The New Phone Books Are Here!!

I kind of feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk. Yes, I’m that excited. Why? Because my Kindle is charging up and I’m so ready to use it.

I suppose I should start worrying now though. Considering how much and how fast I read, I could very well bankrupt myself buying books. Especially since now I don’t have to wait for them to come in from Amazon or going to Books-A-Million to get them. Now they’ll be at my fingertips…oooooh!! *drools* Bah, so what, it’s only money. Not like I need it to survive or anything. Not like I need my books.

Ah books…reading…*sigh* Unfortunately, I won’t be able to press my nose to the Kindle for most of the weekend. We’re helping my brother and his wife move into their house. It’s hot as hell out there, so this doesn’t make me a happy cookie. In fact, I’m quite irritable. But this is what you do for family. As a bonus though, he told me I could take my time getting there…you know, cause my new crack pipe (aka Kindle) was coming in. MMMM ,Kindle.

So we’ll see how I like it and take it from there.


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2 responses to “The New Phone Books Are Here!!

  1. Yeah!!! Kindle. I just got my Nook Thursday…can’t wait to start using it!! Enjoy!

  2. I was the first person I knew (in real life) with an ereader – had a Sony and loved it. But the battery died and it was over $120 to replace it — not economically viable. So now I am reading my ebooks on the computer and I hate it — gotta get a replacement, but I keep hearing that the cost is about to drop a lot, so I haven’t made the move yet.
    Let me know how the Kindle is.

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