Fantasy Man Friday

Am I the only one practically panting for the day to be over so they can start the weekend? I feel like I haven’t slept, truly slept, in over a month. I know that isn’t true (because then I’d be walking around saying BRAAAAIIIINSSSSS), but it sure feels that way.

I’ve decided to get off my very generous tush and finish one of the WIPs I’ve been working on. Of course because I am like water (finding the path of least resistance), I’m going to work on the WIP that’s half-way written. I looked over it yesterday to remind myself of the story and I loved it. I was charmed and entertained. I can only hope my critique partners feel the same when I start sending it their way. *crosses her fingers*

My goal is to write about 50k words by September 1st. Sort of like my own NaNo and to “git ‘er done” I’m going to head to a local coffee shop tomorrow armed with nothing but my mini and my headphones. I will buy the largest Oreo crush iced mocha supreme money can buy. I will write and I will bust out several pages towards my goal. We’ll see if I actually do it. I’m um…okay, I’m lazy on the weekends. There. I said it. I’m lazy!

So to inspire myself to write on my Amazon/Minotaur story, I’ve decided to borrow a picture from Allison Pang’s Midnight Man Candy. I loved this picture so much I went back more than once to ogle it.

Do you blame me? Look at his thighs!! Those are the kinds of thighs a woman can sink her teeth into! Grr. Um, the rest of him is pretty friggin’ fantastic too, but those thighs! *swoons* I mean, I know he isn’t a minotaur or a centaur, but something about this picture reminds me of my hero. It’s just so…elemental and schexy. *turns the fan on “high”* I am sweating over here and it isn’t the temperature.

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have a writing goal you’ve set for yourself and made diabolical plans to accomplish, like not doing the laundry or cleaning the house?


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10 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Awesome! Have fun writing!!!

    This weekend my sweet hubby is whisking me away to celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary! Woot!!! No writing for me. But, my NOOK is loaded up with Gena Showalter books, so I’m set to lounge around the pool!!

    Have a great weekend.

    • Happy Anniversary, Lynn! That sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned! *big hug* Don’t worry about writing make-believe heroes when you’re celebrating the hero in your life this weekend. *sniff*

  2. VERY NICE thighs! yep!. I need sleep, too- have our RWA meeting tomorrow where I am part of the program so no sleep in for moi. Hope to add some words to one of my WIPS too.- AND not remove plot – still think that comment was weird.

  3. LOL–when I first saw the pic (which I looked at before I read your post) I did a double check on the date because I’d knew I’d seen it before. Then I read and was like “Ok, that’s the one Allison had her site too”- LOL.

    Thought I was losing it by dreaming up the same sexy man in my mind twice.

    Those thighs are killer!

  4. My writing goal isn’t as lofty as yours, but I do hope to have my current WIP finished (first draft, anyway) by Oct 1. At 500 words a day, I should be able to meet it easily.

    As for this weekend, I’m still on vacation and don’t expect to be home until sometime Sunday evening. However, it looks like I’ll have some time to write tomorrow morning. I have lots of stuff floating around in my head. Hopefully I’ll get it all down on paper tomorrow!

    Good luck on reaching your Saturday goal (and your September one, too).

  5. Oh, and as for the picture, it’s good, but thighs don’t do it for me. Butts, do. So if you ever run across a good butt picture…send it my way!

  6. Giddy UP!!!!
    THis weekend my boys have their first football game of the season and since ALL my kids are in high school or middle school, we are out of little league which I LOVE!!!!! Plus I need to get a synopsis written for my new WIP I’m starting….ugh!

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