Please Sir, More Books?

Yes, I feel like Oliver begging for more food. I’ve had the Kindle for about two months now. Do you want to know how many books I have on it? 130…well after yesterday, 133. Granted, I have about 7 on there I haven’t read yet, but that’s still a helluva lot of books!

I know I joked a while back, likening the Kindle to a crack pipe, but for me that’s true. I went to dinner a few weeks ago with my sister-in-law, brother, and mother.

Me: “I hope you all appreciate this. I’m giving up precious time with my Kindle for you.”

Sister-in-Law: “Yeah, I know and I’m glad. You love that thing don’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you named your first child Kindle and when they grow up, they’ll ask you where you got their name from and you’ll say ‘Well, once upon a time, I was in love with Kindle. Would you like to see it?'”

I couldn’t dispute her words because yes, I do love my Kindle. Sometimes when I’m feeling dorky (which is nearly…well, all the time), I’ll sing to myself, “Me and Mr. Kindlllllleeee, we got a thiiiiiiing going oooonnnnn.” Yes, I’m a nerd, but y’all love me anyway.

I don’t actually read any more than I used to. It’s about the same, but I read new stuff all the time now as opposed to me re-reading my favorites when I couldn’t afford to order books, or head to the local bookstore. Kindle has allowed me to explore new authors for a lot less than paperbacks. It’s let me find new genres to read without worrying about what the clerk will think when I check out. The Kindle has also been a wonderful conversation starter.

For instance, on my way to Orlando, I whipped out my Kindle and started devouring yet another sexy book by Kaitlyn O’Connor when the guy next to me says, “Wow! Is that a Kindle?”

I fought back a grimace and put it down, angling the screen away from him and the guy next to him who was also staring at my Kindle. “Yes.”

Guy 1: “I’ve heard and read about them, but I’ve never seen one in person!”

Guy 2: “How many books does it hold?”

And therein began a conversation that lasted for about 45 minutes of the hour and a half flight. I didn’t mind, not really. Guy 2 was very cute in a blonde surfer way and he read. I think I was just so surprised to come across men who actually read, I was delighted to share my Kindle experiences with them.

So do you ask me if I love my Kindle? No, I don’t love my Kindle. I adore it. I want to hug it and squeeze it and call it Kindle George Ravenswaay IV (I have no idea if that’s someone’s real name, it just came to me).

Have you bought a Kindle, Nook, I-Pad, or other electronic reading device? How do you like it? Do you buy it pretty clothes and show it to everyone with pride? (I don’t do that. Yet.) Do you find yourself reading more or less? C’mon, be honest. Is your family jealous of it?


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10 responses to “Please Sir, More Books?

  1. HAHAHA. My spouse’s name is Kendall so this cracks me up. He doesn’t like to read so I can’t buy my Kendall a Kindle. I have the Sony and I have to confess, I only have 25 books on it. I love paper- the smell. the feel, etc. AND on a plane, it is a pain because of that dang rule of no electronic devices for the first 20 and the last 20 mins. I can read a lot in 4o mins. AND I do get that same interruption with questions about the Sony and people wanting to look at it -so no reading gets done there either.

    • I read a few of the books I brought back from Nationals and the first one I read, I stared at the paper in fascination. My brain is thinking, “Did they change the type of paper they use? Why is it so thick? Did it always feel this way? This is too weird!” So I suppose I’ve grown used to my Kindle and now paperbacks are bizarre. Weird, huh?

  2. OH YEAH. I love my NOOK! I don’t have nearly as many books on it as you do, but I find myself addicted to it! Gotta read a little every day now. It’s so light and awesome, and the pretty pink leather cover I have for it. . . .

    Well, let’s just say, I’m totally hooked on my Nook! Woot!!!

    • Nook…every time I hear Nook I think of Na-Nook from The Lost Boys. I’m not sure that’s how it was spelled, but that dog was awesome. I know if I had bought a Nook instead of a Kindle, I’d have started talking to it like it was the dog from the movie.

  3. I use my iphone for reading right now and I know that sooner or later I’m going to crack and buy an ipad or something. I didn’t realize that the prices of e-books were cheaper but I guess that makes sense!

    • I could kick myself because if I had waited just another month or two, I’d have gotten the brand new generation of Kindle. But I can’t really complain since I love it so much.

  4. WOW! That’s a ton of books. Now you have to add mine in may!!

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