I Can’t Drive 55!!

And thank God that isn’t the speed limit. Yesterday ended on a strange note. Considering it was Monday, and Mondays and I don’t really…get along, I shouldn’t be surprised.

I was on my way home, dreaming about the World Class Chocolate ice cream in my freezer when I saw blue lights in my rearview mirror. Gah, I thought, they got me! I pulled over and started getting all of my information out. Glancing in the mirror again, I saw the officer get out of his SUV and though, Mmmm BDU’s…And if you haven’t read about my obsession with BDU’s, go here.

He walked up to my window and said, “Do I know you?” I got a good look at his face and sighed. Oh yes, he knew me. Not that way, you pervs! I used to work with him when I was a clerk of court. He used to be a juvenile detective, so we saw each other a lot. I used to sigh over him. He’s…okay, he’s easily the cutest cop I’ve ever seen. Except for the one I posted on my blog ages ago. He’s cute. Really cute. Brown hair, light green eyes, and he’s…well, he’s petite. Maybe 5’7″ at the most, with a cute, boyish face in spite of the grey sprinkled in his hair. Oh yes, I remembered him.

And he was at my window. My brain was clicking away thinking about how hot I used to think he was, and how cute I still think he is and how great he looked in those BDU’s and damn, that’s a wedding ring. He was talking to me about speeding, the brake tag being obscured on my license plate, and my windshield. I kind of looked around…I was speeding? Oh yeah, I had been speeding, but really, did he have to lean in my window like that? I’m a red-blooded female and that…vest thingy he wore gave me far too many ideas.

He let me go, sweet man that he is, and I drove home thinking, My, oh my he’s turned out really fine. But when I got home, I realized I could’ve got a ticket and how much would that suck?

So to comfort myself, I sat down with my ice cream and watched Tropic Thunder. Not exactly high-brow entertainment, but it was funny. I was never a big fan of Robert Downey, Jr. until this movie. He was my favorite character and I found myself giggling this morning over the movie trailer spoof for Satans…Alley? is that what it was called? OMG…I loved it. Okay, I’m giggling right now remembering it. *wipes away a tear* Oh man.

And that’s how I ended my Monday. Will Tuesday improve? Only if a bevy of Coasties somehow wander in my office and can’t find their way out again.


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8 responses to “I Can’t Drive 55!!

  1. OOOh, girl! I am and always have been a sucker for a motorcycle cop uniform. I even wrote a short-short story about it. Love me some boots and breeches!!!
    When I was in high school, my brother was a motorcycle officer, which meant that all the other moto-cops hung out at our house. Oh, yeah!!!!

  2. Ah, but you didn’t get a ticket. And you got to see him again. That had to feel good!

    So, how was the ice cream?

    • The ice cream was awesome, of course. I had to ignore puppy dog eyes (my dog who thinks ice cream should be part of her regular diet) and kitty faces (one of the cats who wanted to stick her head in the container), but I managed to enjoy it all the same.

  3. OKay, now I have that song in my head. “I can’t drive 55.” Was it by Sammy Hagar? Crud. I’m gonna have to google this now. LOL.

    Glad you didn’t get a ticket!!!

  4. KAK

    Great, now I’m blending images from your blog… One Fantasy Man with a Helpful Hand-Rest and World Class Officer Friendly.

    ~rubbing eyes~

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