Fantasy Man Friday

Bet y’all thought I forgot all about Fantasy Man Friday. I didn’t. I just passed out for about 15 hour straight.

It was a rough week between mom’s unplanned hospital visit, to work-related stuff, then the surgery that never was. We left home yesterday for the surgery at about 3:30 a.m. waited 4 hours for her to be taken to pre-op, then the doctors decided not to do the surgery. Oy vey. They wanted to do an MRI instead, which meant we stayed at the hospital another 4 hours. Happy family. Definitely not.

Not going into the whole hospital saga today because I am too damned tired.

So feast your eyes on this lovely beast and have a great weekend.

Did I mention there was a lot of eye candy at the hospital? One radiologist had my sister and I both saying, “hellooooooo nurse!”. He didn’t look like this guy though. If he had, we might’ve had a catfight in the lobby to follow him to his “x-ray room”. *Snorts*


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8 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. He’s kinda got Vanilla Ice hair, no?
    Sorry about your hospital saga! Hope your mom feels better soon!

    • I didn’t make the Vanilla Ice connection until I looked again. Now I’ll never be able to look at this picture again without singing, “Stop, collaborate, and listen…” Meh

  2. KAK

    On the up side, the best possible outcome from scheduled surgery is to not need it. The fact that it leaves the patient and the caretaker with the side-effects of a mind-fuck, makes you happy that you have this loverly FMF to take over the fucking possibilities. (all puns intended)

    Hope those 15 hrs were of uninterrupted rest.

  3. worth the wait for this guy! Glad you got some rest!

  4. Okay, he’s yummy. He definitely has the vanilla ice hair do, but I always thought he was cute too. Nice piece for the day!!!

  5. Well….you know~my sister works in a hospital and TRUST me when she says “alot goes on behind closed doors…” Leave it to your imagination.

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