Winner & Weekend Wrap-up

Well, it’s Monday. Again. Meh. Why don’t weekends last longer?

Enough complaining. It’s time for the great news! I’ve drawn the two winners of Daisy Harris’ Mere Temptation. After a very scientific means of pulling winners which involved a pair of scissors, a post-it, and paper flying everywhere, the winners are…Fedora and Kelly! If you’ll both e-mail me at I can have Daisy contact you to collect your winnings. Thanks to everyone who commented and a special thank you to Daisy Harris who is one of the best critique partners evah.

Now for the weekend wrap-up. On Friday morning, I had no plans for the weekend other than sleep and painting the bathroom. That all changed around noon. My nephew (fellow concert goer and the one person who has me completely wrapped around their finger) sent me a text message asking me if I wanted to see Nonpoint Friday night at a local club. Now, some of you may not have heard of this band, but I really like them. I was torn. Do I go to the concert in spite of my exhaustion, or do I stay home and get some much needed sleep? I waffled. A lot.

Then I had a phone call from my brother-in-law (nephew’s dad) asking if I wanted to go fishing this weekend. When had I become so popular? I can go weeks, even months, without people asking me if I want to go somewhere, or do something, yet my sister’s family wanted to make plans for me all in one weekend.

Like the sucker I am, I caved. I went to that concert and I’m so glad I did. Nonpoint was off the chain, Atom Smash (opening band) was good and the singer had beautiful hair. The two other opening bands were local groups. One was…meh and the other was really good. I walked away with a free demo cd from one of the local bands and my nephew and his girlfriend left with two tickets to another show later in the month.

Then came the fishing trip. OMG. Okay, Sayde Grace joked that she wanted to hear a good story. Well, I have one for her (and the rest of you if you’re interested). It was cold yesterday. Not as cold as it could have been, but it was cold enough that I didn’t warm up again until I’d had a huge bowl of my sister’s gumbo. Anyway, the trip started out with me nearly falling ass first into the bayou.

Here’s what happened: my brother-in-law was in the boat. I was on the dock. The water was really low and I’m not graceful at all. So I sat on the dock to get into the boat. I had my spot picked out. I was going to just sort of…land in the boat. Except when I put my feet in that spot, I kicked the boat away from me. Picture it…my feet are in the boat, my hands are desperately clinging to the dock. The boat went further out, my arms are shaking from holding me up, my fingers are scrambling for a good hold on the dock and my ass is sinking closer and closer to the water.

It was one of those moments when your brain just shuts off as your survival instincts kick in. I knew if I landed in that water, I was going to miss out on my fishing trip in humiliated disgrace, covered in…canal water *shudders* and I’d probably go home with a cold or pneumonia. I put all the strength I had in holding myself up and pulling the boat to me with my legs. I landed in the boat in a graceless heap.

Once everything calmed down, I looked at my brother-in-law and said, “That’s enough excitement for one day”. I could see the twinkle in his eyes. Then of course, he had to say, “I wish I’d have had a camera.” Meh. So now the family has yet another story about me and my fishing exploits. Sayde, I can hear you laughing and it’s okay because it was funny.

So that was my weekend. I have a sunburn/windburn, we didn’t get any fish, I couldn’t hear properly again until Saturday night, and my shoulders and arms are sore. I think this weekend I’m going to stay home and lick my wounds. And try to find a way to keep my family from reminding me of this every time we have a get together. *Snorts* That is so not going to happen.

I’ll leave you with just a taste of what I got to listen to Friday night. I think the song’s appropriate. Here’s to another work week!


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14 responses to “Winner & Weekend Wrap-up

  1. LMAO, ok so yes this was a good one! See the thing about Danica’s fishing stories is that they are REAL, you can’t make this stuff up! I know because she and I have the same fear of being pushed into the bushes, falling into the freezing water, and “shudder” SNAKES. My family LOVES the river and I well,,,DON’T! Believe me when I saw “I sat on the dock to get in the boat” I nearly choked. Getting into a boat is not easy! I loved this story Danica! Thank you for not disappointing me this morning 🙂

    • LOL, well…it seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course, the entire 4 hours we were fishing, my brain was trying to figure out where I went wrong. *sigh* If I had longer legs, this wouldn’t have happened. I could’ve just stepped into the sucker, but no, Mom had to make me short.

      Glad you enjoyed, Sayde! lol

  2. Oh my word….. That was a funny story. Danica–I love reading your blogs. Love how you are so transparent and funny. Love your adventure. I’m so NOT adventurous, so I live vicariously through you!!!

    Sounds like you had a rockin’ time at the concert though. I listened to the little clip you posted, they are wicked-cool. Little too “heavy” for me, but still, it’s pumping music. I bet you had a blast!!!

    Woot!! Happy Monday! Have a great day.

  3. Glad you didn’t get wet- that would have been a disaster- You are much more agile than you give yourself credit for being. I would’ve been in the drink for sure. Way to go!

    Glad you liked the concert.

  4. KAK

    The band is great, I’d never heard of them, so thanks for the intro.

    Your “ass sinking closer and closer to the water” is priceless storytelling that has me buffing nose-sprayed coffee off my monitor. Thanks for the nasal clean-out. 😉

  5. Am jealous of your weekend. I cooked. Again. ;-(
    But you is awesome, loves and kisses!!

  6. Thanks for the smile! I love your fishing story!!

  7. Fedora

    You’re such a good sport, Danica! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

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