Fantasy Man Friday

Woot-woot! It’s Friiiday! What a long and grueling week this has been! I haven’t written a single thing, but I did manage a fast and furious brainstorming session via e-mail with one of my critique partners. Lovely lady that she is, she’s opened my mind to new possibilities in my assassin book. I can’t wait until I have time to sit down and put thought into words.

It’s also been a downright strange week. Mostly because I’ve had a George Michael and Culture Club mood going on. Not just any song though. I want to listen to George Michael’s Freedom! and Culture Club’s Miss Me Blind over and over again. I’ve managed to avoid doing so, but just barely. Isn’t it weird how we get into moods and you can only wait for them to pass? Meh.

Also! Last night was the finale of Project Runway. I was on the edge of my seat. I’m an avid PR watcher, have been since the first season and for the first time since that stella season (Love Jay McCaroll!!), my pick won! Seth Aaron is the man! I loved his collection. I mean…wow. His black and yellow plaid jacket was stunning as were those plaid lined pants he made. *sigh* I was so happy. But what will I do on Thursday nights now? *pout*

I’m not a fashionista. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I hate shopping for myself, but I love “dressing” other people. I think I have a pretty good eye for seeing what looks good on someone else. So, to whip this post away from mindless rambling and into Fantasy Man Friday mode…I think I’ll choose a man I’d like to dress (or undress). Let me delve into the vault…

Hm…for me to really be able to see what would look good on him, he’d have to drop the towel. I can’t have anything interfere with my er creativity. Yeah. That’s really important. No towels, no undies. Just lots of naked skin. His naked skin. I’m thinking…hm, chocolate dabbled here and there (all the pertinent places, mind you) would be a wonderfully delicious look on  him. Yummy.

So, now that’s settled, does anyone have any other preferences? Honey? Maple syrup? Whipped cream? I’m open to all ideas…as long as it involves Mr. Gorgeous up there. Hoo-wee!


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8 responses to “Fantasy Man Friday

  1. Aaaa………sitting in a stinky airport, but NOW it’s much better!!

  2. shawn

    I need to borrow his towel to wipe the drool from my chin

  3. Nice pic, I love the towel, it adds a little extra something for me.

  4. Wow, very nice pic Danica! He looks shy. Poor thing. We’ll have to teach him a thing or two. 😉

  5. Shhh niicce sight for my poor sore eyes

  6. I’m really beginning to love your Fantasy Man Friday blogs. They are definitely the highlight of my week. Thanks for sharing!

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