When Commercials Are Good

I don’t watch much television anymore, but when I do, sometimes I watch it just for the commercials. There are some very funny commercials out there, you know the ones I’m talking about. The NFL Sunday Ticket commercials are great (OMG, loove them, especially the Saints one):

I think all Saints fans love this commercial because yeah, a dirty bird can’t fly with a broken wing. (Sorry Falcons fans!) I could watch this commercial over and over again and still giggle.

Then there’s the one commercial I watched…well, years ago and I loved it so much I actually remember the whole thing. It was by Levis and I managed to find it on YouTube:

The best part of the commercial? The surgical nurse on top of the gurney singing. I crack up every time.

I’m not the only one who has this fascination for them, I’m sure. My sister will tell me, “Did you see the new etrade commercial?” or “You have to see the new Manning commercial!” because you know, she’s a Manning maniac. And the thing is, I do enjoy them. When we used to sit on the bleachers during soccer season, freezing our butts off, we’d discuss our favorites and tell each other which ones we needed to watch for. Sad, huh?

Of course, if these commercials weren’t popular, then they wouldn’t keep making them, would they? So do you have a favorite commercial? I’d post more, but I’d be here all day and the post would run on endlessly. I will leave you with one final commercial though:

Oh! And be sure to stop by tomorrow for a very special Fantasy Man Friday and Author Interview!


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8 responses to “When Commercials Are Good

  1. Oh yeah, you found the tainted love commercial!!! Sweet! I’d never seen that. Awesome.

    These were funny commercials. I don’t really have a favorite. I, like, you don’t watch much TV, and when I do, I can’t stand the commercials.

    Thanks for these, they were funny.

  2. KAK

    Totally dating myself here, but one of the classics was the Mr. Coffee commercial for the “automatic coffee pot.”

    Scene opens with a couple in bed.

    Wife rolls over. Shakes husband’s shoulder. “It’s time to make the coffee.”

    Husband doesn’t move. “I am making the coffee.”

    Wife, indignant. “No you’re not. You’re sleeping.”

    Husband snuggles under the covers. “I’m making coffee.”

    Pan out to the kitchen with the swanky new coffee machine kicking on to start the coffee brewing.

    So totally simple, yet but the whole shtick became a punchline in our family.

    • LOL, the Dooby-Dooby-Doo was the catch phrase for me and my nephews for the longest time. I’d even call the youngest and pretend to be the penguin. LOL I’m a goober, but I’m not the only one!

  3. Live the voodoo one- never seen it.

  4. Danielle Gavan

    You guys probably haven’t seen these because they’re Canadian but I love them to bits.

    Saw this one last night and about peed myself laughing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPM1CqQUrGc

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