I Used to Have Game

Not that kind of game. I was never a smooth flirt or anything. I’m more likely to give a guy a look like “why for are you acting so strange?” than to bat my eyelashes. No, the kind of game I’m talking about is entertainment games.

When I was younger, my cousin contracted leukemia and was part of the Last Wish Foundation. His last wish was to get a Nintendo. He got one and soon every household in our family had one. Mostly so we knew how to play when we’d visit with him. Soon it became an obsession. Mario Brothers, Tetris, Zelda…we were all addicted. My mom was the Zelda queen, my sister the Link master, me? I just liked Tetris.

As time went on, the games changed and I lost interest after Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. I was a teenaged girl. Boys were interesting, I liked being in my room with my music and my books, and I didn’t spend as much time in front of a game system. For several years I didn’t touch a gaming control or even think about them. I looked upon my younger brother’s enthusiasm with contempt and superiority.

My last year of college, I was partying hard. I lived at home and had my own computer so I could do my papers (I chatted…the internets were awesome!). When I left the house to go drinking, my brother would get on my computer. He’d found a new game and was addicted. It got to the point where I was so disgusted I couldn’t get on my own computer, I told him to show me what he was doing.

It was a D&D based game…on-line. I was puzzled. He explained it was called a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) which still told me nothing. I watched him play and was like…”dude, it’s all text. Aren’t there any pictures?” But it intrigued me. I let him convince me to give it a try. I came up with a name, picked my race (elf) and my guild (druid). I started playing and I was hooked. Instantly.

My final semester of college is a blur of 24-hour gaming and going to class. I rose from a newbie to a Duchess in about four months. In the eleven years I’ve been on the game, I’d been married 3 times, had 2 kids (all in-game), killed twenty-something times, killed fifty-something people, and then became a wizard (one of the MUD builders). I loved it. And if that wasn’t enough, my entire family joined. First it was my mom, then my aunt, then my uncles, then my nephew. We were all on there fighting, stealing from each other, and just plain causing trouble.

The game was based in the UK which meant we were outnumbered, but I like to think we were liked by most of our fellow gamers. Oh sure, some of them thought we were annoying, but I made a lot of friends there. Sometimes I miss the excitement of going up against a demon queen, or the niggling fear when I would see a rogue in the area. I even miss the family dinners we’d have where accusations like “You stole my bag!”, “You killed me! Why did you kill me?”, to “You need to take me xping!” It was great, it was fun and I played so much that my dreams weren’t just me walking around. No, my dreams were of me thinking “north, north, northeast, north, east, east, east…” You get the idea.

Though I haven’t been on the game in about two years, I still keep in touch with my UK friends. That’s probably why I felt I had to blog about this today. Interesting.

So what about you? Do you have game?


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5 responses to “I Used to Have Game

  1. Definitely not! They never did interest me all that much. Yet, my son will get into parties and play all hours, and my husband can play Civilization every darn night.

    Me – I’d rather write!

  2. Ummm…NO! My four boys have GAME (is this what we call it?) and toooooooo much GAME!!! I can’t stand it!!! We have four xbox lives and they are all playing at the same time. I wish they had reading game…then I’d be happy.

    • That is a big downside to gaming unless it’s a text-based game, the lack of actual reading for entertainment. They sound like my nephew who has 2 consoles just for himself…in case he can trap anyone into playing head-to-head with him.

  3. Daisy Harris

    I didn’t game at all. i thought reading and studying were more important. Then I graduated from college and found that all decent jobs expected fly computer skills- which I totally lacked due to my old-fashioned world views.

    Hence my early adopter mentality now. No good comes of snubbing technology.

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