Keep Your Clothes On…Or Don’t

Over the weekend, my mom mentioned one of her friends is publishing a children’s book. The conversation went something like:

Me: That’s cool, does she have an agent?
Mom: Um, I didn’t ask. I didn’t want to you know, talk about it.
Me: Hm, because you didn’t want to explain how you know about the industry and then have to explain your daughter writes porn?
Mom: Yeah…

So I should’ve been a little upset. Who doesn’t want their mom to be proud of them trying to achieve their dreams? But I wasn’t. I understand she doesn’t like the idea of me writing sex scenes. That’s okay. Jermaine Stewart agrees:

I love that song! However, I like writing sex scenes. Oh sure, when I first started out, I blushed as I wrote the words down, but after a while it became easier. Then the most amazing thing happened when I was writing my last manuscript: I wrote more erotically. I’m not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I never expected to put so much heat in my manuscript.

My problem, if you can call it a problem, is that I can’t do “sweet”. I’m not a sweet person. Okay, you don’t have to roll your eyes! I prefer to consider myself saucy, or sassy even. Sweet is wonderful, but I can’t do it even in my writings. I’ve tried. Oh yes, I’ve tried to write a heroine who’s a wonderful person with few faults. I’ve tried to make her virginal even…yeah, that didn’t happen. So, I suppose I have to disagree with Mom and Jermaine Stewart: in my stories you do have to take your clothes off to have a good time!

When I discussed this with my CP Daisy Harris , she said I write “paranormal romance with a strong erotic element.” Hm, I like that. Erotic sounds so much better than porn, or smut (although smut is such a great word!). Oh! Before I continue, this Friday I’ll be conducting an interview with Daisy and she’s giving away two – count them, two – ARCs of her debut novel, Mere Temptation. It’s hot, funny, and a great read. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win a copy!

So, what about you? When you’re writing, do your characters go um, jogging vigorously? Or do you prefer them to keep their exercise habits hidden from the reader? As a reader, do you want to feel the sweat dripping off their bodies as they…jog? Or do you want to leave it to your imagination?


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12 responses to “Keep Your Clothes On…Or Don’t

  1. I write the sex scenes in- i have the same issue with my mom- my short story “love in the Highlands” came out this week and I told her she couldn’t read it as it has s-e-x in it- and yes, I spelled it! LOL!

    I have written one virgin- but she was still sassy. She HAD to be a virgin as she was Catholic and it was 1920 and as Billy Joel says, “you Catholic girls start much too late”

    Enjoyed the post as usual, D.

    • Yeah, I’ve told Mom she might not want to read my books if I get published. Of course, I could probably just paperclip the sex scenes so she can skip them. Hm. That might work.

  2. Oh, I know whereof you speak! Can you imagine me going public with this stuff, when I am the one people come to if they think a book shouldn’t be in the school libraries??? My pen name is a necessity.

    For NaNo, I’m doing my first first-person story. Did the initial draft of the “losing heroine’s virginity” scene last night, and was that awkward?!?!?! DH wandered through and was like “What’s wrong with you?” I was sitting there embarrassing myself!!!

  3. Oh yeah. This song is great. I’m not one to write a lot of sex in my books. My characters know how to have a little fun, though . . . *wink*

    I think I’ve read Mere Temptation (through the crit group at FF&P) and yes, it’s super hot. 🙂 Looking forward to the interview!

  4. KAK

    I like to write the leave-vanilla-behind smexy. My sister checks my scenes for “I don’t think that’s physically possible.” However, I’m loathe to have my mom read those scenes, ’cause she’ll want to talk about the details of the smexy and read into the smexy and my psyche.

    It’s like being 16 again and having “The [Belated] Talk.” ~eeeeeeek~

  5. I’ve started turning up the heat a little in my writing. I’ve mostly written YA so more heat than sex. This new Adult Fantasy has been a joy to write. I’m totally in lust with my hero. LOL
    I wish I could write sweet. I’m like you. Can’t do it, and can’t read it. 😦

  6. To have a good time, mmmmhum, we can…..! Ilove this song. I don’t write sex in my books. I don’t really have relations in my books. There is some underlying attraction but the guy is generally a secondary character.

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