Happy Halloween!

Well, it’s finally here. Okay, I’m not really a big Halloween fan. If I had children, I’d probably love it more, but it isn’t my favorite holiday. However, Halloween has given us so many great movies and music, I had to post something today.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful October and if you’re trick-or-treating tonight, that you’ll be safe. Today is also the last day to comment for a chance to win a free book from Shelley Munro. The winner will be announced tomorrow.

For now, please enjoy this clip from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas set to Marilyn Manson’s version of This is Halloween.


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3 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Tim Burton has such a deliciously wicked mind. I love him. And yes, Halloween might be more fun if you had kids, or it might not. To me it’s just another day with another “Mommy chore” attached to it. Dressing these kids in costumes is hard work. So enjoy passing on that job! Thanks for keeping me so entertained this October!

  2. Love this movie, too- My mommy Halloween days are over and I miss it.

  3. Happy Halloween, Danica!!!

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