First Impressions

Well, here’s my first blog post from Nationals.

The flight wasn’t bad. The waiting was horrific. Not going to go into that because it’ll just bring me back to my unhappy place. *sigh* Okay, so landed in Orlando at…6:30ish. I didn’t get to the hotel until an hour later. But that wasn’t the notable part. Oh no.

I met some lovely RWA ladies in the shuttle lobby. I got my ticket, sat down and was chatting with them about the conference when my cell phone rang. It was the airline asking me if I had my bags.

Me: Um, yes, I have my bags. Thinking wow, this is great service!

Them: No ma’am, you have someone else’s bag.

I look at the bright green sparkly ribbon tied around the handles.

Me: Um, these are my bags.

Them: No, ma’am, I’m looking at your luggage tag “Danica Ah-vet”, correct?

Me <thinking>: OH CRAP

So yeah, I made off with someone else’s bag and got called on it in front of Leanne Banks. Errrr, yes I am that person who takes your luggage thinking it’s hers. But it’s your fault for copying me. I spent hours trying to think of a way to tag my luggage to make it easily identifiable and you had to copycat me? Meh.

Anyway, we get to the hotel, check-in took longer than I thought it would and then I found out they were out of king-size beds. I really wanted a king-size bed so I could loll like a pampered princess. I would’ve taken the double, but apparently the clerk either really liked my hair and was feeling helpful, or she was being evil because I got a room like a studio apartment. I’m sure there’s a down side…I’ll find it. Oh and on top of that…I got another rejection, this time from an editor. It was waiting for me when I got off the plane. Meh

So that was day…point 5 of my first Nationals experience. The flight was insane (although I did have a rousing Kindle discussion with my seat mates), I embarrassed myself, nearly knocked down a sweet little old man with my luggage, but at least my toilet flushes, the shower works wonderfully, the a/c is brutally cold (this is a good thing), and I have a coffee pot. I can survive anything.


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2 responses to “First Impressions

  1. Daisy Harris

    Glad to hear you made it OK. Sorry about the rejection. Meh. Can’t wait to hear more. I would be on total sensory overload if i went. Seriously, I might implode. šŸ˜‰

  2. Oh man. . . crazy times. But I’m glad you got there eventually and safe and sound! UGH, I hate it when the AC is so frigid in the conference rooms. Hope you brought a parka. LOL.

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