Bad Me, No Cookie!

I don’t think I’ve ever kept it a secret, but sometimes I wonder if people really understand just how mean horrible bitchy sarcastic I can be. I do try to limit it to people who will laugh it off, or shoot back with their own comments, but sometimes things just slip out.

I’m not going to talk about exactly what happened, but needless to say right now I’m having a pissing contest of words with a friend. Well, he’s a friend, but not a close friend. We used to hang out a lot and it’s cool to see him, but we kind of go together like fire and gasoline. Not in a sexual way either. It’s all personality clashes.

See I sent out a message to my uncles, my cousin’s husband, and two of my friends telling them the plans for the bachelor party. Mind you, this…debate is happening in front of my male relatives. They know me, they know how I am, so I’m not worried about them. Much. But I do wonder what they’ll think of this guy’s picking. Which is what it is. He and I pick and bicker at each other like my cats do. He’ll say something, I snap back and vice versa. The last thing I want is for my uncles to think this guy and I are…a couple? Interested in each other? Because I’m not.

It’s bad enough that when we all got together for dinner a couple of months ago and my future sister-in-law’s friend saw me bickering with this guy, she thought we were really “clicking” and were an item. Oy vey. I know it sounds like a case of the lady doth protest too much, but it isn’t. First of all, he’s one of my friends’ exes, secondly, I feel no physical attraction towards him. I’m sure it’s the same on his end.

He and his brothers torment (yes, TORMENT) each other…which is pretty much what I do with my siblings. In this, we’re alike. I torment my brother and my sister and they torment me back. It’s great. But sometimes, I forget that some of the people I’m dealing with aren’t family, so might not see what I say as just for fun.

I’m rambling, aren’t I? I guess I’m trying to validate the last message I sent him (and my uncles). I don’t think it was too harsh. I mean, he did tell me not to be mad at him because he was too much man for me to handle. I could’ve been all over that like white on rice, but I tempered my instinct to go for the throat. I think. I mean, I could’ve implied that he wasn’t a man, or something like that but I didn’t. I’m actually proud of my restraint.

*sigh* So that was a senseless ramble that’ll leave you all thinking I’m a witch. I’m not…much, I think. I just can’t let anyone have the last word. It kills me and if someone does get the best of me, I run through things I should’ve said. Meh. Okay, I’m better.

Um, do you suffer from this as well? You know, snarky, sarcastic, and…okay, I’m a picker! That’s how I show affection, I swear. Do you as well?

Updated: And it just happened again, but this time I refrained from asking him how that sex change operation was coming along. I deserve that cookie after all!


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5 responses to “Bad Me, No Cookie!

  1. I totally pick and prod out of love! Some ppl call me bitchy but I don’t need friends that don’t understand my sense of humor anyway.

  2. KAK

    I always worry more about those who don’t “pick.” They’re either repressing too much and will blow when least expected, or they’ve checked-out mentally and don’t give a rat’s ass.

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