office looked like this! I could find more than one way for him to polish my desk *cough*

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!


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