The Cookie Monster

No, sorry, I’m not jumping on the Sesame Street bandwagon and talking about Katy Perry today. Instead, I plan to discuss my very own Cookie monster.

A little over a year ago, we rescued a little calico. She was half-starved and it wasn’t until we handled her that we realized she had a massive wound on her stomach. She was ripped open from mid-abdomen to her leg. The wound was disgusting and horribly infected. Several people told me we should have put her down, she wouldn’t make it and it would be too expensive to heal her.

I coerced my mother to help me get the kitten, who was then named Bella, fixed up as much as possible. When I realized that in spite of her grievous wound, she purred and begged to be loved, I knew she was a tough kitty. I named her Cookie after my mom and also because she was a tough cookie. It stuck.

It was a year ago that Cookie had her last stitches taken out and now she’s fat and happy. She’s also a destroyer of furniture. I’ve been looking into getting a new bed, while also thinking about a new sofa set, except I didn’t want Cookie destroying the new pieces. My mother was adamant that something had to be done with her. We either declawed her, or we put her outside.

Since I’ve babied this cat since she first walked into our lives, I couldn’t see her put outside, but neither could I have her declawed. I’ve read articles and seen news footage about declawing and I couldn’t put her through that. She’s too sweet to be put through more pain just to protect our furniture.

So last week, I looked into alternatives to declawing and stumbled across this product called Soft Claws. I spoke about it with Mom. She didn’t know what the declawing process entailed, so after I explained how the cat’s claws were cut to the first knuckle, she shook her head. There was no way she was putting her little Cookie through that! Soft Claws, for those who haven’t heard of it, are vinyl tips that are glued over the cat’s claws. It helps protect against problem scratching in all areas from furniture to people. So the Soft Claws were a viable option for us. If it worked, we were home free.

I ordered a set (pastel pink because she’s such a girl) and it came in on Friday. After some extra loving and coaxing, we managed to get Cookie’s claws clipped and the tips in place. Oh, Gawd…Cookie walked around like she was being tortured. She’d stop, shake her paws one at a time and then walk some more. Finally, after about half an hour, she was like “whatever, where’s my food?”

Yesterday, nearly my entire family showed up and I had to show off Cookie’s cute little toes to them. They adored them (well, the women did, the guys were like I can’t believe you colored your cat’s toes *eye roll* Men.). Cookie both hated and loved all the attention. Of course, she should get used to it because I’ve had my camera at the ready since Friday night to get a good picture of her. Which I finally have!

If you look closely, you can see her pink little nails. I think I have to get Christmas colors when November rolls around. Isn’t she adorable? My little Cookie monster 🙂

Have you ever heard of Soft Claws before? Have you used them? Will you think about using them now if you’ve just learned about them?

P.S. The Title that WIP poll will close at the end of day today, so get your votes in!


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6 responses to “The Cookie Monster

  1. I JUST heard about these l ast week. Isn’t that always the way it is? you learn something new and then it’s all over the place. Glad you found a gentle solution.

  2. Aww, she’s so cute w/ her pink claws. And just at the pose she struck. I think she loves the attention.

  3. I’ve never heard of soft claws. What a great concept. Thanks for sharing this story. It’s awesome!

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