The Chill of a True Story

This week, I’ll be discussing movies that truly scare me.

I suspect a lot of it has to do with my Catholic upbringing. Growing up, it was nothing to hear about ghosts and the like, but the stories that scared me the most, were the ones of demonic possession. You got it, I’m terrified of movies involving possession. I still watch them though, for some reason.

Today’s movie is The Exorcism of Emily Rose. My godson, who is a horror movie buff, told me to watch it.

When this movie came out, I wasn’t interested in watching it. Most of the time, I find modern horror movies to be less than worth my time. Oh, sure, the special effects have improved drastically over the years, but I want a good story.

Eh. For me, this story was just too good, I suppose. Apparently, it’s loosely based on the true story of a girl whose parish priest performed a series of exorcisms after which she died of malnourishment and dehydration. 

Jennifer Carpenter portrayed Emily Rose and let me just tell you…the things she did in this movie scared the ever lovin’ crap out of me. Seriously. Every time she was in the grips of the possession, my body froze, my eyes watered, and my nose dripped. Why? Because she did a damn good job of acting. And I suppose, also because I took those stories I heard throughout my childhood as truth.

I suppose it might even boil down to an even more base problem: I like to be in control. To me, being in control of myself, of my safety, is paramount to breathing. The idea that something could take over my body and/or mind and make me do things against my will scares the hell out of me. So watching movies in which the hero/heroine has absolutely no control over their lives just drives me batty.

It didn’t hurt that Jennifer Carpenter, as I said, did a hullva job of convincing me she was possessed. Even now, in the bright morning light, when I remember some of the scenes of her possession, I break out in the frissons (pronounced free-son). It’s easily one of the scariest movies and okay, I only watched it once. I won’t watch it again. *shudder*

Have you seen this movie? What did you think? I read that it didn’t receive very good reviews because it wasn’t gory enough. Do scary movies have to be gory to be scary, or is it the psychological fear that you go for? Me? If I’m going to watch a scary movie, I want it to have some substance to it.


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10 responses to “The Chill of a True Story

  1. I saw it- agreed about how well it was acted. AND I am also one of those folks that like to be in control so that creeeped me out, too.

  2. Honey, I’m older than you, so I remember when The Exorcist came out in the 70’s. I was a devout little Hard-shell Baptist, and all of us were told that if we went to see it we would be opening ourselves up to demonic possession. The church leaders had us terrified.

    I still haven’t watched The Exorcist. Have tried a couple of times, but can’t do it. My DH says it is great, since I like Stephen King and HP Lovecraft it is right up my alley. But I just get too weirded out when I’ve tried to watch it.

    Like they say, give the Baptists a kid til she’s seven and she’ll always have that mindset. I still believe in all the demons and angels I grew up with.

  3. OMG, this movie scared me to death, too. Jeez. Great acting, indeed!!

    Happy Monday.

  4. I like scary movies, don’t necessarily care for gore. What does gore have to do with fear anyway? I think the gore factor is what started turning me off to watching horror flicks. I mean, was The Blob gory? No, but it scared me fine enough.

    I’ve never seen this movie. Never heard of it either. But if it got bad reviews, then it probably didn’t stay in the theatre long enough for me to notice!

    • I don’t know when gore became a requirement for fear, but I agree with you. It might be gross, but not necessarily scary. I recommend this movie if you want to be scared though LOL

  5. It might not have been all guts and blood but it was ALL anticipatory SCARY!!

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