Saturday Sing Along

I’m actually not writing today. No, I’m doing the pedicure thing with my sister and finally going to clean my house. It seems like forever since it had a good scrub down what with the renovations that took place in my brand spanking new bathroom! Booyah! My bathroom is lovely. New tub, new toilet, new floors…now I just need to paint the walls, but I’m saving that for later.

Anyway, today is my baby’s birthday. I suppose I shouldn’t call him my baby anymore because today he’s 19. He’s also not my baby, per se…he’s actually my sister’s baby, but he may as well be mine. He has my wit. Lucky child.

So in honor of his birthday, I’m posting this song:

This was his favorite song when he was about four or five. I remember driving in my mom’s Buick with him in the backseat. This song came on the radio and he said, “Nanny, turn it up.” I did and when I glanced back, he was bobbing his head looking out the window and singing along.

My precious baby *sigh* Happy Birthday! He won’t actually see this, mind you. He won’t go so far as to read anything I write unless it has to do with sports and blood or monsters and blood. Meh.


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4 responses to “Saturday Sing Along

  1. Great song choice. They grow up sooo fast.

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