Fantasy Man Friday

It’s finally here…the Nationals edition of Fantasy Man Friday. I know you’ve all been waiting for it, holding your breath in anticipation of what kind of man I’ll pull out of the interwebz.

But first…Day 3 impression: I had so much fun today! I’ve said before how antisocial I am, but in the last 3 days I’ve met so many people and enjoyed every minute of it. There’s no feeling of being back in high school (thank God because I had big hair in high school until Grunge. It isn’t even like the first day of work. I am here to make connections and though it is a struggle not to make an ass of myself, I think I’m doing okay. I finally met up with Allison Pang and Jeffe Kennedy and they were just as funny as I thought they’d be. We didn’t get to chat long, but I’m looking forward to The Gathering to talk their ears off! (So watch out, y’all.)

The Keynote Luncheon…O.M.G. Nora Roberts is the best. I’ll admit it: I haven’t read a Nora Roberts book since her Donovan witch series back in the…90’s? But I respect her. Hell, you have to respect a woman who has churned out 150 books and still manages to look like she can fit into Juniors clothes. Where’s the depressed writer who eats nothing but chocolate? That’s what I want to know.

Then it was time for the PRO Retreat. Donald Maass had me cracking up laughing and feeling the urge to get back to my WIPs. I felt…fired up. It was great. I had to duck out early because I wanted to catch a workshop, but I don’t regret it. The workshop was informative and fun.

After that it was a race to catch up with Jillian Chantal and Leah Fields at Shula’s. Um, it was good food. It really was. My steak was awesome and yes, this little Coonass felt a little intimidated by Blue Eyes playing in the background and the darkness. The waiter had to use a flashlight for us to see if our steaks were done correctly.

I’ve met so many wonderful people, published and pre-published and I’m having a ball. It’s only Friday and I feel as though I’ve known some of these people forever. The super secret smoker’s club shows the same faces every time I go out there and when we see each other in passing in the hotel we give each other a sage nod. You know, the one that says: I’ll be out in a bit.

But it’s Friday which means workshops will kick into high gear and I may not get to visit with everyone as much as I’d like. Or I’ll miss the really interesting panels, like the one Sayde Grace went to tonight through The Passionate Ink chapter. She tweeted something about getting a BDSM demonstration and I was actually jealous. *sniff* No one offers to let me tie them up…or to watch them being tied up.

So to correct that oversight, I found the perfect Fantasy Man. I like to think the picture symbolizes how busy we’ll all be over the next two days, but truthfully? I just like the idea of it:

Grrrr!!! I really don’t have the words to express how much I like this Fantasy Man. It looks like an uncomfortable position to be in…but if he hadn’t been such a naughty boy he wouldn’t be in it!

So, I hope your Friday isn’t as frantic as ours will be, but I know if you aren’t at Nationals you’re wishing you were and I’m wishing you were as well.  Happy Weekend!


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5 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Oh dear Lord, girl! Warn me before I open that! Just about spit out my coffee — which wasn’t anywhere near as hot as that picture!!! Oh, the scene I’m inspired to write!
    Glad yall are having fun at RWA — it sounds wonderful!

  2. KAK

    I’m sorry, wha…what was that? ~wipes chin~

    This photo might need to be enlarged…like to fit on a 12 ft mural.

    ~fanning self~

    Gods damn, woman. That is a fine piece of FMF!

  3. Wow! I mean…WOW! Yeah, I wouldn’t mind the 12ft mural, either!

    Glad you’re having fun at Nationals. Wish I was there, but some of my vacation (which starts tomorrow – yea!) has to be spent with my husband. Next year I’ll forego RT and go to RWA.

  4. It was lovely to meet you, too! Sorry we never did get that chat… It always seems impossible that with so many days of conf, we don’t get all the time to yak that we want to.

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