It’s Hot As…

Fill in the blank because honestly, I can’t think of what it’s as hot as.

Yesterday I was away from the interwebz, which made me an unhappy camper. To start off, I had a morning meeting which lasted until lunch. Oh sure, lunch was good. Grilled tuna steak that I didn’t have to pay for, but if I had known what I was being buttered up for, I’d have passed on food and slept.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my day job before, but I’m an environmental assistant. Glamorous sounding, huh? Not. I keep track of air permits and limits, water sampling (which means dragging my sorry ass into the rain with a bottle attached to a pole), hazardous waste pick-ups, and environmental audits. When we have inspections, I have to bring whoever wants to look over the facilities out into the yard (no matter what time of day or weather) and let them poke around.

That’s what happened yesterday. First, let me point out that I was dressed…well, not dressed-up, but I was wearing nice clothes and sandals. Luckily for me, my new blouse was very thin because I was sweating the minute I stepped outside. Of course, I had to trade the cute sandals for my steel-toes, but that’s for safety so I won’t complain.

From about 12:45 p.m. to 4:45, I toured our three Louisiana facilities with our environmental consultants. Yes, we had golf carts for each yard, but that doesn’t matter when you stop every minute to look this over, or to take a picture of that. Then if someone happens to see you, they want to know what’s going on (it makes people nervous when they see someone walking around with a camera and a clipboard). Add in the fact that we were three women in yards filled with men and I started to feel like Captain Kirk on an alien planet.

By the time we ended for the day, three well-dressed, well-groomed ladies were sweaty, sunburned, dusty, and exhausted. When I waved them off and got back to my office at nearly 5, I looked at my weather station which gives me the temperature and heat index. Want to know what it said? 115 degree heat index. At nearly 5 p.m.!! Is it any wonder I felt as though I’d been left on a deserted island for weeks? I was dehydrated and, yup, you guessed it: smelly. You already know my feelings on this issue.

I was so exhausted last night, all I managed to eat for supper was a packet of pop-tarts and a glass of milk. Today I’m feeling better, though still tired and so, so glad that this is my last day of work this week. Yup, I’m off tomorrow which means my Fantasy Man Friday will be awesome!

Oh, and on top of the energy-happiness-draining heat, I got a rejection letter yesterday. But I’m not calling it a rejection letter anymore. I’m calling it a not-quite-there letter because it was the best letter declining to represent me I’ve ever had. The agent was, of course, brutally honest about the faults in my manuscript and why she was rejecting it, but she also made me feel hope. She…well, I think she may have liked the story! So okay, yesterday wasn’t a complete bust. Yay!


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6 responses to “It’s Hot As…

  1. Sorry about the “not quite there” letter. But glad you got some feedback. That always helps!!!

    It’s wicked hot here, too. Last night, we landed at the airport and it was 104 degrees still. MIND YOU, we landed at 10:30 AT NIGHT! Yikes. LOL.

    I love the heat, though. It can be a bit draining some times, but overall, I like it

  2. Danica I’m so sorry about the ‘not quite there letter’
    It’s hotter than that ‘not quite there letter’ being thrown in a fire while you spray it with lighter fluid!

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