Countdown to a Wedding – Guests

Guests at a wedding can be both a blessing and a curse. With my father’s family, it’s definitely a curse. Someone is always mad at someone else and the temperatures at the reception can reach minus 30. On the other hand, if you have a great blend of people, the wedding reception can be the warmest, best time ever.

We don’t have a very big family. By “we” I mean my mother’s family which consists of her two brothers, one sister and their kids which total seven and their children. Is that confusing enough? Well, it has nothing on some families in this area. I remember at my sister’s wedding we were looking at my brother-in-law’s family. His dad was one of thirteen children. His mom was one of six or seven. Then, we had to add in mom’s paternal family, dad’s family, my stepdad’s family, and my stepmom’s family. You’re talking about a big wedding.

That’ll probably be the case this weekend. Our family will be there, but we’re not sure about the great-uncles, great-aunts, and the smattering of cousins we have. The bride’s family though, is going to take up most of the church. To help balance my family’s numbers, I made sure to invite my college friends who looked on Phillip as a younger brother.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been hounding them: “Are you coming to the wedding?”, “You should come to the wedding.”, “Are you really coming?”. I’m glad to say all of them should be there which leaves me feeling like Jake in The Blues Brothers. You know, “We’re putting the band back together!” You know, so glad that I’ll be seeing all of my friends at one time. If we can get a bon fire started, a golf cart in the reception hall, and a bottle of Taaka Vodka, it’ll be just like old times!

Well, not really. Of the six of us, three are married, two of those three have children. The other three of us are single and have moved on doing our own thing. The days of late nights singing Sweet Caroline and the theme song to All in the Family are long gone. We’ll never get them back, but that’s fine. A lot has happened since those days. We’re older, for one. Which means tossing back Wild Turkey shots followed by Shlitz won’t be happening. Nor will driving on the golf cart all over the neighborhood. No more sparkler bombs; no more late night study sessions.

Am I feeling a little nostalgic? You bet your booty! These were the closest friends I ever had in my life, so it’s going to take some adjusting to see receding hair lines, expanded waists, grey hair, and wrinkles (and if they don’t have any of those, I’m going to find out who their plastic surgeon is).


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4 responses to “Countdown to a Wedding – Guests

  1. KAK

    For those of us who read the Adventures in Bachelorette & Bachelor Partying, if a Hurricane (or twelve) managed to sneak into the reception, it’s highly likely that not only would the band get back together, but there’d be another video to add to the franchise.

  2. I couldn’t believe how much people change! I had my 25 year class reunion and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Have fun.

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