Fantasy Man Friday

Wow, I don’t remember the last time I was so late with a Fantasy Man Friday. Blame it on my being off from work today. Yes, I took a vacation day today and I plan to enjoy it.

I don’t really have anything…well, planned other than writing, cleaning house, and reading. I’ve recently discovered Kaitlyn O’Connor’s sci-fi romances and love them. Really love them. They’re funny, interesting, oh and hot enough to melt  my Kindle.

So there isn’t much to blog about today. The sky is darkening so I’ll have to struggle to do those things I mentioned rather than sleep which is what my body wants to do. I blame the dog for that. On my day off, she woke me up at 6 this morning. I suppose that’s better than my normal 5, but  not by much.

Anyway, Fantasy Man Friday…hm, which lovely man shall I choose today? Let me see…

He looks a little young, but really is that such a bad thing? He’s got to be in his early 20’s…lots of endurance, enthusiasm…and look at the bull tattoo on his arm. Do you suppose that has a special meaning? *tries to peek* I wouldn’t mind finding out! YUMMY!


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4 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. HMMMM. Bull tattoo!!! Yep. I think it has significance! Another great choice of fantasy man

  2. Yum! Another Fantasy indeed. . . I’m thinking bulls, ranches, cowboys — dang, he’d look good in one of SaydeGrace’s westerns. Where did I put my cowgirl boots?

  3. Well…I’m cleaning, doing laundry, and editing…but I have to say…my oldest son’s birthday is today ~ 17! AND fantasy man is creeping me out a little b/c he looks exactly like one of my kids friends…so I’ll have to pass on any comments!!!!!!!

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