Those Darn Apron Strings

When I went to Nationals, some of the ladies who read my blog expressed curiosity about my brother. Why, when I’d blogged about him and his wedding almost non-stop, had I stopped talking about him? I could be a totally horrible older sister and say it’s because now he’s out of my hair, I have nothing left to complain about. The truth is, though I see him almost daily, I don’t see him enough to have long conversations with him. I suppose that’s the way it should be since he’s now married and I’m okay with that. However, Mom is not.

For instance, this past weekend, he was invited hunting with his father-in-law. I’m not sure how it is in lots of other places, but down here, that’s a big invitation. It implies like, trust, and wanting to know someone. Of course my brother was ecstatic. Hunting? Say no more. Forget the fact that he’s only ever gone deer hunting and hasn’t ever hunted from a pirogue. Oh no, he was going.

He mentioned as much to my mother who instantly had fits.

Mom: Well, I hope y’all are careful and don’t aim at each other!
Brother: We’re going to be in our own pirogues. I’m going to one spot and he’s going to another.
Mom: Oh no. Does he know you’re not good with boats?
Brother: Mom, really. I’ve been white-water rafting.
Mom: Yes, but you didn’t have a gun! And there are snakes! Please, if a snake falls into the pirogue, don’t shoot it.
Me: You do realize he’s 27 years old.
Brother: Yeah! I’m a grown man!
Mom: You’re still my baby.

After a while, my brother left to attend his husbandly honey dos, leaving me with my mother. She sat quietly for a while before she looked at me and started repeating exactly what she’d told my brother just moments before. I understand her fears. I truly do, but I trust my brother not to be stupid. He has been in a pirogue before (I have too, and I didn’t like it one bit), so it wasn’t like it was completely foreign.

When I spoke with my brother, he had a wonderful time. He caught one fish, his father-in-law caught four, and they didn’t see a single bird. He’s even going back next Friday. I’m glad because though the guys in our family are close, everyone has their own lives and they don’t tend mesh for them to spend quality time together.

I won’t deny that part of me is a little jealous. I mean, I love to fish and haven’t been in a long time. *sniff* I don’t get invited fishing. Oh no, if I want to go fishing, I have to tell them (my family, not my sister-in-law’s family) I’m going and see if anyone will come with me. *mutters* But let my brother say he wants to go and the guys fall over themselves to go with him. *mumble* Okay, I’m pouting, but I’ll get over it.

So, that’s the latest on my brother. He’s being carefully groomed to join the Serigny clan. Next thing I know, he’ll be raising and training Labs *mumbles* 😉


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6 responses to “Those Darn Apron Strings

  1. Gotta love family.

    Mine’s a bit freakish, because we plan 100-mile bike rides, running a half marathon or mapping out trips climbing mountains (yeah, that’s my dad. I’m no NOT a mountain climber)….things like that. I’d like me some time on a boat, floating around, fishing. That’d be all kinds of awesome! Woot!!

  2. At least your mother gives you a lot of material! I always wonder about Nora Roberts’ mother – all her fictional mothers are so awful…

  3. Labs? As in the dogs? Why you mumble? We love schnauzers!!!
    I think it’s fun to read about your brother since I don’t have one. I find a relationship b/w brothers and sisters interesting.

    • I mumble because he only likes dogs when they’re puppies. As soon as the puppiness is gone, he’s no longer interested. Oh and he has the worst habit of picking the one puppy who’ll get carsick. It is not fun, lol

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