Fantasy Man Friday

O glorious Friday!!

I could do a happy dance, but it would look more like a seizure, so I’ll spare myself and all of you. This has been an okay week. I got a lot written on my NaNo project, up to 44k now, so just a few more days to go until I reach my 50k! Of course, that won’t be the end of the story. I have so much to add and fix, I almost feel depressed, except I can’t be depressed because it’s FRIDAY!

So many thoughts whirling around in my head, but I can’t settle on one to talk about. I suppose that means I should get right into the purpose for today’s post. Yes, the Fantasy Man. *happy sigh*

Damn those shadows! I wish I had a spotlight. I have no idea what’s on his face, but who cares? He kind of makes me think of V from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I finished reading it last night and okay V is still my all-time favorite brother. The candle wax scene? Hello! *shivers* This guy looks like he’s ready for some dirty play…nom nom. *cough*

Happy Friday everyone!


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22 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. TGIF!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day. Congrats on closing in on 50k. That’s all kinds of awesome!


  3. KAK

    Great Goody Goodness, if that’s the Greenman 2010, I’m all over him, er, it, er… ~fans self~

  4. Screw the spotlight on his face, I want the camera lowered. Okay, now that I’ve had my dirty thought for the day. Thanks for a beautiful specimen.

  5. Congratulations on getting close to 50k. I’m 6K behind right now, but hope to make it up by the end of the weekend.
    Um, so now the close are disappearing? šŸ™‚

  6. I’ve no doubt you will reach your 50K, and possible finish your first draft, by Nov 30th. Dedicated people reach their goals!

    Love the pic! You must have a stash of these things – how can you search for pictures AND write? I’d be too distracted!

    • Ah, Stacy, sometimes searching for Fantasy Men is what keeps my brain clicking. How else would I get ideas about my gorgeous heroes and their perfectly ripped bods? šŸ˜‰

      And…if I can just get the hero and heroine in bed, I know I can burn up 5k…I like er, long love scenes šŸ˜‰

  7. NO WAY!!!

    Even blind folded! What a perfect specimen of manflesh!

    I’m just over half way for Nano so I need to scramble.

  8. abigail-madison chase

    Hawter than Cayenne Pepper

  9. Following that little trail down, down, down…very nice!

  10. Yowza! What a hottie. I like the mystery of the mask myself.

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