Fantasy Man Friday

Well it’s the last Friday before Nationals. I’m psyched. And worried because I’m starting to wonder if the dress I planned to wear for the banquet will come in time and if it’ll even fit. May have to dress shop this weekend *shudders*

So I don’t have much to report. I started working on a futuristic romance this week and it is going very well. It’s taken me by surprise though since I normally have the idea that there will be one hero and one heroine. The story, however, has evolved beyond that. Yes, there are two heroes and one heroine. And if that wasn’t enough, the other story I’m working on has taken the same path! Kind of makes me wonder what’s going on in my subconscious, but oh well. Two is better than none! Bwahah

I overslept this morning so I feel a little rattled. I’m a person who loves routine (especially on weekdays). I have to get up at the same time so I can have enough time to savor my coffee and get a few chapters read. If that doesn’t happen, I’m frazzled the rest of the day. I compromised this morning though: I didn’t fix my hair. Yup, no in-styler burns for me this morning! I’m all natural.

Now for the reason we’re all here. It’s Fantasy Man Friday. The lovely Daisy Harris was having trouble this finding hunky men for her website and complimented me on the…quality I’ve managed to procure for our favorite day of the week. Of course this meant I had to go and find someone…spectacular. Here you go:


Ahem…so what do you think?? I uh…wow. I mean…I’ve stunned myself. I do so admire a man who takes such care of his balls…er, I mean ball. I know he’s a soccer player…I can’t remember which team he plays for, but really who cares? Because if soccer was played like this, I’d definitely be a fan!!

Happy Friday all! Have a safe weekend and…hit the soccer fields if you’re looking for some eye candy. That’s what I plan to do!


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14 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Very nice…it almost makes me want to watch some sports….but they don’t run around naked do they?

  2. OOOH – I LIKE! And soccer boys are all about taking off their shirts on and off the field. I recommend becoming a fan.

  3. Ohhh. I hope your dress comes on time. What a stressor. Have fun at Nationals!! Woot!!!

  4. Daisy Harris

    O.M.G. ROTFLOL!!!!!!! This is priceless!!!! Must forward to baby bro!

  5. edenglenn

    Love a man with sporty balls. Did I say that? Now make him twins and you have two heroes’…oops I already did that…my bad. See you this week…must find each other.

  6. Not a big soccer fan, either (and of course, that was the sport my kids all liked to play!).

    I’m with you if they played in the nude. I’d be a fan real quick. Who wouldn’t?

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