The Instigator

Have I mentioned my family is crazy? I’m sure I have, but why should I say it again? Well because this weekend I became embroiled in a family drama that rivaled the Cold War. Yes, the Cold War!

It all started innocently enough. I think. My nephew’s 21st birthday was yesterday and we were planning to take him out to a very nice dinner. His girlfriend set it up, but either she didn’t tell my sister (birthday boy’s mom) that it was a surprise, or my sister forgot. When word came down that we were having dinner, the rest of us were like, “Cool, that’ll be nice.” And it was…until the information leaked to the nephew.

Patrick went home and tore into his mom because apparently his girlfriend was mad at her for not telling us all it was a secret. She then tore into my mom, who my sister was convinced told Patrick, wherein I became the mediator of the arguing. It was ugly, with lots of hurt feelings, sobbing, mucus, railing at the sky, and threats to never attend family functions again. I’m pretty sure I now have more grey hair than I did Sunday morning. I spoke to the girlfriend to get to the crux of the matter. She had no clue what was going on.

I had to then go back and smooth ruffled feathers, get Mom and my sister back on speaking terms and all that mess. What most likely happened (and we’ll probably never know because my nephew does not admit guilt), is that Patrick went home and jokingly told his mother that his girlfriend was mad at her. Except it backfired on him. Big time.

You think he’s horrible, huh? Don’t. Truly, he isn’t a bad kid. He’s an instigator. The entire family is full of them. I…innocent, sweet, little ole me, even have the urge to start trouble in my family. How? Well, I have a red car. My dad and sister are hardcore LSU fans. I’ve had the urge (on MANY occasions) to plaster a Crimson Tide banner across my car and park it in front of their houses. Or, there was the time when I wore a rival high school team T-shirt to one of my nephew’s soccer games. It’s just to get their blood pumping. I don’t do it to start a fight…per se.

That’s what I think happened with my nephew this weekend. Either that, or he was protecting my brother (who is his hero). They played golf that morning, so it’s quite possible that Patrick learned from his favorite uncle in the whole wide world, that we were dining out for his birthday. Then when he realized trouble was brewing, he cast the blame on me and Mom. I like to think he was just trying to stir up things rather than protecting my brother, because otherwise that would mean he threw me and Mom to the wolves (aka my sister).

However, the dinner went ahead as planned. Everyone was happy and joking like the two-hour stand-off never happened. But that’s how things work in my family. We get mad at each other, snarl, snap, sometimes draw blood, but we always get back to normal eventually. Sometimes it takes a couple of hours, other times it might take a few months (I’ll tell you that story another time), but we’re family and we’re all we have and we know it.


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9 responses to “The Instigator

  1. Sounds intense. Glad there was no blood!

  2. Doug Oldfield

    If a few stomach cramps and headaches didn’t show up at family gatherings it would be an odd event indeed.

  3. KAK

    It’s always the boys’ fault…or the younger sibling’s.

    Either way, it doesn’t look good for your brother.

  4. Ha – great story! I like the way you told it. Nicely done.

  5. Girl our families sound so much alike! We say ‘I’m not quitting and you can’t fire me’

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