The WIP Has A Name

Well, the WIP finally has a name. It was a landslide: Tie Him Up, Take Him Home is the new name of my current manuscript. I feel relieved and thankful that those who voted helped me decide.

Tie Him Up is unofficially finished. I actually wrote The End on Saturday night at 75k words, but because I’m anal about these things, I’m going to try to add another 5-10k to get it in the 80k range. Mostly, I’m looking to add a scene here and there to help delve a little further into the world I’ve created. I’m sure when I send it out to my CPs, they’ll want me to go even further, so I’m not stressing over it…much.

I find it…peculiar that this story, which began as a mind cleaning exercise, took off like it did. I can only guess that it was something that had to be written and I’m not complaining, although my Amazon is. She’s feeling very irate with me for leaving her to suffer the last three weeks. I hope she gets over it!

So here’s where I am in writing:

Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose is with an agent
Succubus-in-Waiting is out to seven editors in full and one editor in partial
Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous is languishing in mid-edits until I hear about the other two stories
That Ain’t No Bull is not-so-patiently waiting for me to finish writing it
Tie Him Up, Take Him Home is waiting for the last few thousand words and then ready to be edited.

Thankfully, at this moment, I’m not feeling the unbearable urge to start a brand new project. I hope this means I can finish the two projects I have on my plate at the moment because both of them are equally important and -I think, at least- very good. We’ll see though!

So thank y’all for your help in naming the WIP!

Where are you in your writing?


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8 responses to “The WIP Has A Name

  1. Woot. Love the title. And congrats on the progress you’ve made on it

  2. I’m participating in the fast draft right now, and you’ve been an inspiration. The word counts on this story were crazy! I have a UF finished and hunting for an agent. A short erotic rom with an editor for review. A novella at the halfway point. And a third of the way through book 2 on the UF. I have many little projects right now, but it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that thinks its okay to take a story on if it grips me and won’t let me go.

  3. KAK

    YAY! “Tie Him Up, Take Him Home!” The Glamazon tales rawk.

    We both know adding 5k is easy when your CPs come back with “but *why* does she feel that way?” or “but shouldn’t he, ya know, react to getting rope burn / butt-hairs singed / bed-head?”

    Congrats on finishing the 1st draft and having a title.

    • Lol, thank you, KAK for your title suggestion and the congrats.

      You’re absolutely right, I should be able to add more after my CPs get their hands on the story. I’m sure there’s a lot that makes sense to me but is about as clear as mud to others.

  4. Love that title!! I think the title is almost as hard as writing the dang book. I’m knee deep in edits, so soon I hope to be finished!!

    • Normally the title is easy for me and is something I need BEFORE I start writing. It didn’t work out that way in this case. Perhaps that’s a good sign? *crosses her fingers* And I know you have to be in deep edit mode with your releases coming out! Yay, Tonya!

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