Blank Slate

I’ve sat here for over an hour trying to think of something to blog about. Oh, I have ideas, but none of them are interesting enough to persue. Thankfully, I don’t get like this very often. I believe a combination of writer’s block, fatigue, and upcoming events has me feeling pulled in too many directions.

So, instead of forcing myself to write about something you’re not going to want to read about, I think I’ll just post a picture.

This…beautiful man’s name is Daniel Conn. I posted another picture of him last year wearing…a lot less. You can see it here. He’s quite beautiful, isn’t he? Who needs to run off at the mouth about nothing when they can spend hours drooling over him? *sigh*

I’ll think of something…well, not better, but at least something to actually blog about tomorrow I’m sure. In the meantime, enjoy his…drool-worthiness. I know I will while I try to break down the writer’s block in my head.


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4 responses to “Blank Slate

  1. KAK

    I’m pretty sure his ink says it all…

    • It is pretty fierce, isn’t it? He’s fierce too. Makes me feel all cavewomanish…you know, knock him over the head, drag him back to my cave…*daydreams*

  2. OMG! It’s not even Friday, yet you reward us with this wonderful man candy. He’s perfect! This guy is my idea of the perfect male. *drools*

    • LOL, I’m glad you approve, Stacey. It was more of a ‘get your butt in gear and write’ more than a rewar- oh yeah! I’m rewarding all of my faithful followers. Er, yeah. 😉

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