Fantasy Man Friday

So glad today’s Friday. And not just any Friday, mind you, but the Friday before a 3-day weekend. WOOOO!!

I have NO idea what I’m doing this weekend…unless you’re one of my CP’s in which case, I’m so reading your manuscript! Honest! Other than that though…eh. I may head out to the coffee shop in the morning to get some writing in. I’ve had to step away from my Amazon story for a little while because she was starting to make me crazy. (Don’t say it…)

The only thing I know for sure is that Monday afternoon/evening, I’ll be celebrating my nephew’s 21st birthday with him at Copeland’s. Mm, Copeland’s. Oh, I mean, you know, it’s to be with my nephew…not because I have the envie for seafood or anything. *cough*

And so because it’s Labor Day weekend, I thought I’d find a picture of a really hot working man and I did…but then I found his friend and er…well he’s sort of working too?

I mean…he’s got muscles bulging all over the place and er, just a little sweat. *drools* And he looks like he could use some rest. In my bed. For several days. Hubba, hubba. I don’t even care if he brings the sand with him. *growl*

Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend to those of you who celebrate it. Everyone else…well, have a safe weekend anyway.


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13 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. He’s a whole lot of pretty. Yum!

  2. DANG WOMAN- How am I gonna get any work done now???????? You are wicked!

  3. Hotty Petotie, for reals! Hope you have a great long weekend!! Daisy

  4. Happy Labor Day weekend. I hope you have a great one. Woo-hoo. Gotta love three day weekends!

  5. Ohmi… he is yummy and makes me wanna do the laundry the old fashion way. And, um, I, well, um… not that I was staring for long periods of time or anything, but I have to ask… is that sand in his belly button?

  6. As I’m sitting in the Internet Cafe (of the hotel I’m staying at) HOPING I don’t have a fever during my first Dragon*Con (yes, I got sick – don’t that always happen?), I look at that picture and think “I wouldn’t mind him taking care of me!”

    Hmmm, maybe I do have a fever. A different kind, maybe??

    Loved the pic! Even the tease of his rear.

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