I Prefer the Word Caution Over Paranoia

I had this great big post planned discussing my paranoid delusions cautious personality. I could go into detail, but I’d rather advertise my insanity.

No, instead I’m going to just blather about nothing in particular to get my mind off of what I think should be happening. Isn’t that the truly horrible part about being human? We have expectations and when they aren’t met when we think they should be met, we start worrying, fretting, freaking out…or is that just me?

I admit it, I’m a worst-case scenario girl. I always have been. I remember being in 3rd grade and thinking “What would happen if the building collapsed? Would Duran Duran come save me?”…I never said I didn’t dream big. As I got older, those scenarios became more and more personal and bigger and bigger. I don’t know why I do this, but it does help when writing. I mean, when I’m writing, I think…’What could make this whole situation worse than it already is?’ and BINGO, I have it. Let’s throw some torture in there. Yeah! And how about a little insanity!

I think it’s my mom’s fault. Everything I do is her fault. Growing up, every time we had a hurricane, it was coming right for us. And they always have a mind of their own. It isn’t just nature taking its course, it’s personal. That hurricane is coming to get US. If any of you tell my mother this, you’re so going to get it.

So here I am, trying not to think about it. (BTW, that isn’t working…avoidance is not a good thing for me.) I’m going to try to think good thoughts (which won’t work either). *taps her fingers* Okay, none of that is working for me. ARGH!


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6 responses to “I Prefer the Word Caution Over Paranoia

  1. I’m so totally with you. I think about what could possibly go wrong then plan out exactly what I would do if it did. That seems to make me feel better. (I know it sounds crazy, but once I play it out in my mind it doesn’t scare me anymore.)

    PS: Of course, it’s your mom’s fault. Isn’t everything?

    • Tammy – That’s what I keep telling her, but she doesn’t think so. I mean, really, who else raised me? Aliens? No…don’t get me started on that!

  2. KAK

    The hurricane with freewill is your mom’s fault? Niiiice. I always wanted to meet Mother Nature.

    Worse case scenario, you could have been related to Father Time. All that rapid aging the *boom* instant-infant thing at the new year. Goddamn, that’s a helluva hangover.

    • KAK – Um…she just thinks the hurricane has freewill. I think. She might be on first name basis with Mother Nature, however, so don’t quote me đŸ˜‰

  3. check out the show Worst Case Scenerio! You’ll learn a ton!!!! Plus it’s great research…

    • Wait…isn’t that with Bear Grylls? I’ve seen the previews for it, but haven’t taken time to watch. Maybe I should cause you’re right. It would be great research material!

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