Saturday Singalong

Late post, I know, but I had to post about my experience at the store this morning.

I left home kind of late, because I was finishing up Lover Eternal for the…eighth time? I don’t even know. Anyway, I dressed in a hurry this morning, grabbing whatever came to hand. It just so happened that I grabbed one of my Tool T-shirts.

I go to the store and I’m walking around when I see my nephew (the one I’m currently helping with his English paper) with his girlfriend. And he was wearing his Tool shirt. I shouldn’t have been surprised though. Tool is our favorite band. They were mine first, but through me, my nephew became a fan as well. Together we’ve seen them twice and we’re always ready for them to come back in town.

So today’s singalong is going to be an older Tool song. I love this band and I hope you enjoy the song. The video is pretty cool…in a really artsy, weird way. Happy Saturday!


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2 responses to “Saturday Singalong

  1. Sometimes I wonder about you;)

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