Drawing A Blank

I’ve sat here for about an hour trying to come up with something to blog about and I’m still not sure what to talk about.

Most of the time, ideas will spark as I’m driving, or getting ready in the morning. Sometimes, I’ll have a brilliant idea while checking my e-mail or Facebook. Today though, none of that has sparked anything good to blog about. My brain is a whirlwind of things I have to do before Nationals.

The only thing I can think of that’s remotely funny, was the song I sang as I showered. For some reason, I was singing Baby Come Back with a Spanish accent like the mariachi band in the Swiffer commercial. Yes, I was. Cookie the Hut was sitting on the bathroom cabinet peeking around the shower curtain at me as I soaped up, singing as loudly as I could. She did that tilt-her-head-this-way…no, mom still looks/sounds weird…tilt-her-head-that-way…nope, still weird until I finally stopped.

Really, the only one who appreciates my singing is my dog. All I have to do is start singing her version of Super Freak and she comes running.

She’s a very fuzzy girl,
The kind you don’t take from her mama.
And she never lets your spirits down,
Once you can get her out of bed.

What? You don’t sing to your pets? Those poor things. My animals have their own songs. Ty, the cranky 12-year-old cat, has her own theme song. When I see her walking across the living room, I instantly start singing Maneater by Hall & Oats. Cookie gets her own little rap song, “She’s the C to the double O-K-I-E!”

But the cats don’t appreciate my voice. They stare at me like I’ve gone insane and walk away. Or run up to me and get in my face to make me stop. Ingrates. No, my Mia is the only one who gets all happy and excited when I sing. It doesn’t really matter what I sing either. And no, she isn’t deaf.

Huh, how do you like that? I actually found something to talk about!

So do you sing to your pets? You should if you don’t. I hear it helps them grow. Or is that plants?


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8 responses to “Drawing A Blank

  1. When I had pets, I sang and talked and danced with them! And they looked at me funny, too.

    Of course, we had one dog that we could get to sing with us – she was a hoot!

  2. Daisy Harris

    There’s a classic-jams vibe in the air today. Can ya feel it?

  3. I’ve had the same problem lately with coming up with blog ideas. But I’ve had no problem with coming up with ideas for new projects at the paying job. Weird!

  4. I sing to my pets, kids, husband, air, grass, tv, computer, self, coffee mug, into my post from my bed, hairbrush, shampoo…

    • LOL, Tonya, I have a feeling you’d get along great with me and my family. Except my brother who sings all the wrong words to songs and won’t let me correct him!

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