Titles, Titles, Everywhere

I’m going out of my mind. The WIP I’m working on is 30k words in, but I have no working title. It’s driving me insane. I’m a writer who needs a catchy title to give me the proper feel for a book. My critique partners probably think I’m insane, but titles are important, I feel. The catchier they are, the more attention they grab.

Some of my past titles are Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose (not my best effort), Succubus-in-Waiting, Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous, and That Ain’t No Bull. You get the idea? I like fun and to try to give a little hint of what’s inside the story just by the title.

That’s why this latest WIP is making me insane. I don’t have a title and I feel like every title I come up with is too…blah. So how do I resolve this issue? I’ve tossed ideas back and forth with my BFF, but neither of us are having any luck. So I’m going to let y’all name my WIP. Yay! A naming! A naming! (not quite like a spanking, but you get the idea)

In order for you to come up with a great name, you have to know what the book is about, right? Er, yeah. So I’m going to give you my very, very raw blurb about this book:

Known for her killer fashion sense and skill with any weapon, giantess Roxana Love is an enforcer for Olympus Inc., the corporate face of the Greek pantheon. To keep her brother safe, her latest job is to protect and escort Heracles’ newly discovered son to Zeus’ temple before Hera’s minions can kill him. No problem, except the godling is h.o.t.! It’ll take all of Roxana’s considerable skills to keep him alive, but who’ll keep her from falling in love with the sexy man?

Mason Landry expected the tall, uptown woman who walked into his bar to be a great one-night stand and she was. He didn’t expect her to be a bodyguard tasked with escorting him to an immortal family he never knew existed. With otherworldly creatures doing their best to kill him, Mason discovers that the woman beneath the warrior’s veneer is perfect for him. Now he just has to figure out how to get her to ignore his family ties and realize he’s perfect for her.

So that’s the basic idea. For further reference, Roxana is a kick ass giantess with a  sarcastic sense of humor. Mason had no idea he was anything but human and has his own sense of snark.

I’d like you to think of some fun titles and post them in the comments. Pass the word around to your creative friends. After I get a few, I’ll post them in a poll for everyone to vote on. Please vote!

Now to get back to Roxana and Mason’s story. These two are a joy to write, if not to title.


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15 responses to “Titles, Titles, Everywhere

  1. OMG. I suck at titles. I had this type of thing on my blog yesterday…asking my blog readers to help choose a title for a third book in my series. LOL. If I can think of some for you, I’ll be back. . . . Almost all my novels start out without titles. Some sit, fully written, without titles. LOL.

    • You were my inspiration for this post, Lynn. I’m usually pretty good with coming up with working titles, but this WIP is defeating me in that aspect. In other aspects, it just rolls right out of my brain, to my fingers, to the keyboard. Maybe that’s a sign? *crosses her fingers*

  2. Ok, I have to think on this. I’m not all that great with titles. Right now my books are named Saige(heroines name) and Blood Work(thats what the bad guys are after, her DNA) So I don’t know if I can help you but I will think on it for awhile!

  3. sounds grand- been mulling titles. Nothing yet

  4. How ’bout “H.O.T. Godling! And I tweeted you another lame one. too!

    • Meh, I’m late in replying back! I actually like Love’s Achilles Heel…except Achilles makes an appearance in this story *sniff* Might have to use that one at a later date *cackle*

  5. Wow, I’m really lame. I can’t think of anything. Jeez. I’ve been thinking about this today, too.

  6. Right away I came up with GIANT LOVE. But then, I’m not very good at titles, either.

    My first book didn’t get a title until I was nearly done with it. The second book was easier for some strange reason, but #3 – nothing. Of course, I just started the darn thing. I figure the title will eventually show itself as I write it, like it did for my first book.

    • That’s what this one is turning into. Normally the title is the first thing I think of, weird huh? I find that by having a title, I set the tone for the story. This will be a different approach for sure!

      Giant Love…Big Love? (Even though there’s that HBO series called that…)

  7. I had a hard time coming up with the title of my book The LadyBug Jinx. I wrote it with out a title, but it wasn’t even going to see the light of day. check out the blog today to see why~ but anyways, I spent hours on the internet putting words together.

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