I’m Not Insane, I’m Not Insane

I’m really not. I’m a writer. I go off to La-La land quite frequently, even when it’s least convenient.

Case in point? Yesterday afternoon I was talking with my boss about a problem we were trying to find a solution to. I had a very valid point I wanted to make, but just like that *snaps* it was gone and I was thinking “I really need to cut that scene from my WIP, it sucks. I mean, why would an Amazon be afraid of cows? Seriously girl, you need to re-read the story and find out where you went wrong,” all while staring at my boss. He looked back at me with an encouraging expression.

“I had a thought right here,” I told him, pointing to my forehead. “But it’s gone and I don’t think it’s coming back.”

He just laughed and kept talking. Lucky! Of course, I didn’t remember what I needed to speak with him about for at least an hour, but when I did we were cool. I’m sure he thinks I’m crazy because I can only imagine the blank look on my face while I was lost in thought. Oh sure, it’s happened many times before, but never so bad or obvious before. Does this mean I’m becoming more…writerly? Eh, I don’t know. It could just have been a brain fart, cause really, everyone has those, but I think it’s just me being in the zone.

Sometimes I fear that I’ll get so lost in my thoughts I might start sounding like a crazy person.

Someone sane (at work): “…don’t you think?”

Me: “Do you think a six foot four woman can lift a three hundred pound man?”


“Okay, maybe not that, but what about a bull? Do you think she could lift him and throw him across a pasture? Is that too out there, or what? I mean, she’s an Amazon; she’s super strong. Stronger than Wonder Woman. Why do you suppose Wonder Woman had an invisible jet anyway? Did Amazons have jets? Should they? Should I include that in my story?”

It’s a worry I live with, especially since not a single one of my co-workers know I write. I don’t think it would bother me too much though since they already think I’m weird with my ever-changing hair color, piercing, tattoos, metal music, and things I wear. It’s all good though…I think. Hell, now I’m staring to feel paranoid. *looks around*

So, tell me people: are you insane?


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10 responses to “I’m Not Insane, I’m Not Insane

  1. Oh yes. Totally insane.
    I don’t know how many times I’ve emailed my hubby (he’s a physical therapist) asking him which muscle would be severed if. . . or does someone really hear a snap when a bone breaks. . . .

    LOL. So yeah. . . . I think all writers are a bit insane. 🙂

    • I actually called my cousin’s husband who’s a fireman and asked “How would you start a house fire without getting caught?” and he was like…”Um, why?” Oh yes…our poor, poor families…

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  3. KAK

    Ha! Thank god you were only contemplating Amazons and Cows instead the flexibility of certain body parts when engaged in certain tawdry acts.

  4. Oh dear God! If you only knew. SFCatty who blogs with me at Southern Sizzle jokes that she is Psychic, and I am Psychotic! I have always had these people talking in my head, but it is only in the past couple of years that I started trying to do anything with the stories they tell. I always just thought it was kind of for my own amusement, like a movie in my mind.

    And so, yeah, I keep the writing stuff on the down-low at work. My job is not one where they tolerate much creative non-conformity. Can’t do the blue hair or piercings; I am old-school pearls, pumps and pantyhose in the day job. But at night, when I assume my alter-ego . . . .

  5. Maybe I should be glad the people at my work know I write. I don’t have to have any excuses!

    But I’ve done just that. Someone will be talking to me explaining what I should be doing and my mind goes off on a scene I’m writing and I’m like “uh oh, what did he just say?”

  6. I do therapy on children, so sometimes I really do go in my head and think of something. I pretend I’m writing something down about the kid, but really jotting down a scene in my WIP!

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