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Just Because It’s Friday

I’m feeling a bit silly. I don’t know if I’ve ever shared one of these Poo Poo Broussard video clips with y’all, but if not, here’s a little explanation. This gentleman is a local comedian. The accent he’s using is what we consider a Cajun accent (forget every movie you ever saw based in south Louisiana. If it wasn’t made by us, they’re using the wrong accents.)

Anyway, the hair, the teeth, the clothes, it’s all part of his Poo Poo Broussard persona. I hope you get a kick out of the video. It’s one of my favorites and it makes me laugh every time I see it.

Prepare yourselves for…The Cajun Titanic!

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Anniversary Week V – Fantasy Man Fridays

Well, here it is, the last post of the week and what a week it’s been! I didn’t get a thing written fiction wise, but I’m strangely okay with that. It’s allowed me time to think about what I’ve written so far and analyze what I’m doing wrong (because you know I’m doing something wrong).

Fantasy Man Fridays were my way of sharing my joy in men. I’m sure I’ve mentioned at some point in the past year how much I love looking and listening to men. They’re interesting and some of them are just dead sexy. I’ve also discovered that a lot of people enjoy my Fantasy Man Fridays.

Then, I realized…I’m perverted. I don’t know when this happened, but I’ve developed a raunchy sense of humor and apparently I’m not ashamed to share it! Don’t take this the wrong way. I’m not perverted in a bad way. It’s the people watching thing. I just take it a little further when a good-looking man is in the vicinity.

Case in point, earlier this week, I had to watch a sample well being dug. So I donned my hard hat and headed out. Twice. Yes, I went back twice because the man digging the well? Let’s just say, I’m glad I was wearing dark safety glasses cause I wasn’t watching what he was doing so much as how he looked doing it. I just have one word…”NIIIIICE”.

So to close out this Anniversary Week and to celebrate Fantasy Man Fridays…I have two gentlemen for you to enjoy. I’d like to see which one you prefer though, so please, share your thoughts!

First up:

He can hog the sheets ANYTIME! Oh yeah…Okay, I’m sort of speechless, so I’ll move on to the next Fantasy Man…

Um, so they look like they could be brothers. I’m picturing a Danica sandwich…shame on me! But really, would you kick either of these men out of your bed for being bed hogs? Hells no! In fact, I’d want them to hog the bed…with me squished between them. *fans herself*

So, what do you think? Did I do good for the finale of Anniversary Week? Which man would you prefer, or are you like me? Greedy and not ashamed to admit it?

Have a great weekend everyone and a lovely, lovely Friday!

P.S. The well digging man didn’t look like these men…but I have a great imagination!


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Anniversary Week IV – The Reader

It’s almost over folks. Tomorrow marks my 200th post and this anniversary nonsense will be over. Yay!

I’ve already talked about what I’ve learned, what I’ve blogged about, and…I can’t remember what else. Oh yeah, people I’ve met. Today I want to talk about the blog reader.

I never was a big blog reader until I discovered the world of blogging. Oh sure, I’d read a few things here and there, but I never followed blogs until this last year. It didn’t seem worth it because c’mon! No one is as funny as me, or so I thought. So here’s a list of blogs I follow and my thoughts on them.

The Bloggess – I came across this blog by accident. Someone tweeted about it and I was like, “Well, hell, I’ll see what they think is so funny.” And then found myself in tears. I love, LOVE Jenny (The Bloggess).

FF&P – Naturally, I have to follow the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal blog. They have a lot of great informative posts about the writing craft, industry, and anything you can think of.

Southern Sizzler Romance – I’m mentioning these ladies again because I read all their posts. They’re a wonderful group of writers from the Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA. Wednesdays are “Wetsday”, Saturdays are “Badurday”, then between the eye candy, they have interviews with authors, agents, editors, historical information, paranormal information…well you get the idea!

The Naked Hero – No, I wish it really were naked men, but it’s close! Originally called Chasing Heroes, The Naked Hero is a group of writers stripping down what makes a hero. They have guest authors, information on writing, inspiration…you name it. It’s a great place to hang out and the Goddesses are fabu!

Borrowing Heaven, Subletting Hell – This is Alison Pang’s blog. She has a book coming out in 2011 and she’s pretty kick ass. Although, she does have an obsession with bacon and David Garrett that concerns me (because I don’t know if she has a fantasy involving both or not).

Escape Into Romance – Stacey Espino, another author, has this blog with interviews and news about the industry. She has one book out right now and two books coming out soon. She’s like a book writing machine!

Fierce Romance – Another group blog, this one hosts several author interviews with a lot of great information. Their posts always leave me thinking, which is sometimes a good thing (other times, not so good).

KAKler – With a wonderful sense of humor and a Meat Loaf fetish, reading KAK’s blog always leaves me smiling. She blogs about everything from dentist appointments to head-hopping to Meat Loaf. An author of epic fantasy and paranormal romance, KAK is fun to follow.

Tammy Gallant – Tammy is yet another author (are you sensing a trend here?) who posts some fun stuff. Spring, Spring Break, Karaoke…you name it, she blogs about it.  She hosts a monthly book club and is an all round nice lady.

I wish I could list all of the blogs I follow, but there are so many, it would take a whole day to get them all down. If you’re looking for more check out my blogroll. These blogs help inspire me in my writing and my blogging as well as giving me a chance to know my fellow writers better.

So how about y’all? Which blogs do you follow religiously? (Dare I hope it’s mine? Dare I??? Just kidding!) I’m always on the look out for entertaining blogs, so shovel them this way!


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Anniversary Week III – The Blogger

When I decided to blog as an author, I wasn’t sure I’d have enough to write about. I mean, there’s only so much you can talk about, or at least I thought so. Yes, there have been recurring themes, but for the most part, I think I’ve managed to keep the blog fresh and filled with personality. My personality.

Actually, that might not be the best thing. I talk about some strange stuff sometimes. If you stop here often, no doubt you already know that. No, I try not to talk about bodily functions, but isn’t it weird how everything your body stops when you sneeze? I mean really…you could literally KILL yourself by sneezing. And never stopping. I’m a writer, people, this is stuff I think about.

I’ve attempted to blog before. As a non-writer, I kept a livejournal account and blogged on MySpace,  yet there just wasn’t enough for me to write about. I spent most of the time complaining about work, complaining about this, or that and it made me feel worse, not better. I remember after I left my last job, I no longer had anything to blog about. Then I realized how sad that was.

These days, almost anything inspires me to blog about something. I know some things you’d rather not know, but I thought it would be fun to bring back some of what I think are my most memorable words.

Caution: remember, I have a sick sense of humor!
 I didn’t want my hero to be such an ass that readers wouldn’t like him. He still has to be an ass though. (Hero, Meet Heroine)

Is there an age where you have to say, “No more concerts”? Or would it be cool for an 80-year-old to rock out at a Slipknot concert? (Of course, they’d be in their 80’s too, so maybe it would be awesome…a bunch of senior citizens on their rascals pretending to mosh…) (Becoming That Person)

While I’m watching this documentary on Heavy Metal, Bruce Dickinson is interviewed and I swear, he looked just like Steve Irwin! He’s talking about heavy metal and I keep waiting for him to say ‘Danger, danger’ while pointing out Blackie Lawless’ exploding codpiece. (Bruce Dickinson and Steve Irwin)

We wrap ourselves in the cloak of our words, arm ourselves with our pens, and straggle down the road to publication anyway. How does that phrase go? ‘Return with your novel, or upon it.’ (Grin and Bear it – rejections)

Dear Ms. Avet,

We are sorry to inform you that your manuscript, Ruby: Uncut and on the Loose has passed away. It fought the good fight, but after numerous slashes with the red pen, died from a lack of wit and plot. To save you the despair of burying your manuscript yourself, we decided to cremate it in an intricate ceremony complete with champagne and a weenie roast. The service was attended by all the editors here at (insert publishing house) and a lovely time was had by all. We’re sending copies of the pictures from the service and the after party.

Editors (It’s Rejection Day!)

So that last one wasn’t a real…you know, rejection letter. It’s one I wrote for myself. I’d probably be horrified, then laugh if I got a letter like that.

Anyway, those are just a few of my favorite important words I’ve imparted over the last year. Not impressive, but there you go.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve heard in the last year? Have you written a rejection letter for yourself?


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Anniversary Week II – The People Watchers

KAK mentioned something yesterday that I just knew I had to blog about today. She said, It’s always nice to know you’re not the only rebel trying to help others escape reality. I gave this some serious thought and realized, she’s absolutely right.

The community of writers is proof that I’m not alone. I’m not the only person who people watches (not in a perverted way unless it’s a hot guy) and wonders who they are, where they’re going, where they’ve been, and what they’re like. Writers are observant by nature and we hone this skill by using our imaginations.

For instance, I noticed a lady in the yard last week. I didn’t really watch her, but I noticed she had some really kick-ass tattoos on her arm. Saturday, while I’m getting my pedicure (in a town 30 miles away from the yard), I see a girl with tattoos all over her arms and think she might be one of the local roller derby girls. As we sat, chit chatting, waiting for our nails to dry, I noticed one particular tattoo on her arm. So I had to ask who she worked for. As it turns out, she was the same lady I saw in the yard. I think she might’ve given me the ‘stalker lady!!’ look, but I did my best to explain that I just notice tattoos and stuff.

It was surreal. But now, I’m wondering if I can incorporate this into a story somehow. Oh no, nothing I’m working on right now, but later.

That’s another thing I’ve realized since starting this “grand writing adventure”: there’s always a story to tell. Sometimes you have to look for it, but other times it comes to you like a Mack truck…you know, like hitting you when you’re doing something mundane, like brushing your teeth, or drying your hair, or writing your blog. Then your hands start shaking and your mind starts clicking away and you can’t wait to find a keyboard to write it all down.

It’s truly wonderful being a writer. Oh yes, you hear that every story is the same story told over and over again with what is it, something like 12 different themes? But it’s how it’s put together that matters. It’s finding a way to twist the old and make it fresh, and what better way to do that than to watch your fellow man? That cute little blonde in the pink dress who’s playing on her cell phone? What if she’s really a spy, or an assassin? That cute guy who always opens the door for you at the office? What if he’s really a werewolf? There are endless possibilities and that’s what makes writing fun.

Are you a people watcher? Where’s your favorite place to indulge your imagination? How are your skills of observation?


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Anniversary Week I

As I mentioned before, Friday will mark my 200th blog post. This may not seem like such a milestone to some, but for me, it’s quite a feat. To honor that, I’m going to blog about things I’ve learned since my first post in June 2009.

Today’s post is for those who I’ve come to “know” since starting this crazy trip towards publication. I never really thought of writers as having their own community, but that quickly changed when I joined RWA, FF&P, and SOLA. I’ve tried other chapters, other on-line communities, but nothing seemed to fit as well as these three organizations.

RWA is filled with knowledgeable people and information is usually just a click away. I’ll be attending my first RWA conference this summer and I can hardly wait. Oh, I have no doubt my brain will be exhausted by the end of the conference, but knowing I’ll be able to listen to some of my favorite authors explain what they’ve learned…well, it’s priceless. The connections made through these events are beyond important for any aspiring author.

FF&P is filled with my peeps. This is the best chapter ever. Not only are the people involved wonderful and friendly, but they’re also writing in the same genre that’s so dear to my heart. Their program 60 Days to PRO helped me reach PRO status and made me determined to keep at my writing even when rejection nearly had me beat. It’s through this chapter that I’ve run into some fabulous people who I can’t wait to meet at The Gathering. Their triumphs feel like my own and I couldn’t be happier for them when they post good news.

SOLA is my local chapter. I haven’t been to a meeting in several months because of this wedding, but they’re a wonderful group. I was able to chitchat with several of them at my first conference and they made me feel welcome. I didn’t feel embarrassed to say, “I’m a paranormal romance writer” because they understood. That was the coolest thing ever.

I also met some ladies from the GCCRWA, though I’m ashamed to say I don’t remember who they are now except for one person. Hey Paula, how you doin’? LOL. My memory is atrocious, but they were gracious and friendly when we shared a table at the New Orleans conference. However, when I returned from that conference, I found myself drawn to this sassy blog written by sassy ladies who turned out to be from the same chapter! Yup, you got it. The Southern Sizzlers feel like my sisters whom I’ve never met. They’re a great group of gals and if you’ve never checked them out before, you really should.

Then, if you consider all the fabulous people I’ve met through Facebook and Twitter, I’d have to blog for another hour. I won’t, don’t worry. What I guess I’m trying to say is that without the support from all of these wonderful people, I probably would have given up on writing after my first manuscript flopped.

The days of being a solitary writer are over. I’ve discovered it isn’t good for me and if you’re an aspiring writer as well, don’t let yourself become so wrapped up in your fictional world that you shun the support, friendship, and knowledge that comes from joining writing groups. These people are either in your shoes, or they’ve been in your shoes and they’re more than willing to share what they’ve learned.  

Are you in a writing organization? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received from another writer?


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Fantasy Man Friday

Yup, it’s Friiiiidaaaaaay! And it’s a beautiful day! This is the kind of weather that puts me in the mood for the weekend. And I have plans for the weekend, oh yes, I have plans.

On the top of my list is a pedicure. Shame on me, but I haven’t had one since…October? Maybe even longer than that. My feet feel gross and not ready for summer. I’ll be fussed by the salon tech. She’ll “tut, tut” over my feet and tell me I need to come back more frequently, which I will. I do have a wedding to get ready for after all. Oh, and Nationals. I can’t go to Nationals without cute toes (or as cute as they can be).

Yesterday I ended up spending more money than I intended to, however, I did manage to get a lot accomplished. I found a pair of shoes that will be perfect for my dress, as well as a handbag. Then I had to buy a shrug to match the dress. And of course, to top it all off, I had to spend a small fortune at Lush. Oh Lush, how I love thee! I love your Honey I Washed the Kids soap, and your bath melts, and your bath bombs…*swoon*

So with all of that pampering I’m preparing for, I felt we needed a suave, sophisticated man today. Unfortunately, I’m not the kind of girl who goes to pieces at a man in a tux, and then I couldn’t find one showing enough skin to entice me. Instead, I decided on an inspirational image of summer. See, I did manage to bring it back to some part of this post. So without further ado…

You know, I don’t like the beach. I’m not a beach person, but if I knew this man was hanging around ready to show his bum to the world, I’d camp on the beach. In fact, I’d ask him to invite his friends over and play beach party bingo…on his body. Woo-hoo *fans herself*

So, are y’all ready for summer yet?


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Help Wanted

Well peeps, I did some calculating and realized that next Friday marks my 200th blog post. Wow. 200 posts! To be honest, I don’t even remember the exact day I started my blog. I’ll have to look into that.

It’s been so much fun. I thought I’d get stuck on what to post about every day, but things always creep up that I just have to tell you all about. I’m sure some of those things you wish I hadn’t mentioned, but at least you’re getting to know me. LOL Yes, I am strange, I know this. In a family full of characters, I’m considered the “weird” one, but I don’t mind. It’s better than being average.

Now, if you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, you know that Friday’s are reserved for my fabulous Fantasy Men. Since next Friday coincides with the 200th blog post, I want to do something special. This is where your help comes in handy.

What would you, my friends, like to see for Fantasy Man Friday? I had thought about posting more than one man, which I still might do. Ooh! Maybe a battle of the Fantasy Men? Hm, that’s an idea. I also thought about putting together a montage of men, but my creativity is limited to writing, not computer stuff.

So, give me some ideas, ladies! What would make a fabulous 200th Anniversary Fantasy Man Friday?

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Tales of a Groomswoman Part 2

Last night I sat down with my brother (the groom-to-be) to discuss his bachelor party. It’s been decided that the boys who want to, will play 18 holes of golf during the day, then we’ll head out to a buffalo wing joint (not Hooters) for dinner, then we’re going to Mahoney’s. *sigh* I love Mahoney’s. It’s supposed to be an Irish style pub, but it’s so far off the mark. I don’t care though, they have the best selection of beer there. Oh yes…Guinness on tap and something else I can’t recall at the moment.

I know this probably seems like a tame bachelor’s party. Especially when you take into account the bachelorette party is being held in New Orleans. Yes, for that party we’ll be playing 18-hole-in-the-wall-bars. Apparently, it’ll be like golf, but without the clubs and greens. No, the shots we’ll be taking will be drinks and there’s a scoring system set up that I don’t understand.

Should I feel bad for not setting the bachelor party at some strip club? Hell no! This is my little brother we’re talking about here and my nephews are going to be a part of it as well, not to mention my aunt would KILL my uncle if he went to a strip club. Actually, I pretty much left the choices up to my brother. He chose to play golf and go to Mahoney’s. Because he’s not into that scene, which makes me happy.

So last night we had to sit down and figure out who was coming to this bachelor party. I tried to get out of attending, but all I managed to avoid was golf. My brother is insistent that my cousin and I join the lads for drinks. That’ll be so. Much. Fun! Actually, it probably will be. He’s also saying that if I ever get married, he wants to be the Man of Honor or one of the bridesmaids. Yeah, he would do it too.

And that’s the current pre-wedding state. Everything is scheduled for May which gives me plenty of time to contact everyone and find golf-type clothes for the bachelorette party.


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The Calm Before the Storm

April is going to be the last month I have of nearly absolute peace. Looking over my calendar, I have nothing marked as ‘MUST DO’. Of course, there are still things I need to do in preparation for the graduation, wedding, and Nationals, but those are things I can take my time to do.

May…OMGWTF…May is jam-packed. There’s only one week out of the entire month I don’t have something marked. Hair appointments, my mother’s surgical procedure, bachelorette and bachelor parties, graduation, dentist appointment…and it just sort of sinks into June.

That’s me. Jojo’s in a writing frenzy. I watched in complete amazement as she churned out nearly 6,000 words yesterday. Her triplet heroes are…hot. And naughty. And devious. Um, I feel a bit like a voyeur reading over her shoulder, but I can’t tear my eyes away from the pages!

I have a feeling that her short story is going to quickly become a novel. It isn’t easy trying to write a romance with four main characters, or so I’m guessing by her mutterings.

So, to make my dear Jojo happy, and because she’s inspired me to think about hot men I wouldn’t mind seeing in triplicate…here’s MY MAN!


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