Go Cryin’ to Your Mama

In yesterday’s post, I was so wrapped up in talking about my fishing experience, I completely forgot to mention my brother’s fishing expedition. You see, he went fishing on Sunday as well, though he went alone. I told him to ask our brother-in-law if he could come, but Phillip looked at me and said, “All three of us in that boat? I think not!” After seeing the boat, I had to agree with him.

Anyway, he headed out alone with his ice chests, his MP3 player, his umbrella, and no telling how much bait. He wasn’t sure where he was going to fish, just that he had some ideas of where he wanted to go. On the way back to my sister’s house after we finished fishing, my brother-in-law and I saw Phillip in a popular fishing spot. We stopped to chat with him and found out he hadn’t caught anything. It seems the catfish were plaguing everyone Sunday (we caught a fair share as well, but they were hard-heads so we threw them back).

We wished Phillip good luck and headed to the house to clean our catch and end the day. When I finally got home about two hours later, I saw that he was home.

Mom: Phillip stabbed himself with his hook.
Me: Wow, that must’ve happened right after we saw him ’cause he was fine then.
Mom: Oh no, he did that at home picking up his gear. He came running inside yelling for me to fix his finger. I told him he had a wife who could do that, but he demanded I fix it.
Me: It must’ve been bad! Is he going to the hospital?
Mom: It’s a little hole in his finger. It’s swollen, but it’ll be fine.

Now I’m not knocking my brother’s panic, but I find it funny that he still wants his mama to fix his bo-bos. It’s cute. Here he is, a married man, but instead of having his wife tend him, he runs to mom. I doubt he was crying, but c’mon, what kind of sister would I be if I didn’t torment him about it?

He came over to the house about three times that night, each time with his pinky extended for mom to look at.

Brother: Does it look worse?
Mom: No, it looks better.
Brother: But look! It’s all swollen!
Mom: Soak it in some hot salty water and put some betadine on it.
Brother’s wife: I told him it looked better. He won’t believe me.

Sigh. I suppose that’s something most wives have to put up with: their husband’s absolute disbelief that they’ll take as good care of them as their moms did. My poor sister-in-law! I did warn her though, trust me, I did. I told her he was afraid of mice, and was a complete baby when he’s sick (which he so is!).

For those of you who are married, is your husband the kind who believes his mom is the only one who truly understands him and how to take care of him? Is this a good enough reason for me to avoid marriage?

P.S. In case you didn’t know, I have the manuscript title poll up! Just go to https://danicaavet.wordpress.com/about/ and cast your vote! I’ll close the poll next Monday.


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9 responses to “Go Cryin’ to Your Mama

  1. Oh my. This post made me smile. My sweet hubby is nothing like that. But, it kinda helps that we’ve not lived in the same state as either of our parents for about ten of our fourteen years of marriage! So, he had no choice but to turn to me for fixing up.

    But then again, I’m usually the one getting injured. . . . LOL.

    PS. I voted. I’d love to know how you embedded the poll into a post! I could only figure out how to get it in my sidebar. LOL! But then again, I am so NOT techy.

    • LOL, that’s so funny, Lynn cause I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the poll in the sidebar!! ROFL…There’s a button with the video, picture, etc. group at the top of the font field. It’s a little round button that lets you put a poll in. I copy paste the short poll id into the post where I want it. Hm, maybe that’s how you put it in the sidebar? Meh

      • LOL. That’s so funny. For the sidebar, you go to the polls, copy the “short link” and then go to widgets and choose TEXT and paste the code in there. It’ll pop up on your side bar. 🙂

        OHHHHHH….I think I understand how to put it in the post now. I’ll try that next time. Sweet!!

      • Duh, it makes so much sense now! LOL

        This is good, we helped each other out, lol

  2. My husband ran away from his mother as soon as he could. She was a piece of work, that was for sure. So, no, he didn’t believe his mother was the only one who understood him.

    But he is a baby when he’s hurt, or sick, or just wants attention. What man isn’t?

    I wouldn’t tell you to avoid marriage. When you find the right guy, it’s great. I’ve been with the right guy for almost 31 years!

  3. That’s funny….I secretly hope my boys do the same thing:)

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