Fantasy Man Friday

Hello, y’all! Do you know what today is? All together now “It’s FRIIIIIIDAY!”. Woot-whoo!! It isn’t just Friday, but it’s Friday the 13th! To be honest, I’d forgotten all about it until I checked my Twitter stream.

So what to talk about today to warm you up for the Fantasy Man? Well, last night, my brother stopped over to chat while we watched the Saints play the Patriots and he was asking me about writing. I’ve encouraged him to write for years because he has some really great ideas. His problem is mostly grammatical, but I told him that’s easily fixed with lessons and the like.

Last night, he wanted to know how I got my ideas. That sort of stopped me in my tracks because ideas just come to me. I don’t sit around and try to find them. If I did that, I’d never get anything done. It’s hard to explain that to someone who doesn’t have the same though process. I think most writers will be hit with an idea so suddenly that they are forced to pursue it. That’s how it is with me anyway. I tried explaining that to him. I don’t know if he got it or not.

Sometimes ideas come from random bits of conversations I hear in my head, sometimes they’re born of what I think would be the most embarrassing/horrible/funny thing I’d ever read. Sometimes though, a picture inspires me to write. Like this one:

Something about this guy (his name is Sergio Ramos Garcia), makes me think of a lion shifter. He looks exotic (and hot), athletic (and hot), catlike (and hot), and oh, hot! He’s not the most brawny Fantasy Man I’ve had here on the blog, but are you going to complain? I’m not! I mean…mmm nice. That little crease where his hips meet his abdomen? Niiiice.

Nom, nom. Okay, enough of that! What do you see when you look at him?


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7 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. I see a nice bod and a man that needs a haircut- badly! LOL!

  2. Happy Friday!!! Have a great weekend of writing!!

  3. I see a cub lion shifter, he doesn’t quite have the bulk for me. I don’t need a ton of muscle, but I like ’em full grown. lol. Although, he is a hot cub shifter.

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