Fantasy Man Friday

Yup,  you know what day it is. After all this time I shouldn’t have to remind you. Let the partying begin! Well, maybe not partying, but at least be happy that another work week has ended and we’re headed for a much needed rest.

Plans for the weekend. To be honest, I don’t have any solid plans. At the most, I’ll get a pedicure (because these dogs are s-a-d) and do some writing. I may meet up with my sister after her hair appointment for lunch, but that’s about it. Oh, and football.

Last night was the official start of the regular football season and the Saints won! Wooo! It wasn’t the prettiest game although there were some amazing plays. I figure the boys just need to get back in the swing of things. At least I hope so.

So today’s Fantasy Man may look familiar to you, but not because he plays football. Ha! You thought it was going to be Drew Brees, didn’t you? Alas, no. Drew is too pure and sweet for Fantasy Man Friday. I love him. I think he’s adorable and I want to pinch his cheek (facial cheeks, ladies!), but he far too darling to be the object of my lust. Sorry if you got your hopes up. No, this man…well, let me just show you:

This gorgeous man made an appearance last week on Fantasy Man Friday and I liked him so much, I had to have him back. Of course, I wish he were wearing as few clothes as he was last week, but there’s just something about that sweat dampened half-shirt…those tight football pants that makes me swoon.

See, this is why women should watch football. There are plenty of manly specimens to ogle. And they bend over a lot. And get sweaty and dirty. *shivers* Um, but that isn’t why I watch football. Ahem. I swear.

I wonder if my sweaty Fantasy Man needs a shower? Y’all go on and have a good weekend, I’m going to look for some soap and a very small wash cloth.


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9 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. One word: Nice!

    Four Words: Nice abs & arms!!


  2. Yeah!!! Happy Friday. We had the football game on yesterday, but I was busy writing, so when I looked up, it was over. LOL!

    Holy ABS on this guy, huh?

  3. KAK

    Such a young face on such a useful, er, admirable body.

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