Creative Writer Blogger Award

So Stacey Espino got me back for the Lovely Blog Award I nominated her for a few weeks ago. I’m going to have a lot of fun with this award, I tell ya and I hope those I choose to return the favor to do as well.
Here’s how it works:
I have to list either six outrageous lies and one truth or vice versa and nominate 7 friends for the award.
Here are my lies…or truths:
1.) I try to coordinate my hair color with the color of my car.
2.) I once stuck a bead up my nose because a friend told me she’d done it.
3.) I plan to be a dirty old lady.
4.) I once dressed as a Catholic School Girl and hooked up with Hard Hat Man for Halloween.
5.) I lied about having children in college to get out of going to a night class.
6.) I have dance moves that would make Beyonce look pathetic.
7.) I have a butt that makes JLo’s butt look small.
So can you tell me which are lies and which are truth?
My Nominees for Best Creative Writer are:


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15 responses to “Creative Writer Blogger Award

  1. I KNOW # 3 is true! We should share a room at the nursing home and give them hell !!!! I think # 7 is the lie. The rest seem like something you might do LOL

    Thanks for passing it on, this is gonna be REAL fun !!!!! 😉

  2. I know #3 is true and some others are plausable, so I’m going to assume there is only one lie. I’ll wager #1 since it would be pretty expensive to exchange cars.

    BTW, don’t forget about the rest of us when you’re rich and famous! Congrats on the agent 🙂

    • Tsk, everyone seems to know I plan to be a dirty old lady! I guess I shouldn’t have made it so obvious that I’m a dirty young lady 😉 Nope, actually, my hair is currently the same color as my car. Red and black 😉

      Thanks, chica!! My family keeps reminding me the same thing, lol

  3. Congrats on the agent, Danica!

  4. I’ve been chosen…I’ll have to think up something good.

    Congrats on the agent!

  5. KAK

    That is soooo six truths and one lie… and I’m betting #6 is the stretcher. Unless, of course, you manage to shoot beads out of your nose while you’re smacking your JLo Junk Trunk to Single Ladies.

  6. SOOOO FUN!!!!!! Thanks a ton! I love it! hahahahaaa!!! I’ll put it up next week on on Friday:) LOVE IT!

  7. AGENT???? YOU GOT AN AGENT?????

  8. So which was the lie and/or which was the truth? I’m guessing number 2 is the truth 😉

    Or was it six truths and number 6 was the lie? I was trying to read your responses and figure it out!

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