Fantasy Man Friday

Thank God it’s Friday. Really. Although this hasn’t started out as the best morning, I’m determined to enjoy the last day of the week.

This isn’t a long weekend for me. Yup, I have to work on Monday, but that’s fine. I’m off next Friday to help decorate the reception hall for my brother’s wedding which is next Saturday. I’m still kind of freaked out that my little brother, the annoying man-child I’ve grown up with, will be a husband in just a week.

I’m not going to get maudlin, not today. I’ll save that for next week when the wedding is literally just around the corner.

Instead, I’m going to feast my eye on some man candy because I’ve had a crappy morning. Did I mention my oldest cat has decided to use my bedroom as her litter box? I’ve had an unpleasant gift waiting for me every day this week. This morning it was on a bag containing some pictures. I fear they’re ruined, but I’ll have to put on some gloves to go through them to be sure. I hate throwing pictures away. I know, she’s old and senile. She’s probably acting out about the younger cat. But why my room? I’m the only one who feeds her! *sniff* No, I’m not going to think about it. I’m going to think about men…

Now that’s a man with a lot of power between his legs. I’m so sorry! I couldn’t resist! Bwahahah. Honestly though, who is he trying to sell this bike to cause I want one, but only if he comes with it…him and those shorts he’s wearing. I probably wouldn’t mind the idiot men who scream up and down my street on their crotch rockets if they were dressed like this. I’d probably grab a bag of popcorn, some crisp dollar bills and have a party.

Hm, yes, I do believe this has been good for my bad mood. Now let’s just hope no one messes it up!

Happy Friday everyone and have a safe Memorial Day Weekend! (Think of me toiling away at the day job while you’re eating bbq and watching Kelly’s HeroesThe Dirty DozenThe Fighting Seabees, The Green Berets, Sgt. York, and all those other war movies. Kelly’s Heroes is one of my favorite war movies of all time. That and Sgt. York…Gary Cooper was so handsome. Okay, I’m really stopping now, but if you want to share your favorite war movies, feel free!


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12 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Nice!! Now what’s better than a hot guy on a hot, badass bike? A half naked hot guy on a on a hot, badass bike, that’s what! 🙂

  2. Virginia C

    Gary Cooper is my all-time favorite movie star! So talented, so charming, so handsome…his eyes were so blue you could see their color on black and white film! Have a great weekend : )

  3. gincam

    Gary Cooper is my all-time favorite movie star! So talented, so charming, so handsome…his eyes were so blue, you could see their color on black and white film! Have a great weekend : )

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  5. KAK

    Mm-mm-mm. Is your hand on the bitch seat, baby? Okay, but only ’cause you asked so nicely. Don’t worry, I’ll hang on tightly.

    • LaTessa – I concur!!! Hubba, hubba 😉

      Virginia – My grandfather used to say all the ladies thought he looked like Gary Cooper. I can’t say if he did or not (I’m biased, so of course I thought he was handsome).

      KAK – I’m not going to ask what you’re planning to hang on to…

      • Virginia C

        Sorry for the earlier duplicate post. I am having a WordPress//AOL problem.

        Your grandmother was a lucky woman!

  6. Ohmi.. he’s hot. Nice shoulders. I’m a sucker for the shoulders. Sigh
    I have determined that the reason men ride the crotch rockets is because they are loud and they vibrate between their legs. You can probably guess where I may be going with this… so I’ll stop. For now. 😉

    I love those old war movies, too! Kelly’s Heroes, The Dirty Dozen, and Where Eagles Dare are among my favorite.

  7. My DH has a motorcycle and I don’t think he’d look like that in my black bikini bottoms….hmmm…wonder if he’d try for a bribe?

  8. Danica, I think he gives new meaning to the word “crotch rocket”.

    BTW, if one ever goes by your house dressed like this….you BETTER call me over. I will bring the popcorn and some extra dollar bills! hahah

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