Countdown to a Wedding – The Groom

Continuing the countdown, I’m going to discuss my brother, the groom.

To be honest, part of me isn’t surprised that some woman snapped him up. Phillip can be incredibly sweet without being touchy-feely. Oh, he torments everyone, don’t get me wrong. His poor godchild. Sometimes I wonder why the girl loves him so, but she absolutely adores her parrain (godfather in Cajun French).

He’s one of those guys people are instantly drawn to. It probably has to do with him being such a big, friendly guy. He’s tall and cuddly looking. I remember being in college and hanging with my friends. One time I brought him with me to a friend’s house and from then on out, any time I went out with them they would ask me where he was. I didn’t understand it. I mean, sure, he’s cool…because of me (thank you!), but he’s my little brother! One of my friends has a brother Phillip’s age and said Phillip didn’t act like kids his age. They loved hanging out with him and to be honest, I did as well. My friends became his friends and they’ll all be at the wedding to watch him marry his lady-love.

On the other hand though, I wonder how in the world my sister-in-law is going to live with him. I shudder sometimes just thinking about the hell she is going to go through. He’s lazy. He is! He doesn’t like to do household chores (although he sure cleans up before she comes over and I’ve heard he even cleans her house…the traitor!), and don’t ask him to cut the grass.

Like I said, he torments his godchild and I know he torments his fiancée. He badgered her about her dog so much she gave the dog to her parents. My mom, sister, and I were horrified. Me especially because if you don’t love my dog, you don’t love me. It wasn’t until this weekend that we learned he’s afraid of Chihuahuas. Apparently, when he was younger, his friend had two of them and used to scare him with the little suckers. Now, he hates the breed.

Then, there’s the mice. I did mention Phillip is a big guy…but he’ll jump five feet if confronted by a mouse. He claims it’s because they move so fast. I think he’s just a weenie. We had a mouse under some appliance years ago and he was going to get it. He’d just lifted the appliance and mouse jumped out. He squealed and jumped back. I was surprised he didn’t climb on a chair to get away from it. LOL

He’s also a little weird. He used to work with our uncle at his store years ago and it was in a bad neighborhood. Phillip was given the job of sweeping the parking lot and he was scared someone might mug him. So what does he do? Gets on his hands and knees and starts blowing the garbage across the lot. You heard me, he made himself a human leaf blower! He figured if people thought he was crazy, they’d leave him alone. Apparently it worked.

Yet, this is the same boy…sorry, man who demanded I write. Demanded it! He fussed me constantly when I told him I wanted to pursue a writing career. He’d ask me everyday if I wrote anything. He read part of my very first manuscript and encouraged me to continue. He has a great big heart, but he doesn’t always show it.

So that’s the man my sister-in-law is marrying. A guy everyone loves, who torments and teases until others are in tears (from anger), doesn’t like to do household chores, has a twisted sense of humor, and a heart he keeps protected until he gives it all away. She’s a very lucky woman who’ll need an iron will to deal with his antics.


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6 responses to “Countdown to a Wedding – The Groom

  1. KAK

    Aww, I don’t know him, but I can’t help but like him based on your descriptions.

  2. Lol, it was the mice! It made me laugh.

  3. You need to win sister of the year!

    • Sayde – I know, it kills me too. As it stands, I’ve become the mouse catcher. Well, until the new cat showed her amazing mouse killing skills, so she’s saving my brother further humilation. Really, lol

      KAK – Yes…that is something, isn’t it? I would say that he doesn’t do things like that often, but I’d be lying. When he was a teenager, he used to bark at people from the passenger seat of my car. Talk about embarrassing! And don’t even get me started on his need to honk at people in their yards or on the side of the road because “it makes them feel good to think they know someone!”

      Tonya – I keep telling them I need some kind of award, or recognition, or something…like a billboard saying I’m the best, lol

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